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  1. How bad will bears feel if we lose heavily and there is no support there? Our young players need backing....

    Imagine being 1 - 0 down with 10 minutes remaining, our vocal support could make the difference

    The message displayed in Broomloan against Montrose will have been enough for the players.

    You wouldn't know what I'm on about though would you Pape?

  2. I appreciate some may be impatient, & thanks for your P.M. but I don't take credit cards. wink.gif

    Making it "Worth My While" and "Being Pure Minted" is a nice touch but i'll still pass..

    Thanks for your interest though & yes I can be discreet 00000042.gif

    Do you take switch? If so, bend over and let me swipe yer arse.

    And again, get yer dunghatch out for the lads..

  3. I'll send you the top the day it comes out.

    Seeing as your skint though as you're on here scagging a top for pics I'd like a custom one.

    Nada on the bottom with you squatting showing the lads yer dunghatch..

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