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  1. Marky.


    To be honest, Halliday really didn’t do anything wrong to deserve to lose his place. Barisic should earn it by taking it off him. He shouldn’t just walk into the position when he’s fit. He has to show his worth.
  2. Marky.


    Could easily send him back. Not the midfielder we desperately need on this showing.
  3. Marky.

    Lucas Gasparotto

    He is Canadian to be fair. Also looks as though he fell flat on his face, badly.
  4. Craigan is a rambling buffoon.
  5. Studs to the fucking head? Not a red? Foot should never be that high! That’s a shocker!
  6. Marky.

    Horrendous traffic

    Walked up the stairs and first thing I saw was Defoe getting fouled for first pen. Didn’t miss the first goal at least!
  7. Marky.

    Horrendous traffic

    Get this delayed 😢😢😢😢
  8. Marky.

    Fire causing Delays

    Thanks for update 🙂 gutted it’s such a bad accident of course, and from a personal standpoint, gutted to be stuck behind it. Where exactly is the accident? Just at the mearns junction now.
  9. Marky.

    Horrendous traffic

    Not made it either yet mate? Usually I’d be at my seat by now. Currently 5 minutes from my house, yet been in the car for 45 minutes.
  10. Marky.

    Fire causing Delays

    Been waiting weeks to get back to Ibrox. Really want this delayed by a bit 😢. Not even at the Mearns yet.
  11. Marky.

    Horrendous traffic

    M77 7 car accident at Newton Mearns. Police, fire brigade and ambulances on the scene. Apparently M8 is a nightmare too. Loads of supporters busses are stuck. Folk trying to contact the club’s SLO to get the game delayed. Hoping this happens as this is the worst traffic jam I’ve ever seen.
  12. At this stage, I’m hoping the kickoff is delayed. I won’t be there in time due to the accident on the M77.
  13. Marky.

    Fire causing Delays

    Huge crash on M77 at around Crookfur/Newton Mearns. Traffic not moving at all. Looking like we will end up very late.
  14. Marky.

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    celtic in panic buy mode? Signed 4 or 5 players yet only the Dortmund guy will play, everyone else was signed and goes straight back out on loan 🧐
  15. Marky.

    Kyle Lafferty

    Was always a baffling signing to be honest. Hope he comes good, but I’d be lying if I said I liked him the first time. Fair play he comes alive at the end of the season or whatever but he’s got two better strikers ahead of him.