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  1. Well you said "I'm absolutely certain" which is a little more than a hunch. 👍🏻
  2. Based on what?
  3. Like I said he isn't the best on the ball but as a defender he's 10x better than Kiernan in my eyes. A combination of him and A. Wilson pushing the other three CB's is better than two over paid duds.
  4. Really? Can't agree there. Bates wasn't great on the ball but his positioning was far better than Kiernans. Considering their age and experience differences this shouldn't be the case. Pretty sure our GD was more positive with Bates at the back as well.
  5. Still better than having Kiernan and Senderos as our back ups.
  6. Cheers pal!
  7. You can include me in that! I thought he'd be class for us as followed Preston.
  8. If I buy stuff from the online megastore does the club get 100%? Or is that the part split with SD?
  9. Given the amount of shite we all talk on here I'd take that with a huge pinch of salt.
  10. Robbie Fowler
  11. For any Charlton fans reading, don't listen to any of the above. People just have it in for him because he didn't make one pass in a huge game for us. Hes actually a really committed player, great fitness, superb first touch. I for one will be sad to see him go - but for £2m-£3m we can't really say no. Will go onto to do great things in the game. He also hates clubbing and is rarely seen out and about the town.
  12. Wow, this guy really knows his stuff. I'm so glad they took the time to get an expert to tell us all the intricacies of a football transfer.
  13. This thread was always doomed to failure.
  14. Took that long he's actually already a year into his contract.
  15. It also wasn't ideal that we finished in 3rd and however many points behind those taig fucks. So something drastic need to be done.