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  1. Mmmmm. What a deliciously entertaining thread. And I'm only on page 6. I will read the rest later as I can't see the screen right now, basking as I am in the glorious Monday morn Scottish sunshine.
  2. I know, wow, right...? There are some clever people out there. Evidently not on here though.
  3. Beautiful part of the world. EDIT - I meant to say that it was an utter shitehole and no-one should ever visit. Ever.
  4. Poor wee thing. Parents need a kicking.
  5. ^^^ Spongebob Squarepants fan found.
  6. Warburton looks so much better... ...in colours that are not Rangers' colours.
  7. I really hope that big word means 'naw, never.' Need to ask Lawrie from Dennistoun.
  8. Indubitably.
  9. Her troozirs are getting sucked into the hungry vortex. NomNomNom.
  10. I thought you meant Jim Traynor. I can see who you mean now. Wee scumragbaconballsfuckpigratbastardcuntshitknobcheddar.
  11. Get that Traynor wank so far to fuck.
  12. Ach well, he'll be at Hibs soon according to another thread.
  13. Only possibility could be the wee guy who was banned by the Mexican FA for throwing a party with 14 prostitutes and a transtightvest.
  14. Since Caixinha always appears to rope in a native as his assistant, Kenny may yet have a way to further his coaching credentials next season as assistant coach and stay at the club. If he is shown the door by those in charge and he wants to keep on playing for the love of the game, then I have no issues where he goes to find first team action. I think it was Andre Agassi who said: "I will play as long as I can... When I hang up my racquet, I want to feel like I am retiring and not just quitting."
  15. What has this got to do with big DJ?
  16. I know, man... But you can be sure it will sail way over Smile's the guy who does TBD Meltdown's head. Twitterati-Fame beckons! I salute thee.
  17. Well, he doesn't get out much and seems to like the bevvy a bit too much but pretty sure he is a genuine fan.
  18. And the award for Most Stupid Question of the Month goes to...
  19. You'll be on it soon if you don't get that edited FFS.