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  1. Served Archie Knox when I worked in phone sales. He just needed help with getting his new phone set up. What a gent. At this point we didn’t know who our manager was going to be, and he was asking me to show him how to delete texts and emails to save space. I saw he was texting Sir Alex and asked if he’d mind if I sent a text to him to see if he’d take the job. Then Craig Brown texted him as we were talking and I said ‘please don’t text him about the job’ and he replied ‘I don’t think so!’ Top guy who was all too happy to sit and blether.
  2. Probably the likes of forums & social media have made him less underrated, but at the time, we didn’t know how good we had it with him for sure.
  3. Neil McCann had his obvious moments of legend, but overall, he was an exceptional winger with a great delivery. A great player that we don’t talk about in quite the same way as others of his era.
  4. Ever changing... still in Europe 👀.
  5. And Kamara/Jack? Would be okay with that. Uneasy about the whole team though to be honest.
  6. Arfield can still do a job. He’s been one of the few players this year who has been trying to drive us forward.
  7. Been dreadful for weeks, and the strength in depth isn’t there. If he weren’t to play, we’d have no other midfielders to fill in.
  8. Kamberi on for Davis/Kamara and go 442. Otherwise Morelos off as he’s really off it and got some attitude on him today, stick Hagi behind Kamberi.
  9. Chris Hughton..? Warnock..? I have no idea.
  10. I’m asking the question. I’m in no way implying it’s a reason to keep anyone, but I’d like to hear some realistic options.
  11. Who would you want in the door? We struggled to replace Pedro ffs.
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