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  1. Just noticed that 🤪🤪 maybe his head is just really big lol
  2. Its down to your bandwith try changing picture settings lower. I have fibre broadband and it never fails me watching on Rangers tv
  3. Streams started and playing well. Showing highlights from st josephs game.
  4. Dont understand the attitude of pirating off the club. Its a fuckin tenner.
  5. I do agree with your point but in football money talks especially scottish football where most money from gates come from games v Rangers and tims. A hate they killie cunts
  6. It makes no sense financially, fair enough if their fans want to attend but they dont. Tin pot club tin pot mentality.
  7. I dont see why it wouldn't. You would need to sign up for now tv. I assume you'd be watching on laptop or phone/tablet?
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