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  1. Walking with Whitburn fb Bellshill dist, then West Calder for central parade 🇬🇧🇬🇧
  2. You speak as if you know what happened, when you say “now he’s made a cunt of it”, yet you start with “If true”. Looks to me like you would be happy if the rumours were true, and would gladly see him sacked,. Why ? Jimmy and his family are good Rangers and loyalist minded people (that’s why the scum hate him), we need guys like him around our club.
  3. Just watched the bbc highlights program, after the initial incident, it was shown another five times during the highlights, then another five while sitting discussing the incident afterwards , in contrast the elbow on Defoe was shown only once after the initial incident, and not even mentioned afterwards. Trial by the bbc is certainly working,.
  4. Think If he accepts the two match, it would start from tomorrow, only need a hearing if he appeals it.
  5. Sure someone mentioned it earlier, but if you watch the clips of the incident, at one point his right hand seems to be trying to get something from his back pocket, maybe he was carrying a knife, not that it will ever be reported .
  6. Spot on mate, I thought it was over the top when I watched it at the game, but in hindsight, my lad is 21, he was lucky enough to be at Kilmarnock when we clinched our last title, but most of those kids on the park have never seen us put up a legitimate title challenge, It’s no wonder they are getting a “bit excited”, wait till you see me come April if we’re still in the mix !!
  7. Tell that to the fans who missed the first 15min stuck under that daft wee tunnel bit trying to get in, one steward standing there, without a clue what he should be doing.
  8. We have drawn away against the best team in our group, won at home, conceding 1 away goal (clearly off side)and drawing one at home, without conceding a goal . Can’t believe the negativity on here.
  9. Used to be an English bar on the left hand side (about half way) as you head up it's just past Tony Roma's. It was guys from Airdrie, who had a room through the back where they had started a wee supporters club, watched a scum game there while back..can't guarantee it's still there. ,
  10. Certainly looks like your right about King, what chance have we got when our own board members can't even get on with him.
  11. Spot on, sadly your last sentence looks like being the defining factor in where we go next, it all depends on whether the current board have withheld money from the management team or we have another backer coming in who's willing to back us financially, let's hope there is money somewhere, or it's going to be a hard few years ahead.
  12. Quite a few of my mates are on that flight, they are getting the half nine train to Leipzig from Berlin hbf.
  13. There is no way they are doing intensive training the day before a cup final.
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