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  1. I honestly fucking love that at the end. It's a man with standards unwilling to drop them to accommodate anyone and making it clear that unless you get up to his level you've no right to complain. You want to play? Earn it. Be better.
  2. What the fuck are they talking about with a "lack of investment"? They said it themselves; they've spent 10 million on two players and neither made the first team. It's not a lack of investment, it's that the investment appears to have been spunked. Aye, Lennon had players like Wanyama and Van Dijk that have moved on to the EPL, but for every one of them he had about 4 Mo Banguras. I canny wait till our wide men and charging at that Bolingoli and torturing them.
  3. SkylineBlue


    Solid centre half, heart of a lion, loves a goal and loves the club. I love you, Niko.
  4. Being able to grind out victories until the last whistle is definitely good to see, but if that's all someone takes from this game and they aren't worried about the lack of creativity to unlock a team sitting with 11 men behind the ball that sunk our last campaign then they need to screw the nut.
  5. It's the exact same story as last season. There's just absolutely no creativity or magic in that squad to unlock a team that sit back and pack the defence.
  6. That fucking beast Power is untouchable against us ;that's a red card. Last season it was studs down Jack's face with no repercussions during the game and no citation following the match due to "lack of video evidence" even though the game was live on TV and they showed it in slow motion about 5 times. Hope that fucking animal gets a career ender.
  7. I can't remember the last time that every single member of the team was so far off the pace. No one gets pass marks tonight.
  8. I thought he still had glimpses beyond that, like his goal that would have been had Defoe managed to get out of the way on time, but he always seemed absolutely fucked after those flashes.
  9. Shut up. He's not a starter and everyone knows that. The only criticism that can be levelled at him tonight is that he looked dead on his feet from about 70 minutes onwards.
  10. Nah I'm not skinny as fuck, but I know what you're getting at, and I'm no Anthony Joshua. I carry the height well as my natural build is quite decent thankfully. I just look quite tall because of that, until I'm standing next to someone, and then I look massive.
  11. In all seriousness, do folk genuinely think he looks that big? I'm just under 6ft 7 so would probably look like Andre the Giant to most on here if this thread is anything to go by. Not as handsome as Andre, of course.
  12. From fat Mexican alcoholics to Swedish internationals on multi-million pound transfers in the space of a few seasons. What a refreshing change of pace. Welcome, Filip.
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