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  1. M1 incidents - Rangers supporters bus crash

    Was the New Livingston bus that had the tyre blow out. No injuries, but we were stranded for a solid 5-6 hours while it got repaired. Massive thanks to Toryglen True Blues who gave us a lift to Scotch Corner services where we took refuge! Hope everyone involved in the other accident is alright.
  2. Ibrox, Old And New, Different Perspectives.

    Anyone scared of heights?
  3. Away scheme disappeared from cccs

    Been removed as the deadline has passed. If you've already signed up to it earlier on when you renewed there shouldn't be any issues. Website states the following when you go into 'amend CCCS'. "The deadline to join the ‘ALL AWAY GAMES’ scheme has now passed. If you need to update your card details for this scheme, you will need to write to us at Rangers Ticket Centre, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2XD (making sure to include your Rangers Number(s)), or visit the Ticket Centre in person."
  4. ***The Official Hearts V Rangers Thread***

    Usual shite.
  5. The Semi Final Draw **Rangers vs Taigs**

    Hope it's on the Sunday seeing as I'm a selfish bastard and working the Saturday.
  6. Joey sent home

    From STV.
  7. Rangers FC statement

    Fantastic response from the club.
  8. *****The Official Rangers v St Midden Thread*****

    Can we ban Wallace from shooting with his right foot?
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Stuck a fiver on County to win 4-1 just before they scored their third at 22/1. King Billy scores for Rangers in the last minute to extend our lead, and Celtic throwing away a treble and winning me some cash in the process would make a very nice weekend!
  10. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Scottish refereeing at it's finest. Don't even think we've got any right of appeal if it's a second yellow?
  11. ***the Official Falkirk V Rangers Thread***

    Nae wonder I drink.
  12. *** The Official Rangers V St. Johnstone Thread ***

    Warburton's left his hat on the bus.
  13. *** The Official Rangers V St. Johnstone Thread ***

    What the actual fuck is happening?
  14. This game should be a cricket score. Livingston are gash, and from what I've heard are very close to hitting administration again. Probably expect a few changes from the Raith game and use some rotation. Maybe Livingston will be the team we hit for 10