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  1. I hope Davis and Defoe are just squad players next season, because that will mean we have recruited much better than they are at their ages. Going with them both as first picks would mean our signings had not been good enough IMO.
  2. Broxi sends Easter best wishes to all on RM. (Well Pam actually sent it, he is great but still not mastered the inter web )
  3. We have dropped too many points since the winter break for this to happen unfortunately. We can certainly take it a game at the time but they are too far ahead IMO. We were in a good position at new year but our players could not get the wins we needed since the season started again.
  4. Bears r us


    I was just about to post the same, I honestly was starting to doubt what I had seen in the game anyway I now have no idea who is getting all the praise because I am still far from convinced about Davis. I think I will wait until the last few games are played before deciding on his contribution.
  5. Every time I have seen this posted over the last month or so I have thought the same thing, rest him for a game now and then ffs.
  6. I belive the pressure that is no longer there now has helped the players to get results since the piggery and will not be changing my opinion on that B A, but it is a bit off topic from the OP. I do agree that it is probably best if Mo does go in the summer not because he cannot play well with the other players, surely Stevie can try him in the system he has adopted for Defoe, but because he is such a marked man now for referees, media and other teams players. I accept he has to take some of the blame but the way he has been treated is outrageous.
  7. I believe we are playing better because the pressure of winning the league went after the trip to the piggery.
  8. This, I also think we have to remember we do not have the pressure of having to win every game to win the league. It has been frustrating that since we lost at the tarriers and that lifted any chance of the title we have played better. Mo IMO is the best option between the two players especially given the age difference now.
  9. Bears r us


    Hearts have been poor every game we have played them this season mate, I want to see him play against the next three who will be doing everything they can to beat us. I never wanted him back (nothing to do with how he left) just too old now and no more than a squad player for me. It is all about opinions and I do not think he is good enough to get us to 55, if he proves me wrong then it is a win for us all.
  10. Bears r us


    I will wait until he plays against better more determined players in the next three games before saying much. What I do hope is that he is not being considered by Stevie as a regular starter next season. 🙁
  11. I much prefer Katic, but whether it would have changed our season I not know. We certainly through away the league very quickly after the winter break, but who knows what would have been with Katic playing instead of Worrall.
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