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  1. In a wee argument with a tarrier here about the jig kayal tackle a few years back. While the challenge wasn't great I maintain kayal hurt himself beforehand. There is a picture out there that proves this. Help a bear.
  2. Sad it's come to this. Really truly properly sad
  3. My old man rates dave smith as the best player he ever played with/against
  4. Jelavic
  5. Thanks. Wasn't sure if I missed it. Was right in front of where it happened on Saturday. Didn't look great
  6. Might have missed it but does anyone know the extent of his injury. Fingers crossed it isnt a bad one because he has been our most impressive youngster in my opinion
  7. Saw him the other day and looked in great condition
  8. My dad only played 4 games, don't know if he was good in those games or not
  9. My eyes are bleeding
  10. not been the best of games
  11. Mines catchy though
  12. Pm
  13. Going on the tour tomorrow lunch time. Not been in years! Anyone been recently? Any good?
  14. To everyone who said he isn't a right back, fair enough, but surely as a defender he should have shown some sort of intelligence at their second goal. That's nothing to do with what position he was playing, it was just pish poor
  15. Yeh that was exactly it. He was behind two Scottish internationals. Still though, playing for rangers at 17... It's just an amazing thought