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  1. Davis has a footballing brain. He offers an out ball, assists and keeps the game going.

    As good a player as Kamara is indont get his role, he doesnt offer a goal threat, doesnt assist and doesnt offer a tackle when on the descendency..

  2. Just now, ElBufalo20 said:

    No one is questioning your beliefs just don’t sing 2 songs at a football match that’s all.

    So you’re happy to damage the team you love just cause you can?

    Wont be told by anyone what i can and cant sing.

  3. 2 minutes ago, mitre_mouldmaster said:

    Well I hope you get a ban before you cost the club any trouble.

    Taig like behaviour.. how the fk you haven't been hoofed from here with your BBC like attitude over the years is beyond me

  4. O.P watches games via dodgy streams and thinks he has a valid opinion.

    I'm changing songs for no cunt, i for one shall remain loyal to my beliefs unlike half the fucking wet wipes in here.


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  5. 'rumours he can't play'   fuck off with that pish..

    An international (whose preformances have promoted him to first choice) signed from Seria A, tell your source i said they're talking shite.

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  6. Davis and Arfield are first choice for me.  Aribo and Kamara just seem to get 8n each others way but i'm guessing that's just what happens when new team mates start playing together.

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