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  1. And a Striker who can put the ball in the back of the net. Fuck, I'd kill for someone who could work the keeper at the moment.
  2. Why? Just why?
  3. Stupid, reckless tackles are all we've contributed to this game so far.
  4. Watching us, you'd be forgiven for thinking trying to stick the ball in the opponents next wasn't part of the game.
  5. Exceptional tackle from Tav. Horrendous decision from Collum.
  6. Who have you all got as the MVP? Last night's game sort of illustrated the while Harden/ Westbrook season. Westbrook is an undeniable monster who is breaking all sorts of records, but his usage isn't always great and his turnovers are pretty high. There's a strong case that he's not elevating his team. On the other hand, Harden is putting up good numbers, not phenomenal ones, but is elevating his team whonare ultimately 2 up in the series, and isn't that what ultimately matters? You don't win a ring by only breaking individual records. It's a tough one this year, I think.
  7. I think you're probably right, however, I have bet on a Toronto/Warriors final as I was getting 14/1 which is not bad odds considering how poor the Cavs defence has been. If there's a team in that conference that's going to stop the Cavs offense though it's the Raptors with Valincunis and Tucker. I had a wee gut feeling that Boston would maybe make it to the finals, but I doubt that now after what happened to Isaiah Thomas' sister. There are some really good match ups in this round, so I think it's going to be pretty good overall!
  8. I know we had an NBA thread a while ago, but I couldn't see it after some surface digging and I'm too lazy to spend any further time searching for it, so thought I'd start a new one. Who have you got coming out from each conference?
  9. Does he want mine? He's doing my fucking nut in just now. In all seroiusness, sorry to hear about that. Pets leave a big hole in your life.
  10. Does he want mine? He's doing my fucking nut in just now. In all seroiusness, sorry to hear about that. Pets leave a big hole in your life.
  11. Pathetic and embarrassing behaviour that does nothing but hurt our clubs image and finances. Fuck every last one of the neds involved in this.
  12. That's one game. Over the course of the season I'd say they look a better team than us, from what I've seen.
  13. No they're not. As a team they're definitely better and have a better team chemistry to boot. Sometimes reality is hard to take, but that's the reality of it, in my estimation.
  14. Remember when balls in to the box could get by the first man? Good times.
  15. Ref is honkin' and for the second game in a row the opposition keeper is playing a blinder.