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  1. Yeah, don't know if it was a slap or an elbow but McCulloch went down holding his face.
  2. Aww how did a nice wee thread about how much we all (well mostly) miss Weiss turn into this?
  3. Secrets are safe with me. Thank ya
  4. Well just don't ruin my disguise for everyone else!
  5. The best kind Shhhhhh
  6. Thanks ... even if there was a hint of sexism there!
  7. I really hope that interview was his way of trying to get Ally do to just that; let him know he hasn't signed for Kiev yet and still wants to be back at Rangers!
  8. I hope so, I would really love to see Ally's answer to this. If its the case that we don't have the money to spend £3 M+ on one player, fair enough, but Weiss could have at least been told. They way it looks now is that he was told he was wanted back then just forgotten about. A complete lack of respect to him IMO, especially knowing how much he wants to be here. If its that Ally doesn't rate him then I think he has made a big mistake there.
  9. After some of the stories former players have told (at hospitality matches) I don't think Ally could really turn against him just cos he likes to go on a night out.
  10. Yeah I would have no problem in having all three. Its the fact that we skipped Weiss and went straight to Ortiz not even knowing how he would cope in the SPL and yet didn't bother even attempting to buy Weiss who we know can handle the game up here and create loads of chances, as well as scoring goals.
  11. Same here. Considering its the Sun, I am sure its not exactly what was said but even at that he just seems so gutted about the whole thing. I can't believe that Ally would honestly rate Ortiz over Weiss. I am not having a dig at Ortiz because he hasn't exactly played a lot of games but from what I have seen so far, Weiss is on a completely different level to Ortiz.
  12. Shhhh ! & I know but he clearly wants to and it just sucks that he isn't getting the chance to come play for us now
  13. Anyone who says Weiss isn't a good player needs their eyes tested. He might not be your favourite player ever but he is young, skillful, fast and creative. I know I have said this in like every other Weiss thread but I think a few people on here underestimate his contribution to the team. Second on assists with 1 less than Goodwillie, even though he played a fair few less games (including missing the last games of the season and we all know how well Rangers played then) He would certainly have been top had he not been injured.
  14. I think I would probably just like explode through the lack of not knowing whether to be major annoyed at him for doing that or being massively over-excited at the fact he would be coming to us!
  15. Considering he is so young, £3 million could turn out to be a bargain! Quick, skillful, creative ... and a bluenose. He is the kind of player we need right now; one who will play for the jersey, who really wants to be in the team.