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  1. SkylineBlue

    Oviemuno Dominic Ejaria

    He's growing into his game along with Kent and both are looking like they could be really good players in the future. Neither of them look like they'll be at the level to break into the first team at Liverpool or another club competing for trophies in the EPL, but they could certainly be big players for mid level EPL teams. If we could pick them up for a few million each we'd make big cash on them in 3 or 4 years.
  2. SkylineBlue

    Those Around You At Ibrox

    All I know is the folk around me were getting cuddled whether they wanted to or not when that third went in against Vienna.
  3. SkylineBlue

    Morelos Goal

    Murty would be fining him.
  4. SkylineBlue

    Still Buzzing

    I've watched the highlights about 7 or 8 times this morning, I barely slept last night and I still get goosebumps thinking about that last 10 minutes. That's the best atmosphere I've ever experienced in my entire life. I'll never forget that last ten minutes for as long as I live.
  5. SkylineBlue


    MOTM without question for me tonight.
  6. SkylineBlue


    He'll only feature if he decides to turn up to the party and improve an awful lot more than where he currently is. That was the jist of it at least.
  7. SkylineBlue


    Last season Lafferty's goal doesn't happen because Morelos would have out his head down and just tried to smash it from range. Tho season he's looking up for options and is leading the line with distinction more often than not.
  8. SkylineBlue

    Strange shirt last night

    Can't afford real strips. Admin 2 on the horizon.
  9. SkylineBlue

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Ban yourself. @gogzy if he doesn't ban himself please deal with this.
  10. SkylineBlue

    Calm the fuck doon.

    I only managed to catch the first half today due to prior commitments and I have to say it felt like watching a Warburton/Caixhinia performance but out defence is better so we siding concede as many. That's three games on the bounce we've been absolutely unable to get our foot on the ball, play in the midfield and control a game. That has to be a cause for concern. Did it get any better?
  11. SkylineBlue

    Calm down ffs

    Hang this cunt for bringing shame on our club. Never a Rangers fan. He'd be more at home with the bheasts.
  12. SkylineBlue

    Europa League expectations

    To do the football world a favour and fucking humiliate Villareal as punishment for their unforgivable unveiling of Santi Cazorla.
  13. SkylineBlue

    Lee Wallace

    He will forever have my respect and deserves to go into our clubs history as a great, if only for his loyalty through it all. That should never be forgotten and should, in fact, be honoured. Nothing would be sweeter than 55 and seeing Wallace get his hands on that league trophy.
  14. SkylineBlue

    Steven Gerrard - the Global brand

    It's something I feel we should be capitalising on a lot more. I just don't know how we'd go about it.
  15. If we go through, they go out and we beat them all in the same week I may be the happiest I've been since my daughter was born.