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  1. Davis has a footballing brain. He offers an out ball, assists and keeps the game going. As good a player as Kamara is indont get his role, he doesnt offer a goal threat, doesnt assist and doesnt offer a tackle when on the descendency..
  2. Strawbarry Ferguson was one of the flavours that was on sale 😂
  3. My post ended up the last one on the last page. Folk are buying them direct from Porto website. On sale today at €25
  4. Porto away tickets available on their website. €25 each
  5. Fucking hell, Morelos has to start ffs, guy will be buzzing after mid week. He's bang in form and shoupdn't be dropped.
  6. Theyv rocketed up after that. Been in contact with the club to see if they will sell us tickets seperately.
  7. £90 return flights to Basel, £10 on the train into Bern.
  8. £90 return flights to Basel, £10 on the train to Bern.. result.
  9. Porto have been terrible, Feyenoord are nothing special and Young Boys are a team we really shouod be beating.
  10. Love pyro tbh.. smoked filled stadium was great whilst the game went on.. added to the Euro feel.
  11. Wont be told by anyone what i can and cant sing.
  12. Taig like behaviour.. how the fk you haven't been hoofed from here with your BBC like attitude over the years is beyond me
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