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  1. How do they play different positions? Stewart is a striker and so is Lafferty?
  2. Jones was signed in December and I’d forgotten about Steven Davis. Stewart is a forward and so is Lafferty, just because they have different styles doesn’t mean they play different positions.
  3. Not to be picky, but have we not only signed two players? Stewart is better than Lafferty and a decent enough squad player. Hastie is a bright young player who clearly isn’t going to go straight into the first team. The club have been pretty clear this time is about bosmans and squad players. Folk need to let it play out a little more before throwing their toys out the pram.
  4. I think he'd have the same problem there as he would here - at Doncaster I would imagine he's got a better chance at first team football.
  5. What does where we signed him from have to do with it? The big step down will be from the Rangers first team to Doncaster Rovers. That said, players need to play consistently to develop. If we can't offer that to him here from the beginning of next season then he should be finding first team football on loan, I would imagine we'll have a recall option should we want to use it.
  6. The right mid thing wouldn’t/hasn’t worked. Part of his effectiveness are his runs from deep overloading the right flank.
  7. My immediate gut says the same, and also given that last part: “This was rejected by Memorial Walls who have instead appointed solicitors to pursue the Club. Such tactics make it clear Rangers’ decision not to proceed with this outfit on such a delicate project was correct.” Perhaps we didn’t want to work with this particular supplier. Sound like an absolute shower though pursuing us for monies in court. This court case will probably get more coverage than the mhanks abuse scandal.
  8. Fine, but they have to be careful about whatever they do in public. Going on a couples holiday is hardly a recipe for trouble and the default position shouldn’t be “they shouldn’t have gone there” it should be “why the fuck is that even happening”.
  9. I said the location isn’t the problem and in response now you’re saying ‘who he is’ is the problem? Think you’re being deliberately contrary here so I’m just going to leave you to whatever point your trying to make. Think 99% agree though that a player should be able to go on holiday without getting bottled and should be free to go wherever they like. Goes for every player from every team.
  10. It really doesn’t matter where they chose to go on holiday. Not even sure why it’s forming part of the conversation. Our players were getting it in the neck at the official team training camp in Tenerife ffs. It’s not the location that’s the problem, it’s the scum who think it’s open season on our fans and players.
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