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  1. Who are the Rangers players whose Gers career were ruined by injuries were you most gutted about? Alan McLaren and Seb Rozental to get the ball rolling
  2. Peter Huistra and Mikhailitchenko.
  3. No point in getting money back because we’re all going to die
  4. It would be roughly £25 per game, say 4 games. That’s £100
  5. Our fans are shite when going gets tough during games. If the support gets behind the team for the 90 minutes, and help the team like against Braga instead of booing or giving abuse for the 1st missed placed pass, it could make a difference. Certain fans surrender quicker than the players
  6. I still think Gerrard can do it and will do it.
  7. How much would we get if we sold Tav, Goldson and Barasic?
  8. Wes Firth Tav Flanagan Halliday Ojo Barker Others like Goldson, Morelos, Barasic, Kamara can go if the money is right. And we can replace with better
  9. Formation to play against low block teams. GK Mcgregor RB Tav CB Goldson LB Barasic CDM Jack CDM Davis RW Kent. CM Aribo. LW Jones AM Hagi ST. Morelos
  10. System is fine for me we need to stop pussy footing around taking to many touches. Every time Kent, Aribo and Jones get the the ball just run at them, commit the defenders draw fouls and get down the flanks, not the usual cut inside lay it off pish we do. RUN at the bastards. on a side note we can never play Halliday or Flanagan again. Halliday really pissed me of on wed, strutting about like he’s a player.
  11. Should we have had a penalty for foul on Kent in 1st half? looked it at the time but haven’t seen it back
  12. Yep. It was much better for Kent as he was able to get 1 on 1 with the defender and Aribo is perfect in this position because he has the discipline to drop slightly deeper when not in possession.
  13. We switch it 2nd half and were much better for it. Created loads of opportunities. I’d like to keep the formation we played 2nd half I think it suits the players we have much more than the 433
  14. 2nd half was much better from Kent and Aribo. both were played in there natural positions. Kent has always been a winger very much suited to going to the byline. Aribo played the 2nd half in the attacking midfielder role behind Alfie and in front of Arfield and Davis. Much more freedom for him and on another day could have had 2 goals. For me both are good players with potential to be real top players for us, but we must play to there strengths. Tactically the 1st have was shocking. I’ve no idea what the management were trying to do.
  15. Was the red deserved
  16. Get him in the team vs Liverpool
  17. Does anyone know how many tickets have been sold? Or how many expected to sell
  18. We are through and another clean sheet bring on the semi
  19. Not in every game he hasn’t
  20. The fans were outstanding. Best thing about the game to be honest, but we’re through and that’s what matters.
  21. I don’t disagree but, let’s not get to bogged down with something which is not important in the grand scheme of things. RIP Fernando
  22. Blues Brother


    I don’t think he did
  23. Think he had a fine performance. Not really tested to much but was strong in the air. On a side note St. Mirren were embarrassing with the way they played.. 11 players playing between there goal line and 30 yards out, with no pressure on the ball until the opponent is within that 30 yards. This is not football imo. Thankfully they never got away with it.
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