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  1. I said most of this season, agree he was poor first month.
  2. Kamara was awful yesterday but he's been a very consistent player most of the season. I still think the blame for yesterday lies at Gerrard's door - I think he's a brilliant manager for us but he got his team selection totally wrong yesterday. Especially considering the Hearts performance was almost a carbon copy of the game earlier in the season.
  3. Thought he was really brave and positive on the ball, not easy to come on at half time at Tynecastle but he handled it well. Would start him or Patterson. Flanagan will hopefully have played his last game for us.
  4. It wasn't just the fact we didn't have Morelos and Tav. Gerrard played the same team who vastly under performed against St Mirren. Flanagan does not suit our style and there is no need for those three midfielders to be playing at the same time as each other. Also we adjusted our style to suit Defoe at the end of last season with Arfield playing closely to him, why was this not done again? He isn't often to blame, but Gerrard has to take this one on the chin. Terrible management.
  5. How the fuck did the same team from Wednesday start?!
  6. No and that wasn’t a criticism of Aribo, but he’s not a RW like Kent is a LW. Would be an excellent option to have and think most people have said this.
  7. Definitely need a starting quality RW.
  8. One game. I can see arguments for and against him though, all very fair.
  9. How would he be fourth choice? He’s also seemingly a massive bluenose so I’m sure he’d jump at the chance to come and prove himself here.
  10. He’s really improved off the ball. It’s one of the areas he’s been praised for alongside his goal scoring.
  11. £2m is probably an accurate figure. Still think we should’ve taken a punt last summer. Some of our fans probably would’ve thrown a fit though, they seem allergic to players from Scotland.
  12. We should take a punt on Shankland and get a good quality RW on loan. Would also like to see Middleton brought back into the fold.
  13. Anyone accusing him of lacking ‘compassion’ should take a long hard look in the mirror. Disgraceful he’s had to put out this statement.
  14. I really don’t think it will be 5 weeks because you couldn’t wear your jeans after 3 . Tav is a professional athlete and will be back in the next couple of weeks seeing as the doc caught it early.
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