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  1. What the fuck Windass, how do you not at least make a chance from that?
  2. Midfield sitting too far back. We're showing these cunts too much respect, fucking run at them and fire a few shots in.
  3. Rossiter looks a player, but he runs as though he's about to shite himself.
  4. It will be interesting to see Rossiter and Jack play together against a better attacking team. They looked solid defensively, if a bit uncreative going forward, but the opposition was obviously pish. Cardoso looked class too though, so hopefully we can at least sort out the shitey goals we were giving away last season.
  5. Shockwaves were felt across the message boards today, as it was discovered that some football fans prefer to discuss the game after watching it, rather than spout shite during it and perhaps miss a goal. Not that it was very likely that you'd miss a goal today, mind you.
  6. He was a bit pish, let's be honest. Couldn't consistently beat his man, and never quite looked sure what to do with the ball.
  7. It'll be interesting to see how he links up with Kranjcar. Niko and Waghorn are just not on the same wavelength. In fact, I'm not even sure Waghorns on the same spectrum.
  8. Besides Kranjcar, there's absolutely no-one in our team that looks as though they can take the ball forward. Without him, it's a choice between a big punt upfield, let Tav run into the fullback, or let Wallace do his shitey wee one-two and run off the pitch. We've less chance of penetration than an ugly ginger wae a chode.
  9. Let's be honest, we look shite. A goal from a cheeky as fuck free-kick, against a team from a country that probably only exists for tax purposes.
  10. Windass is fully responsible for that. Fucking idiot.
  11. Windass makes some really great runs, and is a decent dribbler, but his passing/shooting today has been awful.
  12. He'd have been one-on-one with the keeper if he wasn't pulled down, I'd say that's a red card all day. Although, to be honest, I doubt he'd have scored.
  13. Might have been nerves. He's a big lump of a lad, and was constantly getting bullied by opposition strikers. If he gets a bit of a nasty streak, I reckon there'll be a player there.
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