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  1. Any last minute spares due to drop outs then I will gladly take it ? already in aberdeen
  2. Arbroath beat them on pens today at Tannadice ?
  3. What a buzz this is, can't remember a manager announcement like this and in the SPL ? wouldn't be quite the same with McInnes etc I bet
  4. Ended up at Cheers, probably worst pub i've ended up in all my travels. Full of inbred and young team ?
  5. Travelling without a ticket for this one like many others. Hopefully watch the game one way or another up there, heard some pubs are even ticketed but probably shite.
  6. Jesus we don't have a clue what to do in or around their box
  7. A half decent team will take these chances, need to up it big time iIF we get through to play AEL
  8. Fallen right outa this now, too many on dodgy bookings, same old shite didn't take our chance and gave away a goal from a daft sunday league level mistake. Need half time now!
  9. Pedro Mendes pictured arriving with Caixinha at the piggery... interesting edit: nvm, apparently his agent... everyone knows but me haha
  10. Posted in the ticket section but if anyone a spare please give me a shout!
  11. Aye, for the record I wouldn't want to be a new club or sacrifice traditions obviously, would just love their investment and the players we'd bring in but never that easy I suppose.
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