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  1. I am blaming this great weather for my lack of attention Z (and family doon fae Shetland), as you know it will not last much longer. So what we need here is for when the weather goes back to normal, and for the fact we are Bears and also WATP.
  2. Family Stand juniors will not be able to upgrade

    Been out most of the day Jinty so just seen your post, I hope you can get it sorted either where you are or with a move, which now would obviously be the least best option for you all.
  3. Family Stand juniors will not be able to upgrade

    That seems a strange move by them Jinty, especially if they are happy to let you buy one in another part of the stadium.
  4. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Well that is something I never expected to read, but delighted the board have seen the opertunity (with such high season ticket demand), to stop these wankers having the whole stand and acting like they own our stadium every time they come.
  5. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    I was wondering the same.
  6. How do you get to Ibrox on match day?

    Car, maybe not for much longer if GCC get their way.
  7. sfa bigot exposed

    That was my first thought as well.
  8. down-to-a-tee

  9. down-to-a-tee

    Yes, I did realise that after I posted, all people with the right vision will be a winner. PS you know it is close season when we all start posting in this type of thread.
  10. down-to-a-tee

    Thanks, obviously we will be able to buy the club with us both knowing the numbers, we can discuss the finer details later.
  11. down-to-a-tee

    Many thanks mate that is fantastic.
  12. down-to-a-tee

    now that is what you call a T shirt.
  13. Feel good factor coming back?

    I hope the new season under Stevie G will be good, but it is far too early to know and having been taken in by various fuck ups over the last couple of years I am hoping for the best but unfortunately no real feel good factor at the moment. I am normally a glass half full guy but just not willing to set myself up for disappointment again so soon.
  14. Martin Bain

    I think you have made a good analysis there I would say.
  15. Martin Bain

    I am fairly sure this story is shite, but imagine deciding to get rid of Robertson (yes please) and replacing him with Bain.
  16. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    After so many let downs I think that is a good stance to take and one I will be using as well. Will welcome any new signings and hope for the best but no going over the top until they play a few games, self preservation loyal.
  17. This should be mandatory

    That was was brilliant.
  18. Fenian bastards or exuberance?

    Just seen this thread and it shows that if we are a bit paranoid then it is no wonder. I do not want to think about what the reaction would have been if that was our fans, certainly it would have been brought up in Holyrood on Monday. They have certainly set a precedent with this that we will not forget about.
  19. Wallace And Miller's Suspensions.

    As I have said before I cannot see with KM contract up soon how they can control him after he leaves, LW if he is paid off then absolutely he will be gagged. I know many do not like KM and I understand why, I managed to somehow get over his year beside them, not easy but I did. If any other two players (LW because he is not good enough now) had been suspended because of Murty it would be spoken about everyday. I should add that KM should not have been here this last season, but that is another argument.
  20. Wallace And Miller's Suspensions.

    I do not see why finding out what happened needs to be any great distraction to where we are going BA. You have to remember that in KM situation he is out of contract in a few days/weeks time and If he did nothing wrong then he cannot be stopped telling his side of the story. LW is different because he has a year to go, so they might be able to stop him speaking. Now who knows maybe Murty was right and he did the right thing, I am sure Robertson will be only too glad to let us know that. I do not intend to discuss MOH in this thread mate, total prick that he is.
  21. Wallace And Miller's Suspensions.

    It is difficult when you are working at sea for a big part of the year. I think you might be right about availability as well.