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  1. Just a youth player though, and for what it’s worth I don’t actually disagree with you. I think he’s okay, international experience now too. Don’t think we should sign him by any means, but he’s a good player for the league.
  2. That miss was pathetic, and just looked like a player shitting himself on the big stage. We should have beaten them that night tbh but that miss was the Darcheville moment, only without such an incredible UEFA cup run.
  3. Will never forget Valencia at home. Wank.
  4. Interested to see what happens to Florian Kamberi this summer. Obviously burned his bridges with Hibs, impressed in some of the few times we saw him, but we would likely still need better than him.
  5. Fucking hell btw, this guy is supposed to be worth a few pounds... clearly weighs a few too. Lockdown obviously going well, chubby.
  6. http://www.footballshirtculture.com/Football-shirt-blog/20/21-Kits/ Mate, not one nice kit on this stream out-with maybe the USA... I have high hopes that Castore will be smarter than these efforts.
  7. We have been linked as well - possibly agent talk - but I also think he's worth picking up. Free transfer and one of the league's better players in a position we need back-up for. Very sensible choice.
  8. I have been really impressed with the dynamic James Bisgrove in all of this. He it clearly taking the club in a different direction, allowing us to lead again. His digital strategy is absolutely the right way to go, as someone myself who works in IT, the club will be in a seriously promising position to capitalise on this online presence. The ‘big brands’ are here to stay - no doubt, but there is no big British alternative. We are getting a bespoke product from an up and comer, who yes we maybe don’t know much about, but are clearly going places with some real financial backing. The branding looks good, the forward thinking nature is exciting, and it really seems like the club is on its way to develop and modernise, rather than play catchup to where we once were. I don’t believe where we once were in a business sense would be good enough, and Bisgrove’s ideas seem to be leading us further in terms of commercial and marketing.
  9. Dykes has impressed me every time we've played Livi tbh. Thought he ragdolled Katic at Ibrox earlier in the season - same to the celtic defence when they beat them. I think he's also got that arrogant attitude we like in a Rangers player. Chest out, time to get stuck in. I think he'd be a really good and different option.
  10. Whilst both aren't exactly blockbuster names, they are tested and proven in the division. Many signings Gerrard (albeit Mark Allen) made were guys like Coulibaly and Sadiq who were brought in with hope rather than expectation. I would like to see us sign guys like this who are proven in the division to be improved by our staff rather than random squad players - AS LONG as game-changing first team players are also brought in. My worry would be if these two were considered as the quality rather than the improvement of the squad.
  11. TMB waiting for RFC52 outside Ibrox whilst avoiding "unwanted attention".
  12. It’s smart, and they’ve learned from last year for sure. Away kits though you’d think were from a shoddy market in Turkey. The black one just has all of the sponsors and logos printed on. It is total cheap crap tbh. Red kit boring as all hell too. They got the home shirt right this year, learning not to just tape on the crest, but even then, sizing was all weird. S M L XL etc for shirts yet XS S M L XL etc for everything else. Feel like I was convincing myself it was all nice stuff tbh.
  13. They weren't all though were they. Spent ages trying to convince myself they were decent, but the sizing was all off, quality was thin, everything last year was stuck on rather than sewn like this year... TBH the only reason I liked it was the badge on the chest.
  14. Two great points in a row.
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