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  1. Well done rangers well done Ally doesn't look to have lost the dressing room as suggested
  2. Boyd ya dancer dare a congratulate super Ally on the positive subs
  3. MCGregor Whittaker Goian Boca Broadfoot Edu Davis McCullough McKay Laff Jela Ill be surprised if it is anything other than this
  4. Alot is written about how our fans are the best in the world. I would agree but add the following "Our fans are he best in the world when we are not getting beat" The fans are absolutely terrific when we go one goal in front. The away support is tremendous. However, the old song win, lose or draw, thst's the Glasgow Rangers Story ! I have my doubts if this is the mindset of the young support today. Some fans and I mean the minority are very disrepectful to our players. Now I know some players are not good enough but my view is, when they pull on the famous light blue, then they should get our support. The most annoying is the treatment of the young players breaking through. I heard a commentator once say that they love a young home grown player around these parts. The truth is that the majority of the supporters dont have tha patience to see a homegrown player develop at Ibrox and eventually they go and do what Charlie Adam has done ! Gregg Wylde is a perfect example. the fans are already getting on his back Im ready for the backlash but I feel that this is the truth !
  5. I dont think you can lay the blame of our transfer failings and our european elimination to one person. The owner, the board, the players and the management are all cupable. Whyte didnt stomp up early doors when he needed too. Gordon Smith is not in the same league as Bain Indiscipline in some players and other players who are not good enough or off the boil The management are also cupble with some team selection especially Malmo home game. Howver, a very limited squad to work with so early in the season. In truth, imo the worst piece of business was the removal of Bain at a key time of the season. like or loath the guy. He could get a deal over the line, albeit sometimes after lengthy negotiations, Im not saying he shouldnt have been sacked. It was the timing. This was a guy that was known throughout the football fraternity and had build up alot of relationship throughout his tenure. Knowing that there was a massive rebuilding project this summer, we should have used this guy's experience. I have been very unimpressed with the way Smith and co and the penny piching approach used this window. It reeks of naivity
  6. Mr Whyte is a business man where the buzz words used in his wee world are speculate to accumulate. Well he didnt. Lack of investment in the playing staff early doors has cost the club the much need revenue of European football. 3 months in the job and he didnt back his manager to level I expected. Has the penny not dropped yet. Out of europe twice due to lack of investment, i hope this doesnt affect our championship challenge as well.
  7. Right lads. Here goes McGregor Whittaker Boogie Papac Wallace (if signed) Edu jig Davis Ortiz Jela Naisy
  8. Regardless if we make new signing or not, i doubt very much if they would go straight into the team. Yes we are short of cover and numbers for the Hearts game but with the exception of big Laff, we have the full squad who won the last 10 games of last season to win the league which should be enough for Malmo. The offer for Miller is fair and if he really wants to play for Rangers again, like Jela last year will hold out for terms to be agreed between the 2 clubs. My gut feeling is that all that little rat is interested in is money. Like everyone I would like to see new faces but disagree that we are in bad shape. No we are not !
  9. Same again Ramgers, no need to change. Just go out and seal the win. Im sure I read another thread that said No surrender Davie Weir and Papac were suspended. I hope this is not the case. Can anyone enlighten me of this? Possibly the Mhanky mob trying to stir things up ! Come the Rangers, lets do this !
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