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  1. What do you even say to that?
  2. I imagine you couldn't get a word in edgeways if you were in a room with him and Kent.
  3. Livi always get praised for being a tough place to get a result; and that's probably true. But it's because they're fucking animals and play on a park the equivalent to the Hamilton palace grounds pitches. If we get out of here without an injury we'll have done well.
  4. Now I have to go and wank and miss the end of the first half. Cheers you cunt.
  5. I was being sarcastic. I thought that would have been obvious.
  6. He's a whipping boy and it's daft. A very reliable central defender who gets the club. Long may he stay.
  7. Is there anything better than European nights at Ibrox? I was jumping up and down with some guy I don't know just wailing " I fucking love you Rangers. I love you. I just fucking love you Rangers" over and over when that second one went in. I genuinely couldn't think of anything else to say I was in such a state of pure elation. I FUCKING LOVE YOU Rangers!
  8. Can't wait for this. Ibrox is going to be jumping. Porto will be pishing their frillies at the sight of a packed stadium.
  9. Absolutely. Both of them could be the difference between trophies and no trophies this season.
  10. Kent involved in every goal. He's a difference maker.
  11. Kent involved in every goal. He's a difference maker.
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