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  1. I looked into that Villareal v Seville game as surely it couldn't possibly be true.. it is! Unreal.
  2. Wishing him the best of luck. Struggled with injuries including a fractured back 😬
  3. There is no way he will be able to compete in the Championship.. Wallace as a player is done. Hope he does well mind you..
  4. A picture from todays UNDER 12's match between Villareal and Seville 😬
  5. Not struggling enough to take back handers on dodgy transfers though.. eh packy jacky micnamaic
  6. Mbappe hands in transfer request.. Real Madrid are going to have some front 3 next season 🤤
  7. Monaco or Eindhoven for me.
  8. 1 and a half weeks wages of the lego eater
  9. They must be livid being refered to as a British club throughout all this 😂
  10. He's in the correct environment to have everychance of making it. Playing u17s at 12 is something else.
  11. Chairmen getting snipered on Dream Team 😂
  12. Had a decent first half.. fuck knows where he was Azerbaijan goal.. Looked decent, he does however have Modric, Rakatic and Perisic feeding balls to him
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