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  1. His crossing is exceptional by the way. He puts in some really clever and dangerous balls in. So hard to defend against at times.
  2. Guy infront of me at the game made the exact comparison. Work rate but also bite he said. Like Novo, he is not afraid to throw himself about.
  3. Agree with both points, but Penny Arcade should maybe be done at a time more suitable than when the stadium empties for a piss and a pie Like the idea of TBSOI just after the teams come out, but to not actually play the full song is a bit stupid, never-mind starting it halfway through the chorus.
  4. Had a bit of a nightmare last night. The songs were all played at weird times, they randomly started playing Blue Sea of Ibrox from the second line of the chorus and that may have been the only Rangers song that was even played? Except for Penny Arcade just at the halftime whistle? Wonder what has happened to the usual guy.
  5. He's no Oduwa...
  6. Niko looks like jesus.
  7. Moult isn't a great option for me. Underwhelming but acceptable. In reality, I'd like to think we would set our targets much higher than players of his quality.
  8. Yeah but either way, we get £1m to put towards that.
  9. A great move for all parties. Waghorn gets away and for him, he wasn't going to play much football this season perhaps. We get £1m to spend on another striker who will hopefully be our main man.
  10. According to the daily mail we have accepted a bid of, wait for it, around ONE MILLION POUNDS for him from Ipswich...
  11. Foderingham does need to help them out at times too. Has to be a little more commanding when coming to get crosses. If he was, their goal would have been avoided for sure.
  12. Just think we need one more forward. Waghorn, Morelos and Herrera only just wont cut it on that performance. Apart from Miller's miss, our forwards didn't really have much of an impact on the game, and we need someone that will terrorise defences more than what we have.
  13. No doubt it'll be Walker. Hope I'm wrong. Not only is he bitter but he's thick as shit too.
  14. It's a classic though. Might just be me but I used to get goosebumps as a kid walking up Edmiston drive as soon as I saw the glass. It was the first part of the stadium that I could see that wasn't the roof obviously and it's just always been there since i've been going.
  15. The glass is just part of our old lady. It shouldn't be covered.