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  1. His goal at Hampden against Queens Park was great, terrible game, but the bears filled that dump on that day and it was a goal worth coming for. Good on him scoring tonight. Shit quality.
  2. Genuinely just think it's a pisstake of a riddle to be honest.
  3. No premier league.
  4. Never even won a league title!
  5. Was not expecting that at all on yerself little one!
  6. It wasn't that they didn't play it, it was that he was waiting inside for his big reception and welcome when it was on and therefore missed it. Non story.
  7. Really like Murty. Was very happy to see the sign and give him his credit and recognition.
  8. Waghorn's finishing there...
  9. I'm extremely happy that after watching those 5 games, Pedro has seen we need to be more 'aggressive' when it comes to finishing. He talks about how he wants to change his team to 'attack the spaces', rather than 'just touching the ball' and has emphasis on being more aggressive in the box meaning taking our chances, and players being in and around the six yard box to attack. I know it didn't exactly take a genius to notice that we were doing these things wrong, but I'm glad he had recognised it and look forward to hopefully seeing some results.
  10. Not a fan after watching him on loan at Wigan both times. Hope they are just reporting us as interested due to Warburton being linked a few months ago.
  11. Courtesy of Sugar_Free_Pizza.
  12. Some of these comments are a disgrace. Get over yourselves. When players aren't playing all that well, make the changes. Murty knew what to do, and he was then hooked. Still shown his worth against Celtic this season and doesn't deserve abuse. That's not on.
  13. Just there to watch I'd assume. Many people do it.
  14. Tactically spot on today. Genuinely proud of him and the team for the way they played it out. Murty himself is an under 20s coach, and with our supposedly garbage squad, he masterminded what only Inverness could do up there and stop them. Yes, only a draw, but it is one we can be proud of, and one that he can take with so much credit for.