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  1. Time for some people to realise just how important a player Tavernier is for us.
  2. I'm never confident because I'm a pessimistic big bastard by nature and I never really enjoy an old firm in the traditional sense until it's over and we've won. The whole game is just a prolonged anxiety attack for me really.
  3. It really feels like everyone to do with the club are now banding together in the trenches to take the fight back to this mob. I love it.
  4. I haven't seen any pundit call out the sectarianism and racism from that mobs stands. I've only seen Morelos be criticised and told he brings it all on himself. Are we at a stage now where the Scottish media are not only openly defending racism and sectarianism, but are actually blaming the victim for it?
  5. "All clubs should accept responsibility for their fans disgusting behaviour" "Ok. What about celtic's deflecting statement in regards to the racial and sectarian abuse hurled at Morelos from their stands when it has clearly been caught on camera?" "Rangers statement in defense of Morelos is ridiculous". Rabid bastard.
  6. Just good craic. Remember, they're a club open to all and dont just pride themselves, but make a big song and dance about being anti-racist/anti-fascist, as if it's some sort of moral achievement and not just the default position for most human beings.
  7. Literally makes no sense. It's the equivalent of criticising him for speaking Spanish and not English because " he's not in South America anymore, he's in Scotland". He grew up in Columbia where this is a normal gesture, what the fuck are you expecting?
  8. Absolutely superb from the club. The support to Alfredo and the calling out of his treatment is exactly what was needed.
  9. Aye I think that gif shows he's positioning his body to take contact which, if we're being fair, Ntcham does well to avoid. I don't think hes thought " I'm taking a fall here", hes getting his body in between the ball and the man because 9 times out of 10 the man trailing you is going to clatter you.
  10. The carte blanche employed by the media in this country to over scrutinise every single thing Morelos does and to impose their own twisted narratives and meanings on it is a fucking disgrace. If Brown had made that gesture walking off the park following a red card yesterday would there be even a quarter of the fuss about it that there currently is? Would there fuck. Its us against everyone.
  11. That's exactly how I took it, but I think it was heat of the moment.
  12. First I've seen a replay of this incident. That is fucking criminal.
  13. Forgot Eduaord was on the park after his wee hand ball.
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