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  1. I believe otherwise, but it’s all about opinion - else what we posting on a forum for! 🙂
  2. Modern day Rangers legend. Embodiment of a true Ranger, loyal and true.
  3. So many home trips. Really any need for four? Wonder what the thinking is here.
  4. Let’s just wait and see where it goes. People were calling Defoe unrealistic last summer and he’s wearing the shirt now. People weren’t exactly enthralled by Kent either. Its always more glamorous when it’s someone you’ve never heard of, but give me Stewart over Grezda every single day.
  5. What a moment for him. Bet he never thought this would happen. Another bear lives the dream. Do us proud!
  6. Marky.

    FIFA 20

    Wow. The run-ups etc look so unnatural. How can they possibly put this out there and believe it's an improvement?
  7. Marky.

    FIFA 20

    This is Football deserves a comeback.
  8. Just seen it, hard to watch. What a shame. You hear things like he’s doing great, but he’s in deep deep trouble.
  9. Marky.

    New TV required

    Okay I've concluded I must go 4K despite not having any 4k ready things like a PS4 Pro or Sky Q - purely so I am not ridiculed online. But I also think Copland is making some good points. The TV isn't a priority now, not since I booked a holiday and paid for this years season ticket. Will need to deal with the screenburn as it is, and hope that maybe the 2017 LG OLED which is still just over £1,000 will come down in price.
  10. Marky.

    New TV required

    Thanks mate
  11. Marky.

    New TV required

    Balls of steel. Dan... Let's say oddly irrelevant and slightly offensive things about fellow bears on the internet, that'll show him! Either you're having a bad morning, or you're bored as fuck, but you ain't helping.
  12. Marky.

    New TV required

    Why is everyone fighting? I was just looking for some advice!
  13. I love nothing more than to see our players steaming on social media. Wee virgins following them around with their cameras.
  14. Right round the corner from Magaluf as well, where loads of kind-hearted ladies and gentlemen visit for a quiet break. I’m sure they could sample the local beverages round there.
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