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  1. Bears r us

    Nice to bid £8million for morelos

  2. Bears r us

    Nice to bid £8million for morelos

    I am glad that Stevie G said that he was going nowhere this window so that will do for me until the summer. His value by then could go up or down, I hope it goes up because that will mean he has had a great second half to the season.
  3. Bears r us

    Cardiff’s New Signing

    Tragic situation, unfortunately I cannot see any happy ending. The pilot made no mayday call apparently, the plane just vanished from the radar over water and it would be a miracle for them to be found alive. 😞
  4. Bears r us

    Any Bear voting for these cunts needs shot

    I have seen that on twitter a week or so ago mate, it certainly made me think that while no one would admit it there will be at some level contact between these two groups. I used to dislike twitter but it does have some good contributors certainly from our side of the fence and I read much more than tweet, but there are some right nutters from the Yes side on there, thankfully they are soon taken to task and with good solid facts which they seem very poor at. I will add that while I have commented on the thread it probably should be in the Politics section.
  5. Bears r us

    Any Bear voting for these cunts needs shot

    Yes it comes from an SNP wankers post, but it made me more aware that your last sentence is absolutely correct CB.
  6. Bears r us

    Any Bear voting for these cunts needs shot

    Yes I think the links are much stronger than I had thought.
  7. Bears r us

    Mad Joe ; Letter To Ian Maxwell

    Absolute nutter, but very funny to read especially when he was being serious.
  8. Bears r us

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    Hi @Zetland can you try and PM me. Thanks.
  9. Bears r us

    PM problems ??

  10. Bears r us

    PM problems ??

    No chance M, that would be taking it too far.
  11. Bears r us

    PM problems ??

    Many thanks for the response to the PM question, some of the replies were of the standard I would have expected. @MisterC is now on the case which is good of him and he will sort it out no doubt.
  12. Bears r us

    PM problems ??

    I have not got your one S so far.
  13. Bears r us

    PM problems ??

    It was to a lady PSL so nothing gay old chap. 😁
  14. Bears r us

    PM problems ??

    Just wondering if anyone else cannot send PM's since the site was down ?? The reason for this thread is that I cannot PM @gogzy or @cushynumber to ask them.