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  1. Great read that,thanks
  2. Get this shit out of here
  3. Does froch always take constant shite like that through a fight,guys an arsehole
  4. Pish talk
  5. Disappointed in him tbh
  6. Seems you have plenty of offers mate if stuck give me a shout and I'll sort it out
  7. Would you take a freebie mate?.a think a have one kicking about,need to have a look though
  8. Genuinely was excited when he signed but fuck me it turned out to be a major disaster good luck to the wee fella
  9. Always look forward to these threads so queens can keep us updated with his weekend plans with what he's doing minute by minute for the full weekend
  10. adults argueing about stickers only on RM
  11. Na mate it's superb a what did he do with Birmingham after that and all the other clubs he's been at? a like the big man but he has no place at ibrox now and even considering him as a dof is baffling