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  1. Nacho Novo

    Take care Oz. Wishing you a very speedy recovery pal.
  2. 3-3 v Morton

    I shall ask the old timer. He’s seen them all! Fraser Wishart played for Pollok and all. Obviously today’s opponents, Clydebank had a certain Davie Cooper in their ranks once upon a time. All very interesting stuff! 😊👍
  3. 3-3 v Morton

    My grandfather who has followed them for years would for sure. Probably before I would have seen them.
  4. 3-3 v Morton

    Nice one. My family have followed Pollok for years too.
  5. 3-3 v Morton

    I was interested to see if anyone else would go watch their local junior side whilst the international break is on. I remember going to watch Pollok years ago with players like Brian Dingwall and more recently Carlo Monti. Not a bad side to go see now and then.
  6. 3-3 v Morton

    I was there too. Good wee day out. First goal was a cracker.
  7. New Strip old strip back

    Really disappointed with the prices going up like that. Strange to make fans pay for something at such a high price when they could have had it for £20 in the summer. The website wasn't fit to take so many hits at once which didn't really help, but it's disappointing to not have the discount continue.
  8. Third Kit..

    Nothing wrong with it. On the other hand, I'm a little disappointed that when the home kit returns in stock it will be back up to high prices rather than the discount price when the retail deal was sorted.
  9. How Good Is Harry Kane?

    One of the best out there, both statistically and as a person. I remember listening to Stuart Pearce talk about him saying that when he was England's under 21s manager, he called Kane up just because he was at a big club. He was a young player at Spurs that was sent out on loan and he said he was destined for the lower English leagues eventually, but called him up purely because of the club he was at. He's then went on and worked hard and improved on every part of his game. His finishing is top class and work-rate for a forward is immense too, but he always seems like a humble guy. He's worked his way to the top.
  10. Them celebrating

    Forgiveness and fans often go hand in hand. Mo Johnston and Kenny Miller being your go to's for that. He would have been a far better option than the general choice of player we currently have whether you like the guy or not.
  11. Are celtic really that good?

    Depth, or just overall quality.
  12. Pena, Candeias and Hodson

    Depressing at half time to have an international calibre of a defender in Arthur Numan doing the half time draw and then the team taking to the field with players nowhere near his standard.
  13. Are celtic really that good?

    They had more gears to step up to, proven in second half. Hoped we'd see through the first 10 minutes of the second half. Then I'd start believing but it wasn't to be.
  14. Them celebrating

    I'd have bitten your hand off for Naismith in Pena's place today.
  15. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    Possibly the majority of your fellow supporters are mongos then, including me. Caixinha will not last, one way or another. He doesn't have what it takes.