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  1. Do you think we'll actually get there? Seems to be high levels of positive tests within certain teams and a few places saying they won't play due to the current political situation.
  2. I was absolutely minging this morning. I couldn't strike the ball well at all and basically hacked my way round. Almost walked off at the 4th and though "just stick with it" and parred the 4th. Only good hole I played but thats what keeps you going back.
  3. Watched a Rick Shiels video last night on set up after hooking every single drive I hit last week and what a difference it made to my driving today. Only hit one bad drive all round and the rest of them were absolute screamers. No hook, straight as an arrow with good distance and flight. My short game was poor this morning though which is annoying as it had been decent last few rounds and it cost me a few strokes, but overall that was a decent round. Knocked another 2 strokes off from my last round and got 2 pars. Happy with that.
  4. I played my second round in a week this morning after not hitting a ball in about 3 years. Parred the first and thought " It's going to be a good day" and then made an absolute shambles of the second. My driving was abysmal; hooked every single drive, but my irons and short game was ok. I managed to knock 4 off from my last round so happy with that, but not playing for 3 years is showing. Hopefully drive better on Sunday.
  5. Yeah I agree with all that. I probably should have put that caveat in. I was judging it purely on it's aesthetic merits.
  6. Jersey is ok. It's pretty basic and doesn't feel any different to last season's to be honest. It certainly isn't a jersey that will be iconic or remembered. I'm slightly concerned that Morelos, arguably our biggest star, isn't in any promo material.
  7. First round in about 20 months on Thursday morning before work. Totally fell away from golf but right in the mood to get back into it. My old man is giving me his new Cleveland irons to give them a shot.
  8. Ron Swanson's looking rough.
  9. This is either going to be a tremendous signing or a complete waste of a large fee;there will be no middle ground. I hope it's the former. At the very least its encouraging to see the club get deals over the line given what is going on. Welcome, Ianis.
  10. You couldn't redden the necks of this mob with a blowtorch. From this, to setting off fireworks, to apparently going to Ibrox ( imagine going to the home of your rivals) to the tone of the comments from Lawell and Lennon and it's for being gifted a title in a league that couldn't finish in the middle of a global pandemic. If anyone had any doubt before this should be a resounding confirmation of how contemptible, shameless and classless that club really are. Repulsive from top to bottom.
  11. We were never disputing or taking legal action over the title.
  12. Can admin change the title of this thread for the sake of the OP's dignity and then ask for ID to ensure he's old enough to be on the forum. Thanks.
  13. Aye, fair point. He also has potential to be a great player further down the line which may help with selling him on, but if we're going to spend millions on a player in the summer it needs to be shrewd business for people who can make an immediate impact.
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