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  1. 04/05
  2. To be honest, he's the one man that I like having the ball. He's the only one looking for it and being positive with it, so really, he's the one guy I don't mind having the ball in midfield.
  3. I see what you're trying to do, but jokes are humorous and your attempt was not.
  4. Football Manager
  5. Good defender.
  6. There was me seeing your name in this thread and thinking you had inside info of his signing!
  7. Think he's a great player. Would really like him here.
  8. Fucking. Hell.
  9. The positive I take from that is that it is the last time I have to sit in my seat at Ibrox looking down on that atrocious squad.
  10. May flourish with better around him.
  11. Daly, Crawford and Latapy were the only I didn't get! Couldn't, for the life of me, remember who was top scorer in 13/14... blocked those years out by now so couldn't even think!
  12. Pleasure. It's a great page to be part of. Always exciting to see what comes up each day!
  13. The thing I'm noticing is that the boy's screen saver is a picture of... himself?