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  1. BlueBeard

    Glen Kamara

    If Solanke went for £19mill +add on’s , Unfortunately I don’t see us being offered Kent for anything like the £2mill being banded about. So I guess we are preparing for life without him, unless we can get another loan period.
  2. BlueBeard

    Europa Group G Table

    We have drawn away against the best team in our group, won at home, conceding 1 away goal (clearly off side)and drawing one at home, without conceding a goal . Can’t believe the negativity on here.
  3. BlueBeard

    *****The Official Motherwell vs Rangers Thread*****

    Used to be an English bar on the left hand side (about half way) as you head up it's just past Tony Roma's. It was guys from Airdrie, who had a room through the back where they had started a wee supporters club, watched a scum game there while back..can't guarantee it's still there. ,
  4. BlueBeard

    Confusion Over Management Team's Future

    Certainly looks like your right about King, what chance have we got when our own board members can't even get on with him.
  5. BlueBeard

    Confusion Over Management Team's Future

    Spot on, sadly your last sentence looks like being the defining factor in where we go next, it all depends on whether the current board have withheld money from the management team or we have another backer coming in who's willing to back us financially, let's hope there is money somewhere, or it's going to be a hard few years ahead.
  6. BlueBeard


    Quite a few of my mates are on that flight, they are getting the half nine train to Leipzig from Berlin hbf.
  7. BlueBeard

    ****The Official Aberdeen v Rangers thread****

    Dodo was an unused sub on Tuesday night.
  8. BlueBeard

    Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    There is no way they are doing intensive training the day before a cup final.
  9. BlueBeard

    Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    Was just thinking the same, finish your career playing in a relegation dog fight, or winning leagues and cups in front of 50 thousand fans, if it's all about football, then it's signed and sealed.
  10. BlueBeard

    ****The Official Rangers v Alloa thread****

    Agree some need a rest, still to see what MOH will bring to the team, doesn't go looking to get involved enough for me, just sits wide waiting to receive the ball and Reg MOH, looks to be more in Tavs way than an asset at times, no point bedding King in, three more games and he's on his way back to Hearts, so unless we are definitely signing him this close season, I would rather see some youth getting a game.
  11. What's the weather like over that way? Heavy snow in West Lothian at the moment
  12. No way Kiernan should be starting tomorrow, Alloa has one of the worst plastic pitches in Scotland, if you are near the pitch you hear the players feet thumping into the hard surface when they run, not good for someone who came off the last game with tight calves.
  13. BlueBeard

    *****Official Raith Rovers v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Why are people talking about game maybe being off, has there been an announcement of an early pitch inspection?
  14. BlueBeard

    Billy King - Welcome to The Rangers

    Thought he was a great prospect, until he lost his way a bit the last 18 month or so. Hope Warbs brings out the player in him,if he impresses I think it will be a straight swap deal with Temps (if he gets fit )in the summer.
  15. BlueBeard

    Billy King - Welcome to The Rangers

    Been wondering all night, what either club will benefit from this deal. Then I had a thought, we get King Billy on loan for six months, at the same time we (hopefully) get Templeton fit again, in the summer if Templeton is fit, we keep King and Temps returns to Hearts...everyone happy. Anyone think this could be the plan?