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  1. im not sure, I was thinking Rossiter, Coulibally and Ejaria will be the top 3 if everyone is fit. Arfield being the next up for sure. The boss made the point that Rossiter was showing up the best in Spain until the ankle knock. And his description of Coulibally suggests that he will be the anchor in the middle of our midfield.
  2. I think once his fitness levels are better Ejaria will start most games for us. As will Rossiter None of the starting midfield tonight will be regular starters I think
  3. we played better than last year obviously. However our goals came from an iffy penalty and a goalie mistake. WE need to improve personnel in the forward areas IMO
  4. both of them are rank average, though Bates defends the better of the 2
  5. hes just not a player. I know we all want a local lad to do well but hes no better than some of the players we sent out on loan to the Championship the last few years.
  6. fools a lot of us as he looks good with the ball at his feet. But gets caught out of position far too much to be considered a prospect.
  7. If we got an offer of 300k for him i would take it. He is a championship player at best
  8. any half decent goalie saves the first one. He specializes on making routine saves look spectacular because his footwork and positioning are average
  9. if the manager is gutless in his selection then what does that tell the players/
  10. this is abject bloody surrender. Murty has to go tomorrow.
  11. utterly miserable night, no sleep at all. However amidst all of that, still the sense of wonder in the little miracle we have been blessed with

  12. well, down to 194lbs of a lean,. mean, daddy machine!

  13. Shit, New York looks like it's been invaded by the Americans (Frankie Boyle) lol

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