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  1. If we can still get a figure in the region of £25 million for him it shouldn't even be a question about selling him or not;he should be gone.
  2. I hope not. I dread January following Rangers and it's starting to put a damper on my Christmas time.
  3. Honestly not that bothered about this. He's shown flashes of brilliance, as did Kent, and we spanked 7 million on him. I dont think Hagj has done anywhere near enough to justify the reported 5 million first buy clause.
  4. We cant cope with one mid season break. I dread to think of how shite we'll be when we return after two.
  5. I dont think you've picked up on the intent of the ellipsis.
  6. Deserves a run in the team ahead of Tav though....
  7. He's trying to turn away and use his arm for leverage so there's no intent, but it's a stonewaller.
  8. 20 million invested shrewdly would be enough to win a title next year. Unfortunately our track record on transfers has been terrible as you say.
  9. I know what my words were. I was adding a little more context to them because I think you've taken them to mean something that they dont.
  10. I was talking about RM members not responding to a post match reaction after a much needed league victory and commenting on how apathetic we seem to be about it now. When was the last time a post match reaction thread was up for a while without a single comment? I mean, it's been up 9 hours, it's not even a page long, and almost none of the comments are anything to do with the videos. I feel that sort of backs up my point. It was a match I couldnt be bothered watching. It was time that I felt was much better spent with my wife and daughter. After the shite served up since January I make no apologies for choosing to spend time with my family over watching us at the moment. I wouldnt blame any other fan who does the same, but I take my hat off to those who still make that sacrifice.
  11. I didnt watch any of the game. I decided to go out with the family instead. I absolutely salute the away fans who are travelling to watch that, but I'm not sure how my post attacks or demeans them.
  12. SkylineBlue


    Fair enough mate. Was genuinely wondering.
  13. SkylineBlue


    Hope is different from genuinely believing we'll win.
  14. SkylineBlue


    Do you honestly believe that in your heart of hearts or are you just really optimistic?
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