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  1. Donation made. Hope you reach your target quickly.
  2. In bed and can't get up to get my wallet for fear of waking my little one, but I'll definitely donate tomorrow mate. Hope you reach your target quickly. All the best to your Mum.
  3. I'd like to see us play like we understand the concept of football and aren't a handicapped team, trotting off a big blue bus, playing in a league for the disabled down the Hamilton Palace grounds on a Sunday morning. Maybe if we have some time to gel it's a realistic aim. Who knows.
  4. I'd get some achievable goals on that bucket list, mate.
  5. I'm already looking forward to this season being over and we haven't even kicked a fucking ball yet.
  6. It's s terrible result, but there's no need to start smoking crack.
  7. He'd need to be dug out.
  8. Calm down and you can enjoy getting angry again over being beat by part timers who are the FUCKING FOURTH BEST TEAM IN LUXEMBOURG. Fucking wise up.
  9. Not on your nelly. I wouldn't get too comfortable here, we've got further down to go, my friend.
  10. Aye the result is an embarrassment and the players he has signed look fucking shite, but he's banned green boots, so every cloud n that.
  11. What's this obsession with him running? I can run all fucking day but I'm absolutely shite at football and couldn't hit a horse on the arse with a banjo, nevermind a 40 yard pass or a pass that cuts open a defence. If we can keep him healthy and get a good 60 minutes out of him each game his ability and intelligence will more than make up for what he lacks in legs.
  12. King Kenny! That should settle the nerves, a few more now.
  13. Kranjcar could hit my mum on the back of the heid sitting on her couch in Hamilton with a pass if I asked him to.
  14. What a fucking pre season this has been. I'd almost forgotten what this felt like.
  15. What's your point?