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  1. I give it a month, before the media catch on and realise that our players have all joined another organisation all together...then watch the shit hit the fan ✊😎🇬🇧 It’s a joke by the way, before all the snowflakes on here start another rant.
  2. BlueBeard


    We need the able to see if our points are being added correctly, is this possible ? It certainly doesn’t seem that way talking with my mates in the pub tonight, seems like there is discrepancies everywhere, and that’s mostly among gold members, who don’t have too much gripe, but just know the figures don’t add up.
  3. Don’t mind moving the wording, but prefer the original with the inner circle.
  4. Said almost exact same thing to my mates yesterday, I will buy My Gers, so I’ve a better chance of cup semi or final tickets, plus Euro away tickets, but as soon as merchandise is included ( as soon as shop is running properly, I’d guess ) I will quickly drop down the points rankings. I’m in my 50’s, with grown up kids, I won’t be running around in the kit, and I don't need matching Broxi curtains and duvet set either , therefore my chance of a travel club ticket wi diminish as well. On plus side, if the proposed bar opens where the shop is, and you get points for a pint, I’m up that leaderboard rapid 🍻🍻🍻
  5. They should start by telling the sfa to ram their Scottish cup semifinal right up their arse.
  6. Yes, it might make the leagues more competitive, but clubs would be humiliated when entering any European competition, unless every European league was onboard with the same rules.
  7. After a couple of seasons it won’t be a problem, because I’d guess traveling with the official partners will add a shit load of points to MyGers totals, so independent travelers will eventually struggle to even get the chance of a ticket, therefore tickets will be handed out on the planes.
  8. Maybe missed this, what happens to someone who has been in the travel club for years and accumulated 15 or so points ( I know it’s added to their MyGers total), will someone with higher MyGers points but never been in the travel club be awarded a Euro away ticket before a regular European traveler ? If so it’s some kick in the teeth to travel club members from England and beyond, who travel to most European games away, but can’t travel to Scotland every weekend.
  9. So the first year we were back up, they were complaining about not making as much money from our fans than other clubs, the same clubs that voted us down and didn’t need us !! They should have been told to fuck off .
  10. Basically anyone can buy their season ticket and Rangers tv subscription, then sit in the house every home game and get another 5 points per game as long as they let Rangers re sell it, and they would still have more chance of celtic Hibs Hearts or Aberdeen away, than some poor bastard, who has spent all their money, going to every game,but can’t afford all the extra pish that Rangers will be trying to sell them to gain extra points.
  11. Said the very same on our busses chat earlier. Season ticket holders lost out on approx £150 worth of games from last season, we should have got it included in this seasons purchase.
  12. If, and it probably will, start behind closed doors or reduced capacity, we are starting the season right away at a disadvantage, because after our demotion, our main income is still season ticket money, while the scum have built up a cash reserve through continuous champions league money, with more to come , if we can’t sell 50,000 season tickets, we will struggle to bring in the quality we need to challenge for the title next season.
  13. Heard this a couple of weeks ago, mate told me Rangers were expecting Ibrox would be cut to around 15 thousand when we first get back to playing .
  14. We didn’t rip the pish out of Sporting integrity ...sporting integrity ripped the pish out of us !!
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