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  1. Maybe a clue here http://tinyurl.com/or2snea
  2. Great performance!! What a great game!! ????
  3. If this is true Dunny, I will marry you!!!!!!! ???
  4. What a goal!!!!
  5. At last, we have people in charge willing to stand up for this great club of ours!!!! ?????
  6. I LOVE that man!!!!! ?????
  7. Ha ha!!!!!! Great Goal!!! ?????
  8. Its actually growing on me, quite like it now!! The mhanky mhobs made me laugh out loud, its a mess, and that stuff round the badge is just rank!!!
  9. Its only going to get worse, this is just the start........
  10. So sorry it has came to this, one of the saddest days in our history xxx
  11. I don't think hes that stupid....oh wait..?
  12. Feel sorry for Gordon Smith, he obviously wasn't allowed to do his job
  13. It just keeps on getting worse and worse, so depressing...
  14. Completly and utterly delusional!!! That "statement" cheered me up!! ?
  15. No, As long as that mhanky mhob don't win the league at Ibrox, i just couldn't stomach that ?