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  1. AyrshireBlue

    Goldson racially abused on twitter

    Hahaha, smelly cunt thinks hes a gangster on facebook..
  2. AyrshireBlue


    Could see a sharp turn of pace today, he's getting fitter and its showing. Good at tracking back and tackling, good vision and awareness, good delivery and unlucky not to score.. All round good day from him.
  3. AyrshireBlue

    Rangers v Hamilton

    Looking for x1 adult and x2 kids tickets for this game. Says they are available on the website but any time i select them it says they are unavailable.
  4. Collum reffing the Juventus game and making a right fucking meal of it.
  5. Goram Butcher Gazza Laudrup McCoist
  6. AyrshireBlue


    Easily said when you're sittin at home on yer couch ya clown..
  7. AyrshireBlue

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Remember they were demanding Brenda sign Bruma ??
  8. AyrshireBlue

    New T.V deal?

    Still raging these 2 bob cunts knocked La Liga from Sky
  9. AyrshireBlue

    Correct Score Betting on Rangers

    Corners bets have been quite good this season for our games
  10. AyrshireBlue

    Correct Score Betting on Rangers

    All depends on the stage of the game. The later in the game the higher the cash out would be.
  11. AyrshireBlue

    Correct Score Betting on Rangers

    Cash out at 3-0 or 3-1. Close thread...
  12. AyrshireBlue


    Worrall is a better centre half than Katic full stop.. Fuck knows what Katic tries pinging those balls forward, has he ever completed one? His petulance once being subbed off was disgusting.
  13. AyrshireBlue

    David Bates

    He's done well so far. The slower pace of game no doubt helps.. Smashed the mouthy captain of St Pauli twice and the fans now love him.. If he learns more of the game whilst in Germany he may well become a decent no frills centre half.
  14. AyrshireBlue

    Magnificent Morelos

    Wtf.. checked flashscores and he was named as a substitute. Checked again there and hes no longer on squad list..