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  1. ***The RM Friday Quiz***

    Cheers. I'm working on something just now but it won't be ready for a wee while yet.
  2. ***The RM Friday Quiz***

    I wrote this last year about Albert Gudmundsson. A great story in which Rangers play a small part. https://rangerstoday.wordpress.com/2016/08/27/icelands-first-professional/
  3. ***The RM Friday Quiz***

    1. Orange Person 2. Valur (only Icelandic team I know of) and someone else. 3. Jan Bartram? 4. Albert Gudmundsson 5. Black 6. Carl Hansen 7. Bayer Uerdingen and Bayern Munich 8. Wouldn't even know wha to guess 9. Centre Parcs 10. No idea 11. Spain 12. Antti Niemi, Jonatan Johansson, Tero Pentilla and someone whose name escapes me but was there at the same time as Pentilla 13. Aalborg 14. Everton? 15. Arnar Gretarsson? 16. Steve 17. Jesper Christiansen 18. Robert Prytz 19. Jonas Thern and Joachim Bjorklund 20. Stale Stensaas 21. Harvard Flo, don't know the other. 22. Copenhagen, Lyngby. 23. Malmo, Gothenburg. 24. Lillestrom, Molde. 25. Ilves Tampere, Haka. Some challenging questions in there. A few educated guesses in there.
  4. ***the Official Rangers V Hertz Thread***

    Let Hearts and Celtic rise and fall, they haven't got a clue
  5. ***The Official Darts Thread***

    Alan Norris hit a 9 darter on the way to winning a Tour Card at Q-School today. Other Card winners were Jeffery de Zwaan, Mike Zujdwijk and Nigel Heydon.
  6. ***The Official Darts Thread***

    Final list for Q-School http://www.pdc.tv/news/article/y2rjjam6ibuf1isvb4ebbhztm/title/over-400-enter-qualifying-school Dennis Priestley has withdrawn, he's in Temerife.
  7. ***The Official Darts Thread***

    Would be very surprised if Richie George went this year. Maybe next year along with Scott Mitchell. Duzza going next year, probably with Jamie Hughes. Wilson, Kong, Norris, Dekker and possibly De Graaf and Harms this year. Also heard, Anastasia, Fallon Sherrock, Zoe Jones and Lorraine Winstanley too. Next few year could be bleak for the BDO, although Waites has said he's happy part-time, I doubt he'll want to hang around whilst the BDO goes to shit. Full list up tomorrow morning.
  8. 'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    Seems the site has gone
  9. 'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    Will it be returning?
  10. 'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    Why's it been suspended?
  11. ***Rangers v Hibernian***

    I've a gut-wrenching feeling that the team will be the side that played Derby
  12. Charlie Telfer Signs for Dundee United

    That's only a compensation offer. If Rangers reject and Utd refuse to up their figure then I believe it will go to a tribunal. Looks like he's off.
  13. *****Official Stranraer 0 v 3 Rangers Match Thread*****

    This stream works for me http://www.viplivesports.eu/football/170560/1/stranraer-vs-rangers--live-stream-online.html