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  1. Cant even read his article read two paragraphs and nearly fell asleep.
  2. I hope loads of these cunts go tits up and we can go into english pyramid.
  3. Just keep spamming till it works took me a few goes but finally got it
  4. What has height got to do with giving players a ticking off? I don't get it.
  5. A came in here to rage. Left disappointed.
  6. Jones is a far better option fuck knows what’s happened that he cant get a look in.
  7. This backfired terribly op. Rip
  8. Fuck starting again lets just do this again next year.
  9. Said it weeks ago but it feels like warburton all over again. And its playing out the same way on the pitch. Ran out of ideas weeks ago and just keeps doing the same expecting different results. fucking sick man.
  10. How much more of this shit do we need to put up with. Absolute garbage same pish every game.
  11. This team cant be trusted now and its hard to see how they can recover from this. Iirc last time we started handing out contracts mid season with Warburtons squad of players they started downing tools seems to have a similar feel to it.
  12. Imo gerrard if he is here in the summer needs to sign guys who are feared on the pitch by his own team mates. We are too soft and we need a guy who can grab these players by the balls and let them know what they need to do. We need a proper captain.
  13. Albertzz


    Its his best attribute so go figure.
  14. Albertzz


    We need to sign a captain Asap. No one guy is good enoughh its been shown over last 2 months.
  15. Albertzz


    He is a passenger whats why. His passing is great but captain no thanks.
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