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  1. How we getting a few when he's not under contract?
  2. And he's not a tarrier prick.
  3. OP absolutely fucked it. What an idiot, hate to be him right now.
  4. you got me!
  5. Guess I could've elbaorated my points little better as people think I mean players literally met up. My point was around their heads not being in the game because they were unhappy with holiday situation, it must've played on their minds given this team has zero mental strength.
  6. Not consciously. I'm not saying they all met up to do that. I'm saying it would have been playing on their mind.
  7. Hardly a crazy conspiracy when it's already being widely reported the players were unhappy with a shorter holiday.
  8. Anyone else think the players downed tools in the semi final because getting to the cup final would've extended their season and meant even shorter Holiday? Wouldn't put it past this group of charlatans.
  9. Marginally, really not good enough.
  10. He's not even good enough for our squad imo.
  11. Struggled at Rotherham and Peterborough. Is that our level?
  12. I more meant any realistically, think we'd struggle with half of them? Think we'd see a couple come if we qualified for Europa League.
  13. Interesting, anyone specifically?
  14. Seemed like a genuinely nice guy, always smiling. Shocking news to hear. RIP Ugo.
  15. Why would they not know who he is? Especially JJ? You've just made that up. And why would you rather they used their knowledge of players? What evidence do you have it's any good? Surely if a good player is recommended we should go for him - regardless of how it came around. Really don't understand your logic.