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  1. Started with Rangers on this; http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=6072 Lets see where it takes me..
  2. Starting to get bored as fuck with both my Hearts and Rangers saves, gonna mess around with the editor, see what I get and post my progress on this.
  3. Can anyone reccommend anyone to sign for Hearts? I'm in March 2012.
  4. Needed the tactics spot on for the League Cup final. Up ye Timothy.
  5. :Alexander: :McMillan: :Bartley: :Papac: :Ortiz: :McCabe: :Bedoya: :Kerkar: OR :Wylde: :Healy: Would like to see McCabe and Kerkar get a run out. McCabe hasn't put a foot wrong any time I've seen him.
  6. Buzzing, we'll fuck them. 3-1 Rangers. (Lafferty x2, Davis)
  7. I don't care how you do it, just beat these cunts Rangers.
  8. Got this for Xmas and thought it was a cracking deal. http://www.game.co.uk/en/xbox-360-320gb-call-of-duty-modern-warfare-3-console-149250?pageSize=20&categoryIdentifier=10471&sortBy=PRICE_ASC
  9. Fucking hating it at St Johnstone, regret not sticking with Rangers. Determined not to start a new game though.
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