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  1. They had zonal marking, meaning our players have more space and easier runs onto out swinging corners.
  2. Really nervous ahead of tomorrow, early goal to settle things please!
  3. And one which needs to be made if we're serious about cementing our title credentials.
  4. Love that interview!!
  5. I think if we look back most people thought it was unrealistic because of the wage he was on and not much to do with the points you've highlighted.
  6. Tbf it was fairly unbelievable.
  7. The fact he wasn't considered ahead of Sadiq says enough for me.
  8. The international break affects our positive momentum and their slide, plus they always raise their game against us when we play them there. It’s going to be a close one I think.
  9. Stewart for Arfield and I agree. Stewart is in much better form then Arfield right now.
  10. Do you even know what you're annoyed about anymore?
  11. A fantastic squad player. That’s it. Pure and simple.
  12. Aye but it just says more to follow and you were saying there was some decent stuff - couldn't see what specifically was in the membership scheme.
  13. What are you talking about - he didn't take a wage cut? He sacrificed his whole wage mate .
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