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  1. Beautiful part of the world. EDIT - I meant to say that it was an utter shitehole and no-one should ever visit. Ever.
  2. Poor wee thing. Parents need a kicking.
  3. ^^^ Spongebob Squarepants fan found.
  4. Warburton looks so much better... ...in colours that are not Rangers' colours.
  5. I really hope that big word means 'naw, never.' Need to ask Lawrie from Dennistoun.
  6. Indubitably.
  7. Her troozirs are getting sucked into the hungry vortex. NomNomNom.
  8. I thought you meant Jim Traynor. I can see who you mean now. Wee scumragbaconballsfuckpigratbastardcuntshitknobcheddar.
  9. Get that Traynor wank so far to fuck.
  10. Ach well, he'll be at Hibs soon according to another thread.