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  1. Looks like a cross between Steven Davis and Dean Shiels... Welcome, we love a King around here.
  2. Respect to Midtjylland. Hope they have a smashing season, just for being nice.
  3. Not into this sort of talk tbh. They've had a shocker, but when did they matter. We have a long, hard season to battle through, and you just know it'll be a battle as everyone is out to stop us. Let's just stay focussed do our bit.
  4. State of those inbred arseholes chucking everything they can find at the Cluj players like that. Wonder if we will read that in any press... Well played Cluj, they were underestimated which is pathetic from celtic.
  5. Imagine being in a position where you’re 2-1 down, you’ve got a goal out of nowhere and a man sent off. You do everything you can to hold on until the third goes in and it’s Defoe again... Finally he gets subbed off and you’d think you’d have a rest until the fucking Buffalo himself replaces him - that is cruelty but you can’t help but love it. Defoe will always score goals for us, and Morelos is playing with a smile on his face, and in that mood, like today and Thursday, he is unplayable. Two exceptional players.
  6. So good, today and Thursday. Gerrard has taken him under his wing and improved him immensely. Crazy that he can’t get into the Scotland squad, but their loss is our gain - morons.
  7. The more who come out with this sort of thing, the better things will be for others. It's real, and it can affect anyone.
  8. Should do more than Grezda did, SHOULD be more quality than he was. Over-stacked out wide now though without anyone that has the quality to make the position their own.
  9. Marky.

    FIFA 20

    Ahh, Volta, the thing that literally nobody asked for. Give us a realistic football game, not an arcade street player. Release something on the side maybe but this shouldn’t literally be the next Fifa.
  10. Marky.

    FIFA 20

    Combine FM and Fifa. Proper revolutionise the career mode, but nope, always the small changes that will no doubt not even work on release. Maybe they’ll patch the issues that will no doubt appear by March or something. Wallets at the ready. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. Would be a dream to take a few days annual leave midweek and travel to watch Rangers in amongst a city break. Never done it before due to not really having anyone that can take the time off with me, and sadly that doesn’t look like changing at the moment. That being said, last night was a pretty special watch in the house, even through a pixelated £10 stream.
  12. Ryan Jack was terrific tonight as well. Not one to get huge amounts of praise but tonight he kept the ball well and brought calmness to our play. Really great from him.
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