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  1. Trying not be a killjoy as it's a fantastic result for us,but at the back of my mind I'm gutted that once again we've handed they bastards another title due to lacklustre performances. bar the extra dosh I couldn't give a fuck about the Europa,as we're almost sure to go out to a better team sooner or later,hope I'm proved wrong,but the league was my priority this season,and knowing we've fucked it again sickens me.
  2. frustrating as fuck seeing us beat teams of this pedigree,but we can't finish off utter shite like hearts and St johnstone
  3. 😃 took it well,just a shame he doesn't do it against the dross of the spl
  4. Who the fuck hits a pen at that height,get tae fuck
  5. Season was done after hearts mate,don't understand how some cunts on here still don't get that.
  6. Aye,but you can't be hard on him apparently,cos he's scored a barrel load already this season and last
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