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  1. Fucking hell. Is he ok?
  2. He won't see out his contract with us and we'll make big money on him. What a fucking player.
  3. I want Barasic to be great and I think he has the ability to be a class act here, I just fear that he doesn't have the heart to play here and I'm not sure that's something you can give someone or something they can develop.
  4. Should be getting his baws booted by every member of the squad in that dressing room right now. Brain dead. Absolutely brain dead.
  5. Red card. No complaints. What the fuck are you doing?
  6. This idea that we as a support have, or should have, homogenous opinions on everything is so fucking bizarre. Most people's politics aren't dictated by their football team. Is there a culture that a lot of our support share? Of course, and that's good for them, but they don't have exclusivity over the club. At Ibrox, on any given match day, there will be people who are Protestants and people who have no religion, people who believe in the Union and people who don't, people who backed remain and people who backed Brexit, people who voted Labour, Greens or Lib Dem and people who voted UKIP or Tory. It doesn't matter, we are all there for Rangers and Rangers is theirs as much as it is mine or anyone else's.
  7. I've tried to think of something witty to type but this thread is so stupid that a humorous response genuinely escapes me.
  8. He's come out and said this publicly because their time is up and there's no going back. We won't see either of them in a Rangers jersey again and they'll be offloaded in the summer, but this may hurt any fee we'd get.
  9. Look at that chin. Dado was no normal man. Silly comparison.
  10. I'd be really disappointed if this is the best we got from both of them. I think they've both been a disappointment this season, particularly Grezda, but I really want both of them to do well here. I actually think there is more of a chance that Grezda will come good only because the problem with Barasic seems to be that he lacks heart, and no-one can give you that. You have it or you don't.
  11. What about the Clippers? Fucking hell!
  12. Philly were absolutely rank rotten. Reddick and Simmons were miles off the pace. I don't think either hit double digits for points; Reddick fouled out on about 5. If it wasn't for Jimmy that would have been a blow out. Embiid and Johnson checking their phones on the bench too. Garbage.
  13. First round west: Golden state to sweep the clippers Houston to beat Utah in 6 OKC to beat Portland in game 7 Struggling with Denver/Spurs but I'm going to go Denver in 6 Semi finals GSW in a 7 game series Struggling with Denver/OKC again but going to go OKC in 6 Conference finals: GSW in 5 First round east: Milwaukee in 5 Boston in 6 Philly in 5 Toronto to sweep the Magic Semi finals Milwaukee to beat Celtics in 6 Philly in 7 Conference finals Milwaukee in 6 Finals: GSW in 6
  14. Objectively it's probably quite harsh, but fuck him. Rat.
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