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  1. Kenny should not be starting games IMO but it is not his blame he is playing ffs, at 37 it is ridiculous that he is seen as a first pick though. Our Club is in some state and I can see no light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Started reading your thread on the way back to the car and unfortunately I have to agree, this experiment has failed and it needs changed now. No amount of hoping Pedro will get it right is going to work, the board need to end this misery now.
  3. This is how I feel, I hoped it would be different but that today was pish and I see no way ahead but more defeats and draws. This experiment has failed three games into the season.
  4. Yes some of them get mixed up with fans and supporters at times. Looking from the fan zone area last Sat I would agree they are hellish. They will have to go.
  5. I have no idea what the score might be, but we need to win the game (I said the same last week ). Just hope the players are up for this but they also need to keep the head, do not give referees the chance to dish out red cards.
  6. I could understand that, but with so many fans now annoyed about it they will have to come clean I would think.
  7. It just seems strange the SLO says it is not for a repair but you see water coming in and causing problems. All very strange, but with more people looking for answers we will get to the bottom of it before long.
  8. I wonder why the SLO said it was not a repair then ? Maybe you are right and that is the solution to the water coming in. It is permanent and not a repair as such.
  9. If no repairs are required, why has this been done. It looks cheap and twice as nasty on our lovely main stand.
  10. Sounds like the way forward.
  11. Cheers for that. So about another 18+ months before the trial is over. I suppose if we were serious about doing it then it would take that time to get a plan in place and be ready to put in an application if the trial was seen as successful. We will have to see what happens over the next few weeks & months.
  12. Well we will just have to hope you have some spare time next week as well.
  13. Is this a new feature Cushy ? looks good.
  14. I asked about this up the page, I wonder when that trial comes to an end and who makes the decision about other clubs when the trail is over ????
  15. Maybe Pedro thinks after the Hivs game a hybrid player is the way forward. I would have loved to have seen that big lad deal with Stokes that is for sure.
  16. Get him signed Pedro, he will tackle for fun up here.
  17. First of all I have no problem with this proposal and if it can happen then that would be good. What is the situation with granting these SS areas ? Is the one at the piggery being used as a trial and if so how long is the trial period ? Who makes the decision for other stadiums once any trial period is over ? I might be wrong about it being a trial. Sorry for my ignorance about this subject.
  18. Very sorry to hear this news, I wish him well in his fight against a horrible illness.
  19. I could not agree more, let's hope the referee agrees as well.
  20. I thought last Sat was a must win game and now I am certain the Hearts game is another must win game, anything but three points on Sat and the pressure in Pedro will be huge. I am still hoping he can turn it around but he is starting to run out of time IMO.
  21. I think that is the name and how he stayed on the pitch only Beaton knows.
  22. It was mainly the one on Herrera on the halfway line in the second half by the no10 (I think) who was on a yellow and it was unbelievable how he stayed on. I called it cheating at the time and have not changed my mind. The one on Tav by Stokes in the first half would certainly have been dealt with in a rugby game.
  23. I am not up on rugby rules so I could have got that wrong, it just looked to me a tackle I would have seen in a game of rugby and could not understand how it was not a booking in football.
  24. Still hoping he can turn it around, but some of that was making be feel and the bit about bringing players in made me think about the old Cantona quote "the seagulls following the trawlers"