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  1. Garry used to post on here, @Gaz92 I think?
  2. Two Centre Backs + Goalkeeper

    Agree with you on all points. Mentioned in another thread how ridiculous it is that so many long range efforts go in against us. Would even a bigger keeper get to some of them more often than Wes does? Defensively, we didn’t get to play the pairing of Martin and Bates that was most likely to start. Alves did ok any the air but apart from that we were poor with him and Cardoso. Where to go from here, who knows, but more investment and shifting of dead wood is vital.
  3. McCrorie

    He’s a youngster with huge potential. A player I really like. Would say I’d be interested to see how he develops on his return, but is hard to rely on someone so young. He’s versatile which helps, but we’ve loads of players out just now that we could make a thread on saying we miss.
  4. Too much too soon

    The worry is they bring that into the future games. They will think we can't beat them. If there's ever a time to do it, it's the Semi-Final.
  5. Absolutely bottled it

    Us last year, Miller, 1-2, unsurprisingly.
  6. Too much too soon

    Potentially that. It puts us back short term, the mentality of the squad could be hit, but this feeling has to be brought into the next game against them.
  7. Too much too soon

    Today was just a small part of a bigger picture. Obviously if we win it would have been magic, it was a big chance for us, but it's another 3 points we haven't won much like against Hamilton, Dundee, Hibs and St Johnstone.
  8. The ultimate false dawn?

    How many goals from range do we concede? I am a fan of Wes and obviously don't blame him on the most-part, but my god we concede loads from range.
  9. We’ve been let down by the club over the 6/7 years

    Our current set-up sees us at that no-mans land behind 1st place and silverware. Summer break will be huge to getting us looking up again. Today we had options on the bench for the forward positions, but nothing in midfield. With so many injured, we need to refresh and go again.
  10. Too much too soon

    There were many positives from that game on our side. Some outstanding negatives too, but it was not worth being broken hearted over. Things are on the up for us, we will get there. We showed signs today but it just wasn't to be. Let's see what the future brings us.
  11. Soccer AM

    OP watches Soccer AM when off school at the weekend.
  12. I’m well aware of this. His overall play such as that against St Johnstone are why he’s more important than folk would see in highlights.
  13. To be fair, when he has an off day, he has an absolute shocker. Other days, he’s unplayable. Think he will always miss chances but there are days he will persevere and score eventually, others he wouldn’t if he played another week. His ability in relation to his age though is amazing. He’s bossed some of the leagues better defences.
  14. You’re blind, you. 🤫
  15. Fantastic news and a big statement by the club. Time for him to get his head down and find the net even more. Also perhaps to learn the offside rule. He’s got a big future in the game and once capped by his country, he’d be worth even more than the figures quoted from China. Big move.