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  1. This is the kind of positivity RM has been missing for a while! Refreshing.
  2. Thank fuck McInnes said no. Thank fucking fuck.
  3. Ibrox needs to be rocking, they will try to come flying out the traps for that early goal - which could suit us. Need to put this one to bed early. A goal effectively kills the tie.
  4. Exactly and we also had enough information to know a crush took place, we should have been swift with our response - not send it out ten fucking days later.
  5. Good statement but by not commenting the club left a vacuum which meant our usual enemies were able to set and control the narrative. I can't believe how bad our club's PR still is - time for some fresh blood.
  6. Buzzing for this, games can’t come soon enough at the moment. Our best start to a season in as long as I can remember and feels like we can still go up a gear or two.
  7. Going to bump this thread in 2022, when we next drop points - we will see how positive you all are then!
  8. Imagine going on there and imagine this even bothering you.
  9. Leeds_Bear


    For me it’s consistency, it’s only a booking if the ref booked their no. 9 for his foul on a Jack. Consistency.
  10. Horrible habit of sitting off in these situations.
  11. No idea why the club continue to use him. Guy hasn’t a fucking clue.
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