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  1. The ibrox crowd

    Fan anguish after any opposition scores really does seem to throw the team off. The frustration from the stands just seeps through to the players and it is not very productive. Taking the lead in the first 10 yesterday then conceding not long after was nowhere near a disaster, but frustration grew and we were never in the game from then. Not the fans fault as such as I am one to get frustrated in my own seat, but the atmosphere cannot help matters anyway. The media have all been running with the whole ‘hostile atmosphere’ at Ibrox and it’s just become a thing. Sadly the only way to improve this is if the team gives us less to be frustrated about therefore at this stage it seems like an endless cycle.
  2. Cardoso

    Age of social media can get anyone in trouble. Abuse a bit far. More to moan about than this.
  3. Windass.

    He wasn’t great today no, but once again he was put out wide? I like Murty a lot, but I don’t understand why we went with two wingers and Morelos up by himself. It’s as if Miller gets injured and so we can’t possibly have another striker in his place. Back to two wingers and a lone striker. He was playing much better through the middle and I don’t see why he was moved again.
  4. Formation against Ross county

    My thoughts 😂
  5. Formation against Ross county

    What’s the difference between a RM and a RMF? O_o
  6. @K.A.I Great post. Add in the fact that we have managed a win after all the buzz of a new manager coming in, and a strange board statement after it all went Pete Tong. Almost felt like we were just destined to get beat there today. Place didn't have a great buzz about it, but winning with that kind of feeling around the place is huge too. I said in another thread that we just would not be winning that game under the previous few managers.
  7. Miller and Murty

    Two ways to look at it. Morelos being woefully off form in-front of goal, Herrera being poor, Miller tending to influence the odd game and Windass on a decent run of form. Murty had to pick two and based on form he'd go with Miller and Windass. Alternatively, you could look at it as Miller being a brutal player these days, yet having almost managerial office style influence to still get a game. When he's good, he brings us out a hole, when he's bad, we wish he'd leave. Need Morelos to step-up and make it impossible for Murty to leave Miller out.
  8. Miller and Murty

    Was pretty poor today, yet his pressing and pass led to our first goal.
  9. Not bad considering

    A brutal watch in the cold. Glad we won, but didn't enjoy it much. Have to win ugly however, I guess it feels better thinking a team managed by anyone from the last few years would have been beaten today.
  10. Youtube was an alternative I was thinking for him. I've seen streams on that before. Hopefully there is one so I can send it over. Cheers mate.
  11. The Facebook page that used to do a HD stream are no longer doing them sadly. There was a guy called Bob who'd stream live from Facebook in full on HD and you could access on mobile. I got my dad into it so he can keep up with us when he can't get to the game. Bob and the other admins of the page seem to have fallen out so they wont be streaming any longer. Now that they're not doing so, is there any other mobile friendly streaming sites or links that would have that same HD quality that I can send across to my old man? Hope someone can help!
  12. Would You Support A Mass Walkout?

    No chance. I’m as concerned as anyone, but I wouldn’t walk out in protest. They have my support. We must stick together to ensure heads do not drop.
  13. Derek McInnes

    Ps, his beard is horrific. Like a colourblind wean has painted it to be like a Dalmatian with all those white spots.
  14. Neil McCann

    I said in the McInnes thread that he wasn't my first choice because of his record not really being one that grabs the attention and was the main reason why I was underwhelmed. In the case of McCann, I actually don't mind the record he has. He's working at a club with one of the smallest budgets in the league, and, whilst not overachieving, they are still just 3 points from the top 6. McCann though gives off an intelligent vibe, one that was obviously shown on the telly, but also his heart lies firmly at Ibrox. Would definitely not be disappointed should he be the man. Maybe a bit underwhelmed, but not as much as I would have been under Derek.
  15. Derek McInnes

    Weird one this. In reality, it's not a bad thing that he wont be our manager. I was never really convinced by him, the board were though, obviously, that's how we managed to get to this shambles of a position. I only wanted him in to end this saga and move on. I can only imagine that McInnes was the main target and they decided not to make a move sooner due to the Aberdeen double header. The board will have felt that the fans wouldn't have gotten too restless because everyone has a bit of a soft spot for Murty. We are now in a situation where I can genuinely see Murty getting the job until the end of the season. If not, we have weeks still to wait, sadly.