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  1. Genuinely think he's played really well in the last few games he's played wide. He's a bit slow in terms of pace, and decision making but his ball control is unbelievable at times. What's not going so good is the fact that we have lacked wins since he's gone out-wide - not that I think there's a correlation there though.
  2. It’s a tough one. First half performance was fantastic. Could have gone home at halftime and been happy. Could have been in trouble in the second half, it felt like the crowd noticed but the manager didn’t make the right changes. Obviously delighted to go through, it’s remarkable.
  3. I’m with you mate. We went into that top, we left it second. I understand perspective, I understand where we’ve been, and I know how this was outwith anyone’s wildest dreams, but we are Rangers, we are demanding! Delighted to go through, but had changes been made earlier, we’d have finished top. Not making subs to run down the clock, and in fact only making one sub at all, Ojo being that man as well, very naive management... That being said - it wasn’t somewhere we could have expected to be. It’s a stunning achievement to go through at all. For that, I’m delighted, even with a little regret from this particular game.
  4. 100% well done to him. Hope I’m allowed to criticise here, but had he been smarter tonight, we’d have finished top. His naivety at only making 1 substitute during that second half was frightening. To put Ojo on, terrifying. Thank fuck we were 1 up. On the whole, obviously, he has worked wonders and none of us could have dreamt we’d be where we are in Europe now,
  5. I was almost going to suggest it was the arrival of Aribo tonight, but our pushing back in the second half didn’t do much for him, and he fell out the game - as many others did. I thought he was excellent in the first half. Loved watching him on the ball. Great touch, great movement. Could probably control a meteor out the air.
  6. Aribo in the first half was fantastic, whilst Barisic went on about his business. Barisic continued where the others fell away. He was outstanding.
  7. Ahh, Adrian Durham, the man who can cause an instant Timplosion at any given moment.
  8. Marky.


    It’s quite hard to watch though because he’s clearly trying so hard. When it doesn’t click for him it’s difficult to watch. I agree he was a handful but he should have done better. For time, that header from the freekick was bread and butter for him. I was surprised by that one.
  9. We were all right up for it. Sounded good, pretty good songbook too I thought. Crowd deserved to see us score, we’d have been on the pitch if we’d won it. Was one of those feelings amongst the crowd,
  10. Tbh it’s the height of professional disrespect. It’s trolling, yes, but it’s also out of order. I watched the carpool show BT did, and oddly, one of the nice themes from that was healthy respect. Rivalry, yes, but respect off the park. This day and age that has completely gone which is sad. Sutton’s comments are unwarranted and I’ll be glad to see the back of BT to see the back of him, despite the general consensus that they do produce the better content than Sky for Scottish football.
  11. Marky.


    He played with passion and desire today. He did not deserve to be on the losing team.
  12. The sober reality of the game. When it’s a cup final, what matters is the winner. Wasn’t us today, but won’t be them forever.
  13. Tavernier’s interview does sober you after the emotions of the game. An offside goal, a keeper in inspired form, and a generally good performance from us is the reality of the game. They got the goal that we couldn’t get, and it should not have counted. We had the chances to take the lead but their goalkeeper and our finishing didn’t allow us to do so on this occasion. Its hard because it’s so soon after the game, but this is one that hurts so bad because it seemed an unlikely outcome on the basis of the game. They’ve won the cup by having three players offside, it was one that should have been seen by the officials.
  14. Marky.


    We score that, the game is so very much in our hands. It made more a negative difference as we were better against 11, and them better with 10.
  15. Marky.


    I wasn’t against it by any means, guy behind me said the same as I’m saying, which again is so much easier in hindsight. Would love if he proved me wrong and dispatched it with composure, but he just seemed to run at it rash. Was Tough to watch.
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