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  1. Malkay Mackay employed by the SFA and even getting to manage Scotland (albeit in a care-taker role). Declan Gallagher going assaulting someone yet an over-rated capped centre half for Scotland. But to name a couple of examples of second chances for a white Scotsman.
  2. https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/sport/football/five-times-Rangers-waster-alfredo-17559594 Well done Old Firm Facts and Glasgow Live for publishing this article. A truly well researched and well written piece. Others, take note.
  3. I’m already 6 rows from top of the SJ! Ill need my telescope!!
  4. Mourinho would love him. He’s a far better player tactically than people realise, and playing under a tactician like Jose, he’d thrive... £50m please.
  5. Marky.


    Our best player during the whole of our most difficult month so far. Big second half of the season to come from him!
  6. The best defenders concentrate for the full 90. He has in the past had even just a few seconds of losing his concentration which has cost us. Today, and for much of the season tbh he was on it for 90. Kept them very quiet and looked like he knew how to handle Eduard. That showed.
  7. In London this weekend and went to the west end with the Mrs tonight for her Xmas. Quite a few drinks down, it’s hard to sit in a theatre on such a buzz checked the first page and saw nothing, any excuse to post that video though.
  8. What a part he played too. Time after time he makes big saves, and probably over the whole of Gerrard’s reign has been our best player. A monumental figure between the sticks. Oh and for fuxake Christie...
  9. Marky.

    Glasgow Derby

    A shameful marketing ploy to inform their Thai Tim children that indeed celtic are not from Ireland after-all. Some of them were getting flights to Dublin, leaving many unwashed in Glasgow disappointed.
  10. “Gerrard doesn’t win big away games” they said. That was put to bed today. However many thousand of them showed up today in expectation of an easy win. The cup final win proved to be the false sense of security that I hoped it would be. They took us for granted and have been rocked. Us outplaying them in the cup final is not a one off. It’s simply a return to normality.
  11. 10 man Rangers breeze past 12 of celtic.
  12. Marky.

    Aribo today

    Will only get better. Technically he is unbelievable, and as his confidence grows, he will become braver. Think he was our best player in December as a whole.
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