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  1. He's in the correct environment to have everychance of making it. Playing u17s at 12 is something else.
  2. Chairmen getting snipered on Dream Team ­čśé
  3. Had a decent first half.. fuck knows where he was Azerbaijan goal.. Looked decent, he does however have Modric, Rakatic and Perisic feeding balls to him
  4. His overlap and cross into the box for Lafferty to score against Villareal has been my favourite goal this season..
  5. AyrshireBlue


    For years, left or right foot, hit hard accross the keeper.. work every time. He may have lost his sharpness but, ball into feet from 20 yards in you anticipate a goal from him.
  6. 2 MOTM's in a row.. That Portsmouth team would pump everycunt in this league bar us and the filth
  7. AyrshireBlue


    50grand steal ­čśé
  8. @DiamondDan All the hard work over the last 4 years has been geared towards managing this situation. Playing the likes of Bayern, PSV, Villareal, Liverpool and Burnley etc gear these players for playing at a higher level and at a much better technical level. The other games organised to co-incide with our Europa League run was a fantastic move too. This was proved in this tournament, the technical ability shown in the penalty shootout alone was evident.
  9. From day 1? Stfu Cedrick ya tool..
  10. The guy won a tackle from his own clearance against Vienna ­čśé­čśé and had a super assist after it. Thought he was outstanding away in Moscow, including a superb goal. In the league, Candeias is just Candeias ­čśü
  11. Would robot for fun up here...
  12. Th´╗┐e´╗┐ panel di´╗┐scuss ho´╗┐w B´╗┐a´╗┐rcelona midfielder Denis Suarez could fit in at.............. Arsenal.. ffs ­čśé
  13. Fucking hilarious reading the armchair fans views in the first few pages.
  14. I'd like to see Middleton go on loan somewhere in Europe for a loan spell. Somewhere like Holland or Germany.
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