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  1. What?! Brazil has a clear agenda against our club, will happily broadcast unsubstantiated rumours and generally pushes sensationalist headlines about us. McCoist is on his breakfast show every other day. It has quite a lot to do with him.
  2. A little over the top. He can’t shoot with it but he beat his man two or three times with it tonight.
  3. Utterly ashamed Ally still goes on that fat beetroot fuckhead’s show.
  4. Think he might be like Barasic and one who will need a wee bit longer to settle. Better players than him have struggled in their first seasons and gone on to be successes.
  5. They could have easily gone 2-0 after our penalty miss I'm fairly sure and what chances did we create in the last 20 minutes which suggests we dominated?
  6. We didn't dominate for 90 minutes, we dominated up until the penalty and then when we missed that we fell apart.
  7. Do we get the teams any earlier because it’s a final or is it usual 60mins before kick off?
  8. They are not fucking world beaters, they’ve struggled against Livi, Hamilton and Hibs this season. Right at them from the first second, down their fucking throats and win this thing.
  9. Also this, surely we should’ve waited until after he’s won something?
  10. Just my opinion but, I think creates an unnecessary added pressure and talking point. Not sure how it being public provides any more boost? Players will have known anyway.
  11. Pleased he’s signed a new contract, not pleased about the timing.
  12. Davis fitness doubt? edit. Just seen Gerrard basically shut it down.
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