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  1. Woulda watched that game with my eyes closed, but the commentary team were talking Gaelic pish so I couldn’t follow.
  2. Is that the first time he’s been back? I was there to see the Papac tbh. Delighted to have seen him. Looks the exact same, can still play.
  3. Marky.


    Doesn’t have the urgency or hunger to star here. Will get goals and assists without playing well. A paper player.
  4. Ah, I see Goldson getting it tight for not being Katic once more. Think the defence was okay out-with the right-back tbh.
  5. You just can’t defend against him. Stay close, get turned, stay away, get punished. Bufalo is outstanding.
  6. Marky.

    Greg Stewart

    Well done him, a childhood dream came through for him today, and he took his opportunity.
  7. Interesting to see Stewart come in from nowhere. Tactical plan or has he trained particularly well. Guess we will find out, let’s see what he’s got.
  8. First comment: ‘Hullo, hullo, we are the chilli boys’
  9. I hate the pyrotechnics tbh. No need at all. We can be the loudest fan base out without the need for stupid bangers.
  10. Loving the Borna Borna Borna Borna Borna Barisic song.
  11. Marky.


    Poor tonight along with pretty much everyone though. Tough place to go where the ball bounces horribly and they’re on you aggressively instantly. He will have better games.
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