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  1. Also, according to UEFA, AEL Limassol had 100% possession and managed to lose 5-1. I didn't know Mark Warburton had managed in Cyprus.
  2. Joey Barton has played against AEL in the Europa League. The only surprise is that he wasn't the biggest Fanni in the team.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen; the Stade Josy Barthel... Named after this wee guy... A famous chemist, politician and long distance runner... And still the only Luxembourger to have ever won an Olympic gold (in 1952).
  4. Weren't they all ties they lost heavily over two legs though? They also defeated Marseille 3-0 in the EL group stage at home but as they lost the first game against them 5-1, I would have to guess it was either a dead rubber or Bernard Tapie had a correct score bet on that day.
  5. If these Europa League ties are kicking off at 1700hrs or the like, the heat will be absolutely stifling. The good thing is that Pedro and his signings will be used to a bit of heat, unlike Warbs and his shitbag Kidderminster Harriers rejects.
  6. The Stade Josy Barthel (National Stadium of Luxembourg) will then host the second leg on Tuesday, July 4 with a kick-off time still to be confirmed. UEFA have intimated that the kick-off will be prior to 1800hrs (CET) and this will be confirmed by Friday at the latest.
  7. Should be a skoosh into the 3rd round and then most likely curtains, unfortunately.
  8. First round away has been confirmed for Germany on the Tuesday then.
  9. We were allowed to watch the first half in school. :) Happy days. Wouldn't be allowed nowadays; not in a proddy school anyway, if folk on here are to be believed. PS - Ian Ferguson was playing that day too. PPS - That rugby strip was honking. Also known as the 'Costa Rica Diamond Dogs This Ain't Rock N Roll This Is Genocide in Genoa Strip.'
  10. These two money-grabbing jokers have just taken a dirty great big shite on the sport of boxing. Of course the sheeple will lap it up as always. 'The public wants what the public gets.'
  11. I recognise a few of those... Seem to remember a certain poster getting it tight for the long-sleeved 1978 grandad shirts.
  12. I think I can envisage a new sponsorship opportunity...
  13. There's only four people who could get away with wearing that: John Lydon, Steve Jones, Paul Cook and Glen Matlock.
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