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  1. Had a few good nights out with Mark and his wife at various gigs
  2. This prick dude tge Chicago Roast sticking up for a wee cvnt like the altar boy Carmody

    cvnts like you and him think you can sling filth at people behind the scenes but not face up tae tge realities of your lies

    You never know what's on the horizonĀ 

    I hope they Chicago Roasters paid first class return flight for you re a comfy seatĀ 

  3. If you tell tge sleekit one that you have a Lowdown Tavern card then you will be looked after his position was for deceiving the support over RF , DLP blog foretold what would happen re devious Marshall in a blog and wow he nailed it as everything he mentioned did happen
  4. U That says so much about you tge hardcore shit stirrers you ignore when they hunt in packs that can't answer a factual question but hurl abuse Do you think that's what a forum is about ?
  5. 100% spot on with this, home form was downfall last season ,need tae start winning away from home now and a true challenge will be no problem this season
  6. Have you looked at post where he has encouraged ppl to do something about me and don't mean being on this site?
  7. It is a soory day things like you get added you never start threads re The Rangers but jump in when the KSR appear and have a blatant hatred for ppl who give proven opinions that disagree with you
  8. You must have been one of tge people that reported fans singing certain songs in Berwick as you seem incapable of anything but asking others tae dae yer dirty work and asking for people tae be banned
  9. Ahh the KSR are coming in numbers you always ask someone else tae dae yer work, why don't you come and do it ?
  10. Poor boy will never know the delights of a female one Defo a case of trying tae find his sexuality ?
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