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  1. I did not know how that was done by the FA, but agree that the SFA will never press them about anything.
  2. Unfortunately I have to agree with this, he will always be a target here and will never be able to get a fair deal with refs, so I do think we would be better to take any good offer that comes in. I know that is a defeatist attitude but I just cannot see it changing, in fact it would probably be worse for him next season if he stayed.
  3. The only punishment they will get IMO is if they are taken to court and they have to pay big sums of money out. I agree about any enquiry, that will never happen and anything the SFA come up with will be about the future and how everything is fine now, nothing will be done about those who knew and let it continue for for years and years. I do hope I am wrong but that is my guy feeling about it.
  4. It is strange mate that Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee fans etc would not be speaking about this (I have never looked on their forums) even on the grounds of the horrible crimes committed against children.
  5. You have certainly not made a great return result wise Cushy and you will need to up your game for next season but glad to see you back.
  6. I heard it today at some point (when the sound was loud enough for me to hear it ) and to be honest the carry on they were making about 3rd I did not realise until that point. I suppose it is about 25/75 for them winning.
  7. It does today, but if I understand it correctly when the tarriers win the cup next weekend then 4th also goes through.
  8. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  9. Unbelievable mate, but I think he has picked the wrong two with what they are suffering and they will tear him to pieces on twitter if he keeps up his stance. Horrible man.
  10. I knew he was a total tosser, but comparing ebt's with as you say child rape is a step further than I thought he would go. I hope now it is out I the open he gets what he deserves.
  11. That certainly confirms his status.
  12. This is very understandable M, likes are irrelevant, if we can get some justice for Helene and those abused.
  13. Some new pics in from Pam over the last couple of days. Broxi has been weighed again and he now 37.4 kg and there is a pic of him and his sister Gaby when they were just pups. Pam has had another wee dog staying and Broxi has been teaching it how to watch out the window.
  14. It was a unbelievable statement from an MSP, but soon as you posted the link I read the thread on FF and while some were thinking it was maybe not true as well the OP did come back and I have no reason not to believe him. I do hope it gets spread around Twitter and hopefully taken up by a paper. I see you are having a 'debate' with some of the RM members, my advice is to count until 10 before replying mate, young Jeffery has a unique way of posting, but you will get used to it. We all have different ways of posting and I am fairly boring probably I also think you have been posting good stuff so just chill a little and avoid anyone who you do not want to argue with. I very rarely give advice mate, and feel free to ignore it but it is given for the best of reasons.
  15. I have just read that thread on ff (hellish looking site) and thankfully the OP came back on and answered the doubters there as well. That Mason is certainly a cunt of the highest order.
  16. Wow, I think they are trolling people on twitter with that tweet. Unbelievable.
  17. I was sure your Dad passed away not too long ago mate and this coming so soon for you all will have been terrible. 💙 Hope this great gesture from Ryan and Rangers helps your young cousin and all your family to have something nice to look forward to.
  18. I read it on twitter mate, it was Helene Gray who put it up first, it can never be posted enough so as many read it as possible IMO.
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