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  1. No we haven't mate, that was Oldco Rangers. We're Sevco.
  2. Where? Larkhall is full of flags, Union Jacks and Saltires.
  3. Do you want them to lie and praise us? We're fucking shite and Patrick are the better team by miles.
  4. Not really mate, banter n that, int it?
  5. This article is all over the place, I just don't know where to start. What's wrong with just admitting it's a pretty horrible, embarrassing video? Why is there an expectation that people should defend the indefensible simply because we wear the same colours? Isn't the protecting your own over doing the right thing what most people have a go at the Catholic church for? Granted, this is nothing compared to systemic paedophilia, but the principle remains. This isn't the 1980'anymore. Most people have moved on past religious tribalism and pity those who haven't. Seeing fully grown men bouncing about singing about how they hate Catholics (insert any other sect) is quite embarssing, to be frank.
  6. I don't have any issue with Chris Graham, or any other Rangers fan, tweeting that, so we'll have to agree to disagree.
  7. Fair enough. We'll have to disagree on the last point. The fact that this guy is a Rangers fan doesn't excuse his actions for me. If anything it makes it worse. I can't defend what I know is indefensible simply because we wear the same colours.
  8. The way it read to me initially was that you know genuine racism exists but this wasn't it and the reaction is over the top. I'm happy to accept that I've misinterpreted your post. It's the internet - these things happen.
  9. What part of making monkey gestures at black folk doesn't constitute " genuine racism"? This thread has been sickening at times, but mainly because some people seem to find a racist gesture being called out more unpalatable than the racism itself, simply because the culprit is a Rangers fan, which is as depressing as it is fucking baffling.
  10. I had a steak bridie with a cold can of cola for my lunch and it was absolutely delicious.
  11. I get the point that you're trying to make, but I disagree. King isn't daft. He knows that we need investment, everybody does, he just doesn't have the money to do it. Nothing good has come from today.
  12. It's intentional violent conduct. A red every day of the week.
  13. Not attracted to women from that part of the world myself, but happy hunting to you.
  14. I can't really see this conversation going anywhere. Have a nice night.
  15. If you don't like people challenging your point of view, don't voice it in public. The idea that supporting the same club should mean we all just act like he never done something vile is laughable nonsense. If anything, we should demand a higher standard from our fans. Let that mob across the city throw bananas at Walters, make monkey arms at Edu and aeroplane gestures at Reyna. You still haven't explained what any of this has to do with rebels or republicans. I'm intrigued as to the mental gymnastics you'll invoke to make a tenuous link.