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  1. Get a taxi to the nearest night club......done that heading to Barcelona last time we played them, we had a great night.
  2. Same route going mate, just hope Edinburgh flight is on time 😅
  3. I done it last time, have done it many times across Europe, but would never do it in Rotterdam again,. I’m also staying in Amsterdam this time, Rotterdam was a nightmare from start to finish.
  4. When will the fixtures be out ?
  5. 1- Have you ever been to a Rangers game? 2- tell me the sectarian songs we sing about old battles ? 3-Don’t bother answering, your a dick !!
  6. BlueBeard


    Manchester United fans have sang it for years in Europe and in England, uefa don’t have a problem with the tune. David Murray wanted rid, so said the tune was banned, not uefa.
  7. BlueBeard


    David Murray banned TBB in any form, he wanted it gone, uefa’s problem was fenian blood.
  8. Folk were entitled to be impatient ya fucking prick, I only got to the top of the stairs when we scored, there was still hundreds outside even then.
  9. BlueBeard

    Our support

    Watch the first video, the two guys are on top of the police control room, the disabled areas at Kilmarnock are behind both goals.
  10. BlueBeard

    Our support

    Have you realised yet that the “pair of muppets “ were not on the roof of the disabled section.
  11. Nothing stopping you giving your smart card to a mate or someone on the bus , just not doing re prints for people selling on to strangers.
  12. Walking with Whitburn fb Bellshill dist, then West Calder for central parade 🇬🇧🇬🇧
  13. You speak as if you know what happened, when you say “now he’s made a cunt of it”, yet you start with “If true”. Looks to me like you would be happy if the rumours were true, and would gladly see him sacked,. Why ? Jimmy and his family are good Rangers and loyalist minded people (that’s why the scum hate him), we need guys like him around our club.
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