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  1. That last defeat at their shithole gets me the most. Even a draw there. All ifs, buts and maybes now though.
  2. No nonsense - bit like Flanagan. Flanagan doesn’t have to be concerned Worrall is going to do something crazy and gives him more confidence to play his style. I do like Worrall btw, but much much prefer Katic.
  3. Twice the player with Katic next to him instead of Worral.
  4. We’re all over them! Katic needs to watch getting so tight to Ikpeazu though, the two times he has Ikpeazu turned him and also won that header to set up Wigton.
  5. Knows a Rangers player, does he know a modern player though? What’s he been doing since us? Fulham and Birmingham most recent clubs on his CV..doesn’t bold well considering their recent recruitment.
  6. Decisions made by two different managers, not sure Waghorn was an option when we brought Lafferty in.
  7. Only because the rest of Scottish football fucked us and we played ridiculous amount of games over two weeks. Whereas Zenit had two weeks off.
  8. 21 assists from Tav is fucking ridiculous. Brilliant numbers.
  9. Leeds_Bear


    I was thinking at the time, imagine it had been Morelos? “He’s getting involved again in needless situations - liability etc. Etc.”
  10. I think he looks a real live wire and has a big frame for a winger, think he'll grow into a powerful forward player. He had some flashes yesterday but was pretty much on his own in an attacking sense so hard to properly judge his ability. With Jones, Middleton, Grezda, Murphy and Candieas though - I'm not sure this is the winger we're crying out for. Think we can all agree we want one who can go straight into the team and preferably a right sided player.
  11. Except one of them wasn’t offside and one of them was. If by catching a bug you mean offside once then yeah, he’s ridden 😂.
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