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  1. @mark adair has made a New Twitter Page for Joshua @joshburnsadair and is hoping to attract people who have the money to move the fund onto the next level. (Standing at £40k at the moment). If you are on Twitter could you please follow and share Joshua's page. Many thanks.
  2. This, we need to see what kind of players Pedro can bring in, and who he can get rid off.
  3. Pedro seemed to be in a much less talkative mood and that was good, especially with the press just looking for some slip up to make a story about. Waggy who is a decent young man, but a poor footballer and should not be here next season IMO, (but unfortunately probably will be), certainly spoke well about the short holiday period and gave them nothing to spin on that front. So after a better display with the press, we just need Pedro to pick the best team and the players to turn up on Saturday and get tore into them. We need a victory to give us some hope for next season.
  4. I wonder if they all know about Joshua's new Twitter page GB?
  5. If we cannot get better than Lafferty (never mind the non football reasons) then we are doomed, doomed I tell you.
  6. I am glad Pedro was ashamed, because it was a totally unacceptable performance as far as I am concerned. Surely the players know that and will step up their game on Sat, it is certainly a game that Pedro needs to win or at least not lose IMO or the number of fans turning on him will increase and that so soon into the job is not good.
  7. I think wishawbear 87 said that in an earlier post but I might be wrong. At least we seem to have a real source of good info on this situation for once.
  8. Yes the fee is more concern to me than the wages. If it is right he still has two years on his contract then that will be a problem I would think. Maybe a years loan and then buy the next season. Fingers crossed anyway.
  9. Yes it would be a good signing, I just wonder what fee they would want, never mind wages. But until we find out it cannot happen we should remain hopeful.
  10. I agree, Kenny can still contribute playing and a good influence in the squad but surely there will be new strikers coming in.
  11. You seem to have got the Kenny signing correct mate, if the story in the B D is true.
  12. Glad to hear that, he will have proved to Pedro that he can still play and will also have been impressed with his attitude in the squad. Age with players like Kenny is not really a problem for another year. We now need 6 - 8 players to go and better ones brought in.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  14. That would be great if you could mate Are you going to make a game before the end of the season ?
  15. Rfc52 did have a good one going a few weeks ago, but you are still da man as far as fishing goes IMO.