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  1. He's a wee empty-heided knobsocket just like nearly every other modern footballer then... Only with less talent. To think that young supporters have perhaps went from having posters of guys like Graeme Souness and Davie Cooper up on their walls to Martyn 'Big-Bag-O-Chips' Waghorn and Joey 'Wee-Bag-O-Shite' Garner in just thirty years.
  2. Ach, well... Wee bitta fun. And at least he admits to being a Gers fan. He should've choke-slammed (am I doing this right?) wee 'Cumdog' the other week though. PS - Good to see the Leicester scummers go another step closer to the trap door.
  3. A thread dedicated to a Selik player in the Bears' Den. Never thought I'd see the day. It's a slippery slope to go down...
  4. He'd prolly miss.
  5. Cyberstalker Level = Expert
  6. Fuck sake. This is idiocy. The players are mince but they are still professionals. They do try but they come up short. See the example below. Waghorse can't bring a ball under control but that didn't stop him trying. Like, three times. The Effort v Shiteyness theory perfectly illustrated in one single run.
  7. Cushy's rise to the top has been swift and brutal. Like an ancient Roman politician. Add this gif to the list of emoticons as a tribute to his work on Sunday evening. The bodies were fucking piling up. Cushy for next Admin+! It's coming...
  8. 'Fuck it... Crucify him!' - Mark 15:13
  9. Yup. From an organisation that laps up the Ladbrokes dosh. It's the hypocrisy that burns. http://www.thefa.com/news/2016/Jun/02/ladbrokes-strike-deal-with-the-fa-030616 Also, pretty sure Barton would have made most bets while playing in the SkyBet Championship, the Ladbrokes SPFL and the William Hill Scottish Cup. 'Dost thou have a gambling problem? Then we shalt poison thou, provoke thou, surround thou with extreme temptation and then finally reign down furious muthafuckin vengeance on your ass.' - Ezekiel 18:72
  10. The pioneers always take the arrows... I support this, even though I would be getting boosed up on a daily basis. Although, I would be far from alone in that respect.
  11. He actually scored in the first leg against Celta Vigo. I was a bit surprised to see him popping up. Hasn't changed much. That Guidetti bawhawk scored in the game too. He's a big baldy fuck now.
  12. Unless I am mistaken, it was Mladenovic who was supposedly 'the Serbian Zidane.'
  13. Thanks for rekindling those memories. Away for an pre-game ogre-cry-wank now.
  14. Should've left it on Twitter.
  15. I knew a Fiona. Shagged her seven times in one night. I'm not even joking. Pwoud. Vewy pwoud.
  16. A bit like Rangers then... As, to all intents and purposes, Glasgow is the capital of Scotland in footballing terms.
  17. Passed fit to play according to SSB.
  18. It's no' him. It's no' either of them.
  19. Hibs oot. European football confirmed. The tacos are on me.
  20. Some things McGregor did when he was 26: World-class Werder Bremen wonder-save. Kept two experienced international keepers out the team (Carroll and Letizi) Made his 100th appearance for Rangers. Saved two penalties in the League Cup Final, winning Rangers the cup. Saved a penalty in an Old Firm match... while injured. Captained his club. Played for his country. So, the answer to your question is... aye.