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  1. *** Yes, Money, of course. What did you expect?

    On my phone, last wee look before some sleep, but the gif problem does not seem fixed yet. I will see if the Westie can make an appearance tomorrow.
  2. *** Yes, Money, of course. What did you expect?

    Dog gif no worky. So let's try this guy
  3. Murty should be let go now.

    I agree that many (and I include myself in that) will renew whoever our manager is RB, but I also think that many will not if we go with Murty next season. He will certainly need to finish 2nd and that is not guaranteed at the moment unfortunately I would think for fans to have much faith in another season under him. IF he wins the Scottish Cup that would probably seal it for him, but I am not hopeful of that happening. I suppose we will have to wait and see what happens with results over the rest of the season, once again we are hoping for good things to happen rather than expecting them to. We are getting used to it unfortunately.
  4. Murty should be let go now.

    I have never backed him but I can understand why many like yourself did. I am really concerned at what is happening with our club and the manger situation is high on that concern. What direction we go in over the next couple of months will be crucial IMO if we are to stop these wankers winning 10. As I said to Reformation Bear in another post I intend to renew my season ticket again, but it will be with a heavy heart if we are not getting in an experienced manager for next season.
  5. Murty should be let go now.

    I liked your post RB because I always value your opinions but I do hope some of what you have written is not true. I just cannot see how ticket sales will hold up if they (the board) keep Murty next season and I should add that I intend to renew my one. Surely these hopeless cunts can read and see that fans are becoming completely pissed off by their third attempt at appointing a manager. I notice at least two posters in this thread saying they backed King when he took over but now see he has not done what he said he would, so people like you and me who did not want him involved are seeing the tide turn and people who supported him are not happy. I take on board your point about affordability but can they really expect people to just buy season tickets without any hope of winning the league? I think many will need to see a change from the board in a better direction, I just do not have any faith in them doing it that is my problem, and that probably means after writing what I have I agree more with you than I thought at first.
  6. Murty should be let go now.

    Murty deserves to stay until the end of the season IMO but should never have been out in the position he is in and I wonder if he will want to stay if he is offered his old job or similar back. Surely we are looking for the best manager we can afford to take over as soon as the season ends, and I will not change my opinion even if by some miracle we win the Scottish Cup.
  7. Post split fixtures?

    Six points at the moment, but Motherwell have a game in hand: LADBROKES PREMIERSHIP TABLE TEAM PLD GD PTS 1 celtic 30 39 68 2 Rangers 31 25 58 3 Aberdeen 30 11 56 4 Hibernian 30 10 52 5 Kilmarnock 30 2 46 6 Hearts 31 3 42 7 Motherwell 30 -5 36 8 St Johnstone 30 -13 34 9 Hamilton Accies 28 -10 30 10 Dundee 30 -18 28 11 Partick Thistle 30 -24 25 12 Ross County 30 -20 22 Updated 19/03/2018 at 12:34
  8. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    Just how I see it, but not sure if enough fellow fans have realised it yet.
  9. Roberto Martinez

    I do not think he is what we should looking for and do not believe he has been contacted either, but I could be wrong. 
  10. Withholding ST Money

    I can understand why @thebooler started this thread, it is out of utter exasperation and the feeling of not being able to see where we are going as a team and winning 55. Having said that I thought it was wrong the last time when King tried to do it and I feel the same when Booler brings it up this time. I am not sure what it will take for the majority of fans to demand we get a manager and team able to challenge for 55, but that will have to happen before we get what we expect from our board and custodians of our Club.
  11. Ticket refunds

    I think he has suffered enough mate. Great guy and so is his mates. The guy you have not met on my left is also sound.
  12. Ticket refunds

    I was thinking about you today mate when I was watching it on a stream, really bad luck to watch two defeats.
  13. Supporter Delusion

    Three mistakes in manager appointments now and I have no faith they will sort it either.
  14. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Could not have summed it up better. Bunch of
  15. It has been a difficult time trying to still support Scotland for the reasons you say, but I do think we need to start getting behind the team again (those of us who can, and I understand those who cannot) and I an going to try with Eck back in charge.
  16. Secondary Ticketing

    You are too kind mate, just an older Bear 🐻 with a mind of my own.
  17. Secondary Ticketing

    Cheers mate, it is no big deal and I think it covers what I like to do. I was feeling as sick for our RM Chef as well as myself after yesterdays result.
  18. Secondary Ticketing

    Everyone has different circumstances but I give my ticket to someone I know usually from RM when I cannot make a game and they give a donation to the Erskine Fund fund via Govan Blue. That works for me on all levels.
  19. Pick ourselves up

    We will pick ourselves up, what else can we do. The problem for me is that losing to these cunts playing with ten men for 30 minutes was a total fuck up, and I did not manage to see the last 20 minutes. While I was not as confident as many on RM before this game when we went 2-1 I was thinking it could be our day, even with them getting back to 2-2 when they went to ten men I did not see us losing and was both gutted and surprised when I got the score. The pressure on Murty and the players is now huge and if they lose again in the semi-final that will be a blow to many for me supporting Murty.