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  1. January

    Declan John and Louis Moult should be no brainers.
  2. Graeme Murty

    After the shambles of the past 3 appointments you want to offer the job, longterm, to a man because he's won four games in a row? This place is mental some times.
  3. Rangers Lookalikes.

    I just woke my daughter up laughing at this you arsehole. The Missus is fucking raging.
  4. Alan Pardew

    Suddenly I'm rooting for McInnes.
  5. Michel Preud'homme

    As I said earlier, it's all just opinion as things stand. McInnes could come in and do a stellar job and lead us to a title. If it is McInnes he'll get my full backing.
  6. Michel Preud'homme

    Preude'Homme could come in and be complete garbage, who knows, but I just can't get excited for McInnes. We're not moving forward with him, in my opinion.
  7. Michel Preud'homme

    Fair points. I would take the gamble on Preude'Homme because I believe he can, at the very least, deliver the same as McInnes can, but potentially more.
  8. Michel Preud'homme

    Which factors? Not sure I seen that post.
  9. Michel Preud'homme

    It's all just opinion at this point because McInnes could come in and be superb, I just don't see it. What we need now is someone who can guarantee us second place in the short term and build to challenge celtic and compete in Europe in the long term. My opinion is that McInnes will only be able to deliver the first half of that.
  10. Michel Preud'homme

    Sky Sports reporting we have no intention of talking to him. McInnes it is. Yipee.
  11. Michel Preud'homme

    I'm more excited by his name than I am any of the other serious contenders. He has a good history of achievement in his managerial career. Sadly, I think it'll be McInnes as he'll be seen as less of a gamble for some reason.
  12. This is how it feels to be Rangers

    No. This is shite patter and is fucking cringeworthy when that mob hit out with it. Can it.
  13. Derek McInnes

    Whit? How much charisma is someone buying bread supposed to have? How can you even tell? Do you want him dancing in like Johnny Bravo for a loaf?
  14. Derek McInnes

    I'm not mad on the idea of McInnes either, but I don't give a fuck if he can draw attention like Elvis Presley when he's buying his milk. This place sometimes. Honestly.
  15. Graeme Murty

    Still cant quite believe that this is a serious suggestion after the past five years.