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  1. He's in the correct environment to have everychance of making it. Playing u17s at 12 is something else.
  2. 2 MOTM's in a row.. That Portsmouth team would pump everycunt in this league bar us and the filth
  3. Fucking hilarious reading the armchair fans views in the first few pages.
  4. Collum reffing the Juventus game and making a right fucking meal of it.
  5. AyrshireBlue


    Easily said when you're sittin at home on yer couch ya clown..
  6. I see Aaron Winter is doing the draw at the same speed he used to play at..
  7. A goal, please just a single goal.. these Russians dont have the ability to score 3 goals.. Stomachs in knots.. C'mon Rangers, one final push!!
  8. Hame shortly.. nae lego till the seatbelts signs aff..
  9. No idea Inigo. Just had a look over their match stats and saw it. Wasn't too long after they conceded the first goal.
  10. Beat 3-0.. concede 2 goals after subbing Bates off ? ?
  11. Scummy trampy lookin away fans.. sitting in GF1 and they kept doing stabbing gestures...
  12. Atmosphere is always pish when watching on tv.. Can feel the buzz about the stadium justnow..
  13. There's a group on fb called Rangers Tele.. shows all matches in hd.. Groups secret though.. If you struggle for a link then message me to be added if yous want.
  14. Cummings brings fuck all to the pitch.. finishes the odd half chance.. Now bearing in mind he's a striker.. Shocking first touch, zero pace, no aerial ability, one dimensional, no power or technique, inability to hold the ball up and generally just a shite striker.. That cocky attitude won't last 2 seconds with Gerrard or McCallister
  15. All the screen shots posted by rabid tarriers from this forum on the Daily Rebels twitter story on this topic is cringey as fuck..
  16. No way on earth will Gerrard let him swagger about the club..
  17. I can envisage the rage hahah.. Global media coverage ?
  18. Pep, Pochettino, Allardyce, Moyes, Benetez, Conte, Howe all talking him up at their press conferences today ?
  19. But all the (not) in the knowers said it was 3 years ?
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