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  1. I am not sure if this should be in here GB/Z, but did not think it was worth a new thread. It is the Erskine Classic Car Show on Sat and thought Mrs B r u and I might take a look along. Any other bears near Braehead might also think it was worth a look.
  2. That would not surprise me if that was the case, but I have no proof obviously.
  3. No unfortunately I am not itk, but it is now becoming obvious that they have inside info which could only come from the Club IMO.
  4. I think you are correct, until someone comes on and says that opinion is wrong that is what I am going with.
  5. It is a guess mate, but I have noticed they write in a way that tells me they are totally confident in what they say. I have also read other posters say the same. I could be wrong but it seems it may have been set up to get out info from the Club, but not officially by the Club. Sorry if that is all a bit confusing.
  6. Probably best to wait until the R O say it is happening because IMO they get their information direct from the Club.
  7. I believe they get information direct from the Club, they have had everything correct since they started up.
  8. This will be the latest information IMO, because whoever is behind the RO has direct information from the Club.
  9. I was at the Rangers shop today and there is certainly plenty of room, so your idea has some merit, maybe.
  10. That part made me laugh far more than I probably should have.
  11. Just been in the Rangers shop and there is no adult tops available. Bought a new baseball cap Asked the lad at the till and he said they do not know when new stock will be in, but believed that Rangers will put out a statement to update fans, he did not know when that would be. So unfortunately I cannot give you any real information, but at least I have tried. EDIT: I see the statement is now out and posted in a new thread.
  12. Fair point about these two, I just had a feeling he had been poor for a while and found that bit from an article in the Sun. I cannot see we could afford him even on loan, but you can never tell I suppose, and he might find his shooting boots again in our league. I must admit I am starting to think the whole thread is shite.
  13. Wish him well and hope it works out for him.
  14. Remy, 30, started just one Premier League game for Palace last season and it is more than 18 months since he scored his last goal back in December, 2015.
  15. Got my seat booked for the game mate so no need to worry about that.
  16. Yes we all like winding them up but when I posted last night that I thought he should be keeping his thoughts about how many titles they had won to himself, it was not a popular view what I agree with in your post is that he needs to get professional PR help if he is going to go down the wind up road. His divisive interview on Rangers TV as you say just highlights that even more.
  17. Brilliant post BH, says everything I have been thinking since I read the OP, but could not seem to put into words. Thanks for helping me out mate.
  18. It is all about opinions mate and mine is that while he has a point the only way to stop 10 in a row is to win number 55 asap. We all know they are not normal titles but unfortunately the record books will only show the winners and my approach would be to make sure we stop them getting anymore and then say what he has reported to have said. Only my opinion of course.
  19. He really should be keeping that opinion to himself IMO.