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  1. Lived very near me before going into a care home. Football rivalry aside, a gentleman. Certainly from when I knew him.
  2. Marky.

    New TV required

    Mine is a 49" at the moment, but with a big chunky border. I'd imagine 55" will be decent because of the current border.
  3. Marky.

    New TV required

    My LG of 2009 is finally on its way out. What a servant. I am looking at getting a new one, but have a few things I need advice on. Firstly, I am stuck between going OLED and QLED. I use the tv in my main room for the PS4 and a lot of its use will come from that, Netflix or standard HD Sky. As these can be around £1000, I am thinking long and hard about what to go for, wasn't really wanting to pay £1000, but that's the market, and as these ones have dropped from £3000 odd, it might be a worthy investment. I'm worried about getting bad input lag on certain televisions when playing with PS4, especially as it is not a PS4 Pro, just the normal. Equally, I really want a screen that will keep me going for years that'll hold up in the future, hence why OLED/QLED, they seem to be the future. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Panasonic-TX-55FZ802B-Ultra-Smart-Warranty/dp/B07DRNDKFP?SubscriptionId=AKIAIPHVZTVH6LZ5BFZA&tag=hawk-future-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B07DRNDKFP&ascsubtag=grd-9171512964682787559-21 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07KPNZ84C?tag=rtings-ut-21&ie=UTF8 https://www.amazon.co.uk/LG-OLED55B7V-Premium-Ultra-Smart/dp/B06XVMNVD5/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=lg+b7+55&qid=1555958445&s=gateway&sr=8-1 A few that have been recommended previously. Any advice on a top TV for my use?
  4. Marky.

    Arfield Song

    Arfields of Athenry surely?
  5. Marky.


    Very tidy today, and can definitely see value in keeping him. He was completely in control if that game this afternoon.
  6. Worrall has had some good games too. It’s a tough one but I do like Katic - he is ours afterall.
  7. Might be nicer in the reality than the sketch suggests but it’s not as simple and classic as I’d have wanted.
  8. Clearly inside. Arfield playing out of his skin. Should have an assist on top of his two goals.
  9. Arfield looking sharp. I like him in this new free role.
  10. Came in here thinking we were linked with the Asian Messi or something.
  11. Watched the Aberdeen game a month ago on my phone in a restaurant Puerto Bañus. At least the dinner was alright... Watched most of the European qualifiers at The Ibrox bar in Tenerife. An experience to say the least. Watched the 6-2 game against Hibs? Warburton’s first, in Magaluf at a bar, and left once we’d conceded. Couldn’t believe the final score when I got round to seeing it. I remember folk seeing Tav as the second coming of Laudrup!
  12. I was there in the Brighton end. First time at the new Wembley. Makes semi-finals/Hampden even more embarrassing than we already know. Not a classic game, and couldn’t see much for the big guy in front of me pished out his brains stumbling around with his flag for 90 minutes. Couldn’t even take a photo of the place once he took his seat, as you can see!
  13. Marky.


    Goldson needs a stronger partner beside him. Worrall has some great moments, but isn't our player. Strengthening by getting a top centre half to play with Goldson has to be a priority.
  14. He’s a centre half turned midfielder, he’s not the one you want to get the ball going forward. Win it, and move it quick, that’s his job.
  15. To be fair I’m comparing him with Worral and thought he was better. For me, Ajer has stepped up for them and that’s the sort of performance we should be expecting from our defenders. Id say as disappointed as I am, I am also feeling encouraged.
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