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  1. Harry Cochrane

    The percentage of players who we've let go and have not go on to be good enough is higher than those that have. The ones that have just stick out that wee bit more.
  2. Would you take winning the league....

    We aren’t in the Europa League so yeah.
  3. Barjonas

    Wouldn't say 24 is young now days to be honest, also Holt has over 150 first team appearances. I get what you're saying though!
  4. Barjonas

    Think the last two games have highlighted just how important Jack is in the middle of the park.
  5. Deserves a thread of its own

    Don't get me wrong I hate Hibs, with a passion - but my loathing for those inbred tarrier dregs of society across the city will not be surpassed. No other team comes close.
  6. Junkies vs Rangers

    His face looks like a cave.
  7. Shortest ever player?

  8. Shortest ever player?

    Where is @K.A.I and his midget ref?
  9. Parkhead for Scotland

    I had no idea Republic of Ireland were looking for a new national stadium.
  10. Dorrans

    McCrorie Jack Holt Dorrans Windass Morelos When he's fit that would be my midfield and attack, energy, strength and power is something our midfield has lacked for a long time. All four of those players run themselves into the ground. Would be hard to cope with.
  11. Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    No mark club trying to stay relevant.
  12. This concerns every single one of us....

    Great idea mate.
  13. Since the tarriers won at ibrox

    All we've asked is for the team to show fight and run them close. In the last three games we've seen that, but we really need to kick on and show some real consistency. Wednesday night is a must win game.
  14. Carlos Pena in "He has pace" shocker!!

    With space he performs well. Against teams who sit in, not so much. Most (all?) of his good performances have come away from Home when we typically have more space.
  15. December is a big month

    They were all bad but losing two games is worse than drawing one.