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  1. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    It's bollocks. It makes no sense.
  2. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    It doesn't make any sense. Why would Brighton not take the money now if we have him on loan with a guarantee to buy in the summer? There's literally no benefit to them. We couldn't afford what they wanted and we've essentially taken him on credit.
  3. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    Schindlers list?
  4. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    Can't get excted about this one anymore, sadly.
  5. This fucking idiot has a book out called " anyone but celtic" and it's a 200 pager about how the referees conspire to ensure celtic don't win football matches . What a total fucking ghoul.
  6. This is more of a rid neck than liquidation itself.
  7. celtic Vs Rangers - Video

    That could honestly make me burst out greetin'. It's been a difficult five years, and I've been so dejected sometimes that I've lost interest for a game or two, but by fuck do I love this club.
  8. Strange 23:19.....

    The only part I laughed at was the phrase "dugs jobby", but anyone could say the word "jobby' and I'd laugh. Pure dross.
  9. El Buffalo

    His hold up play and and work rate were excellent today, his finishing was rotten.
  10. Arthur Numan

    I did get a picture with him outside the club before he left but it was on my phone that I had about 9 years ago when it happened. My pal, who's a celtic fan, was forced to take it after I had ditched him for about half an hour talking to Numan. It'll last in my memory forever.
  11. Candeias

    I like him. He's probably not the standard we need to win a title, but his work rate is unquestionable and he always provides an outlet to get a counter attack moving when we are soaking up pressure.
  12. Arthur Numan

    One of my greatest memories is bumping into Arthur Numan in a strip club and saying "hello" to him, he had a bit of a drink in him and he started pointing to his nose asking " are you a bluenose?". Within minutes he had his arm round me and we were bouncing up and down singing Follow Follow. What a buzz.
  13. A draw.

    I'd have bitten your hand off for a draw before kick off and I've been left feeling robbed of a victory. That performance is the bar, just finish the ball. Fight, desire and passion from every man on the park (almost) with some huge performances. Well done, Rangers. You can hold your heads high.
  14. David Bates

    Reads the game well, makes crucial interceptions and tackles and just gets rid of it. I was very impressed with him today.
  15. David Bates

    Must admit that my heart sank when he came on but he's a close contender for MOTM.