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  1. You’re are bang on here i agree 100%
  2. We will give these cunts a run for their money mext year if we bring in 3 players to walk straight into 1st team. We will be well on our way to stopping them. It all depends on the recruitment of what i have faith in the management team.
  3. Commentating here is absolutely giving me the boak 🤮 A hate these bastards way every fibre of my being. 😂
  4. Doesnt matter if some people think he isnt a legend. Truth is he is and there really isnt a debate on it. He done more for us than most. He never walked away like the rest of them when he could have done. Some have short memories of the absolute less we were in.
  5. I have a feeling joey barton will go in for him in summer.
  6. He is the epitome of everything our great club is.... Loyal to the core through the clubs darkest days and Will go down as an all time great. Passion LOYALTY and LOVE. I for one respect him for his services through the years. good luck in the future CaptainMarvel ❤️💙
  7. Morelos sees out full game and we could have won. Thats the real damage the day.
  8. A ever see that prick in the street am gonnae slap him. Guys a pure faggot
  9. For me ad go 4-4-1 jack and candeias off for defoe and kamara, high press counter. Kent as outlet
  10. Showing what he is made of would be putting defoe in as main striker rest of season and let morelos play from the bench. At this point he should not be starter regardlesss of how good he is. Big games for us more times than not he ends up getting sent off. Ridiculous to keep faith in him at this point.
  11. He works hard but has hardly any product. Absolute shite in terms of going forward. Punt him asap. One of many passengers. Absolutely fuckin scunnered
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