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  1. It's not about blaming whoever for our financial woes but looking forward to ensure that we are ready and able to get at least 2nd spot in the top league on our return. New board in place who say they have a vision for our future, we know costs need to be cut, Wallace seems to have a big reputation from his previous jobs, he brings in Nash as a consultant. Forgive me for being naive but I was expecting a plan with some creativity not as your first port of call sounding the players out about a 15% pay cut and then selling your best player who has stuck with us when many expected him to be one of the first out the door due to be being a quality player who should be the Scotland starting left back. If G Wallace is thinking long term and about getting maximum value for money then he should be asking himself, when we return to the top league how much would it cost us to get a player of Wallace's quality? and how much would you need to pay him? In all honesty I could've came up with this idea and it'd been a hell of a lot cheaper. If this is true it doesn't fill me with confidence in the board or the investors who are just about The £££££££££££££ and not about The Rangers!
  2. We're meant to be building a squad for when we get back to the top league and Lee Wallace should be an integral part of our first team all the way their and beyond. If he is sold, then that is just shit and reeks of the short terminism that G Wallace was so derisory about in his interview with Tom English. And I'll be gutted!
  3. Maybe they realise they will be removed from any position of power after the EGM and are trying to cause as much damage as they possibly can before they go!?!
  4. I can't believe this shite! We better get our acts together because these c@&s are gonna rip our club apart while we are bitchslapping each other to see whose got the biggest duck! Me, I know nothing and no one but I love The Rangers. I rely on Bears like yourselves to give me what ever info you get, whether it's rumour fact or informed guesswork I appreciate it all and at the end of the day I make an informed choice. It may not be the right choice but it is my choice! My head has been spinning with everything that has been happening and again find myself relying on Bloggers, pod casters, Rm posters, ff posters and the guys on Rangerschat, but gonna cut the shite out! Fury told us this he didn't do and I for one thank him for it! What I would like to ask you all is, WTF is going on? and what can be done about it? If this is the end game of the board room battle, do you think we are going to be faced by a continuous stream of these sensationalist headlines from Green / Ahmed. As I may have mentioned I've not been against Green because of what he has done for our club but since his return as a consultant, what good has he done for us, or our club?. I admit I loved him calling out all and sundry when he first arrived and we needed that then. But now, we've moved on at least we should have if we weren't continually dealing with boardroom issues. Me personally, I have had enough of Green / Ahmed / Zeus / Stockbridge et al and just want them gone from our club. If anyone cares to share their opinion on the matter then I welcome the opportunity to take in your points of view! WATP
  5. Fantastic if true! The thing with Walter is he is not a business man but you can guarantee that whatever decisions he makes will be in the best interests of the club. Now this does not mean he will get everything right but his heart Bleeds Blue and won't be driven by financial gain. In Walter we Trust! WATP :-)
  6. Aye it's a good show. I've been listening to the archives every night. When I'm feeling brave ill post on the lobby. As I said as its daily their discussing current events. Although the pods WATP, Cro and Heart and Hand are all well done I like to discuss things as they happen.
  7. Aye Dunny it's good, I listen to the archives every couple of nights. It's better than when it started, it's matured and well worth a listen!
  8. Fantastic! They were as good today as they were bad on Wednseday. Congrats to Ally and the team now this must set the standard as the corract attitude from now on!
  9. I'm praying it's not too late!? In Walter we Trust!
  10. I would love Walter to be involved but I fear it is too late
  11. Hey BT your a total doll and I've never wanted a football top as much as that one PM when the video is done!! There I've succumbed to my base desires footie and woman, ye cannae whack it!
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