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  1. Yes I agree with that part, but the rest of BA's post like you say was good.
  2. Just in case it got lost in all the posts on Sat night I would like to post again the thanks that came from Pam. When I got home Pam had already been in touch with Mrs Bru and thanked everyone and then I got a text with the following as well. "Thank you to each and everyone at RM (Broxi fund), love my card and had me in tears, happy tears, and the necklace is lovely, Pam" She has been just so good with Broxi and with all her updates and pics, it is great she is happy with her card and necklace.
  3. Have I really been reading that we should have kept Windass ?? I do not care what his stats were he was never going to make it at Rangers so thankfully he is away. I will add that IMO we need to get rid of many of the first pick players we still have, we have to rid the team from the perpetual losers who play nearly every game or 10,11 and fuck knows how many more will be won by the tarriers which is hellish to contemplate.
  4. Results wise you are bang on mate, it just seems that they get things like 6 minutes when it should have been 4 at most, but we have thrown away every chance we have had so it is our own blame we are so far behind. Yesterday was hellish once again.
  5. Cheers mate at least the wallet story had a happy ending unlike the game. I noticed a name on the screens in the second half and you always think it is probably bad news for someone thankfully it was good news for you.
  6. This is now certainly cheating, yes cheating, cheating you bastards.
  7. Your banter will keep you fine I think. I did wonder mate, Dan was thinking you would be at the JG anytime and we were waiting as long as we could, but we did not know what was happening with you wallet wise. Now I can be a bit gullible at times especially when it comes to dog stories, so I will say that is a sad story and hope you are not taking the piss.
  8. Some that went unpunished by the ref as far as cards were concerned were unbelievable.
  9. Did this happen on the pitch or going up the tunnel ? I ever noticed anything but I see some trusted posters on here saying it was not his fault. If there is no video then I assume there is nothing that can be done anyhow.
  10. Glad you got a chance to see him among your problems getting to Ibrox.
  11. While I admire the optimism of the OP, after sitting through Tuesday and yesterday I have no hope of what he said happening. Will I be hoping for a result at their midden two weeks today, of course I will, will it happen ? not if the team from the last few games turn up. I also know we need to give Stevie G another season and as you say the board will have to dig deep if he is going to turn around this loser mentality that is running through our team. This summer will be huge as far as I am concerned and I feel some players who at the moment are first pick need to go and players with a stronger mentality will have to be brought in, if SG does not do that I fear we could be back here this time next year, and that will be the end for a man I would love to succeed.
  12. 'After spending a couple of hours with my fans I needed some chill time with my favourite toy' seems to be what Broxi was thinking when he got home on Sat afternoon.
  13. It is strange how it would be a case that involved tarriers at their midden that this lost evidence would happen in. No way was this not an inside job IMO and it is another fucking disgrace, our justice system is now a shambles. Bastards.
  14. Yes he posted that earlier mste, just glad a good Bear found it and he got it back.
  15. Mrs Bru got great pleasure from doing the card for Pam, who is a friend of hers now between Facebook and Messenger and all the photos that Pam has so kindly sent. When I got home Pam had already sent her thanks to everyone on RM who have contributed to the Broxi fund, she said it brought tears to her eyes that we would think she was deserving of a thank you. As everyone who has followed the Broxi thread over the last 10 months will know that Pam has gone far and beyond what we could have expected and she certainly deserves her gift and card.
  16. Glad to hear that worked out OK mate could have been hellish if someone dishonest had found it.
  17. Thankfully Broxi the dug coming to visit has kept me from posting on here up until now, we were so bloody poor today again. Lose a hellish goal, like against the sheep, and once again we could not at home turn it around. We have been so bad since the break it is frightening and fuck knows where we go from here.
  18. He was probably thinking 'this is the mod who has to put up with so much hassle from some RM members' Cushy.
  19. He must have decided to stay clear of the mad Shetlander Z.
  20. Yes Dan did say PlumbGer was coming but he still was not there when I went in at 1445, so I certainly missed him unfortunately.
  21. Broxi at Ibrox today, not the best pics but hopefully we will get more tomorrow when GB gets time to sort his ones out. No idea who the chap in the bottom pic is, but he is a well known RM member.
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