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  1. If this is true Dunny, I will marry you!!!!!!! ???
  2. A sad sad day, now I have to go to work for a 10hr shift, surrounded my these gloating dirty green bastards!! ??
  3. That Cara suliwhatshernames From STV Twitter page is going into complete meltdown!!!! ?
  4. Maybe Craig Whyte does know what he's doing after all, only time will tell i suppose...
  5. According to SSN the taxman is furious about this...Well Ha Fucking Ha, don't know if I should laugh or cry....
  6. Most transfers are paid in installments i.e £3.5 million up front the rest paid over the length of contract. Folk need to calm down a bit.
  7. I hope this is over one way or another 2moro!! There are other strikers out there! 
  8. My head hurts again!! Why is everyone fighting!! It makes me sad! 
  9. We've had all day to agree a fee, i'm worried again! 
  10. My head hurts, i just want this over one way or the other!!
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