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  1. Hope its no shut !! .... The Union is busy enough on match days 😂
  2. Against Man City in the champions league, after the game there was a train at the station outside the away end to take fans straight back to Amsterdam, guess we will be the same.
  3. Tbh ...the club don’t care about the fans, it’s all about the money coming in, as you said we will be paying £45 to go into a ballot next year and you will be lucky if the chances of a ticket changes much. We are basically going to be paying towards the running / administration of the ticket office, and guess what ? Guarantee you that if you get a ticket, you will still be charged the extra £1 on top of your ticket 😂 Hope I’m wrong !!
  4. Ok, ma mistake 😂 Agree with you ,regarding lower leagues, it was a lot easier picking up tickets then, than it is now.
  5. No “they go every week coz “ they need to keep their full attendance on the bus, or they won’t go into the ballot for whatever tickets are available for the big matches . We will be taking a 16 seater to Aberdeen, as it stands just now 4 members got on cccs and then that leaves the others who travel (if full attenders), to go into the ballot for the 2 bus tickets , It will be the same faces on that bus (as on every other bus), because these guys are willing to travel all over the country in the hope of picking a ticket up on the day.
  6. Great advice from someone who hasn’t been and done it !! I came out the stadium (home end) n the bastards were running up n down with tri colours chanting ira, couldn’t get into the station at their end of the ground because they were picking of anyone who spoke English, and couldn’t get out towards Rangers fans because of police barricades. I can guarantee you it was not and will not, be “a good experience behind enemy lines”.
  7. Train is €15, takes just under an hour.
  8. My advice would be watch it in the pub mate, I was in the home end last time we played them, I’ve been all over Europe, in home and away ends, it’s the only away end where I came out saying “never again”. I’ve not got a ticket this time, and still stand by what I said.
  9. Was great the way the lights shone on the flags, if it would be possible to use the same type of flags in a union flag display, it would take some beating.
  10. I’m on the same as you mate 3 points, hopeful of a Feyenoord ticket through the club, an pretty confident I will get one somehow, hope you get sorted.
  11. That’s a fare enough point , it can work both ways, but surely something has to change, otherwise when it comes to a Vienna or Feyenoord type game like you said, it’s the same guys on high points who will always get the tickets, whether they are actually going or not, as no one can catch up on their points tally.
  12. Because the 0 pointer can apply for as many tickets as he wants, when he’s on 3 points, the ones in front of him will also have 3 points more....the low pointers will never begin to move up the ladder..
  13. Need to go back to only picking your tickets up on day of the match...to many folk scamming an itinerary to get tickets sent out in post, then selling them on, to increase their travel club points. As soon as Porto tickets were posted out, there was spare tickets available all over the place going to fans not in the travel club, fans on zero or one point lost out on tickets because of this. This isn’t sour grapes, I got a ticket.
  14. This game should be down to points and nothing else. Some fans have booked independent because Thomas cook went bust, at the time Rangers couldn’t offer flights, to Porto and didn’t know if they could offer Rotterdam . Flights need booked as soon as the draw comes out or it costs a fortune.. I always travel independent, so am used to sometimes losing out to lower pointers than me, but this game is different, there are fans , who “at the time “, had no option than to book independent , so as to make sure they got to the game.
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