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  1. Can we just announce Zungu to get these guys to fuck...
  2. Seriously interested in seeing how this will play out. Alfie has been here before Gerrard, and was an obvious asset to him and us. Gerrard now has the chance to replace him with his own players and it seems like we will have a more dynamic, less reliant #9 and look to share goals across the team. Exciting times. Really, really chuffed.
  3. South Africans are freaking at this news
  4. TalkSPORT is designed to create conversation and have folk phone in. They employ bottom of the barrel guests like O’Hara to say stupid things like this to wind people up. Notice how often they do talk Rangers / Scottish football down though. It’s an easy way to have people call up, website hits, social media engagement. They’re desperate for the attention.
  5. Marky.


    One thing I noticed without the crowd there was how vocal he was. You could hear his distinctive Yorkshire accent encouraging his team throughout the game. Huge season for him with a good start!
  6. As tempting is it always is to buy the kit straight off, last years Hummel kit was quite large fitting even in its size small. Gonna wait it out til I can physically see it. Saying that, I will totally crack by the release of the third kit...
  7. Aye, but when you can actually go back to the games, you’ll have a seat, and PPV will likely not be a thing... I think I’m okay with my seat being secured.
  8. Probably shared duties between Clive and Miller based on Clive’s other commitments, or maybe he’s only there for home matches. Really liking this though.
  9. Would love that to be fair. Tom Miller is part of the furniture a bit and I’d feel bad for him, but he really is tough to listen to sometimes. He did his bit working for free during tough times, but we need more professionalism than what he brings. Imagine the difference with Aribo’s goal against Braga for example. He almost ruins the moment. If it’s Tyldesley I would be chuffed.
  10. Interesting post mate. Fan media basically a voice for the club rather than a voice for the fans. Very much political.
  11. Marky.

    Leon Balogun

    Absolutely love that attitude He was also applauded by the team in the dressing room. Nice touch. I’m aware it wasn’t the most formidable Aberdeen strike-force, but he’s not even played a minute in our friendlies. Bold to put him in from the start, and absolutely paid off.
  12. Fletcher surprised me. Seemed very fair and rational in his words. Far less emotive than others and more tactically aware.
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