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  1. Pedro said in an interview that he has a £2.7 million release clause.
  2. Cheers I needed that!😂
  3. MOH

    If this does happen it could be to free up a space in the squad to bring in someone else who would be better quality. As MOH as much as he has all the pace in the world he is a pretty poor footballer who I think struggles to play the way the Manager wants him to. Imho I think he needs a consistent run of games playing 90 minutes before he is truly written off.
  4. Laudrup, Ally and Gascoigne for me.
  5. I think he should definitely get this season qualifying for Europe and then next. The journey may be over but the hard work is only just beginning.
  6. There also the Bramlea RSC I think it is in Brampton, not sure how far form you it is but lot's of friendly Bears there.
  7. Excellent video Jules!! Keep em coming!?
  8. Best signing of the summer!
  9. Excellent video again Jules! Cheers!
  10. Wasn't sure at first but I trust MW 100% and if he wants him then that's good enough for me and for all the things you can say about Joey Barton, you can't say he's not a talented footballer and will enhance the team. For those saying his age is an issue I would ask you to think about how much MW wanted Eustace in the team at 36 years old for his experience as well as his ability then I would say that Barton is above Eustace in all aspects. Even if we don't get Barton I still think we are on the brink of something special.
  11. Yet again another fantastic video Jules. Brilliant keep them coming!
  12. Fantastic performance again today, the level of consistency in our performances has been on a different level and today we got the rewards (goals) for all the hard work and maybe we will also get the recognition for the style of football we played because we were up against a team from the top? league. I am loving every second of the football we are playing and as the Man with the Magic Hat says and on to the next one! ?
  13. RIP Arnold
  14. Fantastic video, once again! And what an amazing day!
  15. It's just Class, which is what we are all about!