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  1. No doubt there, we only sign protestants.
  2. Hope it's a winger!
  3. Only positive I can take from this is it shows the injustice was true and get's the players fired up for the next few games and the next game against the spoon burners (not that they should need it but you get my point).
  4. @weejock's bolted.
  5. Something which I thought all of our support would get behind still has us divided. Introducing a standing section would be beneficial for everyone at the very most it would be around 5% of the seats in the stadium leaving 95% to be chosen by all those still wanting to sit down. Surely that's a happy medium for everyone! If you have to move, it's unfortunate but a small price to pay for what will be an improved atmosphere.
  6. If Tav goes that puts Hodson at RB which gives me the absolute fear.
  7. I would argue it's the main reason though, point is people seem to be discounting it as the reason why we lost. I just can't get my head around that.
  8. I know stats don't paint the whole picture but even with ten men they only managed 4% more possession and one more shot on goal. I think 11 V 11 we win that game, people who are saying it's no excuse going down to ten men clearly have absolutely no idea what they're talking about - of course it's an excuse, it's the main reason we lost the game. They had one extra player, it's as simple as that.
  9. Front row sports lads - second link. Can't post!
  10. I agree mate, should've added that to my post. This is a one off for their atrocious fucking behaviour at the final.
  11. They think it's a rivalry when actually most of us couldn't give a fuck about Hibs.
  12. Pretty sure it's Puma make the tops? Which would mean your comment about SD not having materials in isn't right. They just hadn't placed an order. Also I'm not sure we could expect any less, no one was buying the kits what company in their right mind would stockpile strips they aren't going to sell? Im as frustrated as you are but just another thing we have to be patient with and wait for it to be sorted out. Hopefully give Pedro's winter transfer budget a wee boost 👍🏻.
  13. Aye apparently it's "not being derogatory to cunts n that"
  14. Couldn't agree more, we've got rid of those who the jersey was too big for and who didn't deserve to wear it. Unity in this dressing room looks better than even at the start of the Warburton car crash. Although, I think Alves was actually running to Helder because he told him to take the kick.
  15. Has to be Alves for me, although I think Cardoso has probably been the better defender of the two so far - I think without Alves next to him his standard would drop. Alves has also provided confidence and steel across our back four.