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  1. £2.7m could be a real bargain. Time will tell but looking forward to seeing him play
  2. Who let the dogs out ‘Roofe, Roofe, Roofe, Roofe’ shit I’ve just added to the misery
  3. An interesting view. I don’t totally disagree but I don’t think Hagi will be a certain starter in games. I do think Hagi in time would be a good captain. I do agree that Tav would be a better player without the weight of the captaincy. But I think to take it off him now would affect him negatively. I reckon Goldson should have been given it in Gerrards 1st season.
  4. I think we really need to move some players on, Jones, Greg Stewart, Middleton and Greg Docherty are a must. We still have players who probably aren’t good enough to perform every week. Davis, Arfield, Murphy and Barker. Move on those 4. Bring in a CM and fuck it keep Morelos and we’re laughing
  5. I feel good about the squad in general. I didn’t want us to sign too many new players. I reckon we have a good squad and with 2 more key signings (if Morelos stays) we can do it. A quality midfielder and a top striker will do me. With a bit of luck with injuries and a bit of “LUCK” with refereeing decisions and we’ll do this. Lets start by smashing these sheep shaggin bastardised horrible cunts tomorrow. I FUCKEN HATE THEM , CANT STAND THEM mon the bears
  6. He worries me. He was caught out 3 times at the back post which should have cost a goal or two.
  7. I hope your bench is at least Scottish
  8. That’s horrific. Had same problem. Conditioner usually helps
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