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    GTA V

    Wouldn't Tommy Vercetti be like 70 years old though?
  2. Aye haha, the mods deleted some of my posts. I'm sure I had an argument with him or some other Tim in the FM11 thread about the same thing and it went on for pages, I don't know why there even posting In the Rangers thread anyway, bastards.
  3. Nah mate, I think my name on it just the same as my name on here.
  4. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/276772-FM-12-Rangers-Fc-Thread-Nae-Dough-4-In-A-Row Aye I know who you mean, he's a bawface, I don't think i've ever felt so much hate for someone over the Internet. Maybe I need to get a life!
  5. I wish all of you's posted on the SI forums, Rangers career page. This might sound really pathetic but I hate seeing the tims one have like 600 odd posts in it and ours only about 280.
  6. Any ideas on how to improve my La Liga XI, got around 60k to spend http://www.ea.com/uk/football/fifa-ultimate-team/show-off#ktPrfuUIbbKax
  7. If you stick an 8 infont of that, I'll consider
  8. How much would an 84 Malouda and 87 Schweinsteiger sell for?
  9. I think Hutton and McMillan have been very impressive so far
  10. McGregor Whittaker Papac Bougherra Wallace Ortiz Davis Edu Wylde Naismith Jelavic 6-0 to The Rangers
  11. I believe it's Mauro Zárate for 4M guys, waiting on my sauce getting back to me.
  12. Ah, didn't see that. Cheers mate. Have a rep
  13. I paid the subscription for the RTV Lite, im logged in to it and the audio to the game is nowhere to be found on the site. Fuck sake
  14. love you callum. the 2 l's were on purpose btw ;)

  15. When i click to listen to the game i just get a black screen, i just paid £4 aswell to subscribe
  16. I just bought a £4 subscription to listen to it and there is no link to it, fuck sake
  17. Anyone know at what time the Murray - Nadal match will start?
  18. A guy on Follow Follow posted this at half 7, dont know where he is getting this info from though.
  19. psn - stylishkidsriot. i am the king of fifa
  20. Gutted i couldn't make it to the game today. Moan The Rangers. WATP.
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