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  1. Didn't play at all in the League Cup.
  2. That was one of mine Got it from a David Mason book. He gave the answer as Jim Forrest, which is correct, although Davie Robertson has also accomplished the feat. I'm not sure that Dougie Bell played enough games to win a League medal for Rangers.
  3. Mohammed Latif
  4. I believe this where the Stag's head that is on display in the Ibrox Trophy Room comes from. Begs the question, if Rangers got the animal's head, what did Celtic get?
  5. Huistra
  6. I reckon the Ballon d'Or began around the same time as the European Cup so possibly to late for him . Frank de Boer? Edit: I'm wrong, good shout! 2 appearances and even won a Medal with the famous Glasgow Rangers
  7. Bonus: Souness, Wilkins, Steven, Butcher and Francis?Edit: Gazza's more likely to be in the bonus part
  8. That is a cracker. Jim Baxter, Willie Henderson and Paul Gascoigne?
  9. BMR can have this one
  10. Alan Morton and Torry Gillick
  11. I'll be heading off for the night shortly. BMR had one if he wants to go for it.
  12. Island of Badgers!
  13. We have a winner. Well done, mate.
  14. Nope, signed by Advocaat.
  15. Hemdani played for Algeria, so wouldn't consider him French in football-terms.