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  1. McLean AND Dorrans wouldn't be awful if players were shifted on. Jack, Rossiter, Holt, Krancjar, Pena, Dorrans and McLean would all be fighting for places. Halliday and Windass moving on perhaps. But I do believe signing McLean would maybe end the Dorrans pursuit.
  2. Please no! They're my junior team
  3. I see LutonBlue has made a dramatic return to stalking!
  4. Would like to see how Hardie does given a chance. Maybe not as a starting forward, but he could definitely have a role to play as a back-up this season and that could help him grow as a player.
  5. Wasted potential in general with him. Was tipped for big things at Hearts, signed for us but struggled the first few months to take the place of Papac. I remember he turned his back in Maribor leading to their goal I think it was for example. Started to play better as that season went on then we were demoted. Obviously deserves recognition and praise for sticking with the team whilst others didn't throughout the tougher years and was obviously a stand-out most of the time as we worked our way up, but he's never hit the heights fully for me. Certainly not as captain anyway.
  6. It's shit yourself stuff when even the most mediocre of wingers take on either of them.
  7. Same home shirt as last year confirmed. "Managing director Stewart Robertson said: “It’s going to be the same kit – because these things have quite long times to get them into the market. “So from the supporters’ perspective, there’s not a lot of them have bought it so there’s a retail opportunity there for Puma, Sports Direct and the club.” Read more at:"
  8. @Broxi Just tagging you because it is easier. I see Danny Wilson isn't in your predicted line-up and come to think about it, I don't think he's played a part in either friendly? Is he injured or is he one that Pedro wants rid of I wonder.
  9. Yeah I thought Holt took the ball forward well, and Halliday didn't miss a beat in the midfield. Fair play to them for that game, but in context it means nothing. I do think we are much more likely to see Holt feature in the first team than Halliday though.
  10. Yeah, in Europe he could definitely unlock defences, especially with more time to use the ball. Fear the worst when teams come flying at him in the domestic games though.
  11. Having watched the game this morning on RTV, Kranjcar looked excellent. Can't really say too much because of what we were up against, but it is perhaps the sort of level we could come up against in the qualifiers for the Europa League. Niko's passes out wide to Tavernier were superb in the first 30-45 minutes though.
  12. B7 and be done.
  13. He's done well for Thistle, but Oxford coming in for him is maybe about right just now. He will either go on and improve or he will end up back at a mid-table SPFL team.