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  1. Leeds_Bear

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    Even if we did though you can be sure said person would remain impartial and not lower themselves the pathetic levels we see from the scum supporters.
  2. Leeds_Bear

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    No I don't work for Rangers. Carry on thinking it's a pointless exercise, I'm just glad the club take the opposite (and correct) view . You enjoy your day.
  3. Leeds_Bear

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    It's nothing to do with winning or losing a debate mate, you just don't understand the difference between this activity and people knowing who our football club is. It's more a case of facts than opinion and you're not grasping them. Also just seen this pointless exercise as well: https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/australian-soccer-camps-for-2019/ Can't believe it. Outraged. etc.
  4. Leeds_Bear

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    Fly the first team out to Canada to do meet and greets? Fuck sake man. You clearly can't see the difference between the two things you're suggesting. I'm not even going to bother continuing this chat with you.
  5. Leeds_Bear

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    No one is asking anyone to lap anything up but I think sometimes people could be more positive when the club try to expand our commercial arm. We've talked for years about how the club needs to up it's game in this area and whilst this is a small step, you shouldn't deride it because you don't see the benefits. Two of the three things you've mentioned there will cost a lot more money than what we're doing here and the club already played in America in Jan last year so they're already checking boxes of your marketing strategy .
  6. Leeds_Bear

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    If you're a kid in school your brand awareness of Rangers is going to be very low, in fact I'd argue most won't of heard of us. The point of these soccer schools is to raise awareness among youngsters. Also just because someone has heard of a brand doesn't mean they'll subscribe to it, brand awareness doesn't just mean you know what the brand is - it's about affiliation and buying into it (literally). So just because you've heard of Rangers it doesn't mean you'll give two shits about them but by taking your brand/product to people then you create buy in and support. I'm not sure if you job has anything to do with this, but I deal with this daily. Believe me, if the figures are reasonable it's worth it.
  7. Leeds_Bear

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    The club do something positive and it takes two posts before the first negative comment
  8. Leeds_Bear

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    Yes usually they serve their purpose during the time of the contract, are extended or are reviewed and cancelled. Not sure what the problem is with trying this though and why it's a 'pointless exercise'. You're a good poster on here but I think what you've said is a little narrow minded.
  9. Leeds_Bear

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    Capital but probably never a first team player, which is why the press release and story are focusing on the coaching/brand awareness element I think.
  10. Leeds_Bear

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    Well said.
  11. Leeds_Bear

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    Not really, one of the only times you'll find me agreeing with BP9 but he's right - this is about brand awareness, all major clubs do it. Don't look at this partnership in isolation rather look at the potential other partnerships we can create and continue to grow our brand globally.
  12. Leeds_Bear

    David Bates

    - We didn’t spend £8m on Worrall - Hamburg aren’t a massive club - German league 2 is a pish standard - Bates wasn’t worth £12k p/w when he left - Our four CB’s are better than he is
  13. Leeds_Bear

    Are we on the verge of finding our best 11?

    No I don’t think we do and what a fantastic problem to have.
  14. Leeds_Bear

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    If not I’m sure there will be plenty of bears in the same boat, Sash Bash in a local boozer 👍🏻
  15. The dug called Steven Naisniff.....