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  1. getting the fear thinking about sunday
  2. barasic wtf has happened to your crossing man
  3. He's done,kamberi should have started imo
  4. who do you take off for hagi ? aribo davis and Kamara are playing pure wank
  5. spot on mate,if we threw the kitchen sink at this mob we'd be 3 down in the first half. people need to realise we don't have the same quality as bayer,they just spent 108 million on players,what did we spend ?
  6. Maybe cos the team of 72 were better than the shite that's on the park the night
  7. Nah,losing at home to Hamilton was embarrassing,Leverkusen are a quality side,we all knew this would be a difficult task mate.
  8. they score another and our season is well and truly finished,no chance we'll beat them on their own turf.
  9. don't listen to that cunt Stevie,he's hopeless
  10. Gerrards finished,Shame.really wanted it to work out for him,but 2 seasons without any silverware at a club as big as ours is unforgivable,regardless of his results in Europe.
  11. Means fuck all when they’ve done another treble,while our highlight was making the last 16 in the europa league mate
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