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  1. Hope it's on the Sunday seeing as I'm a selfish bastard and working the Saturday.
  2. Fantastic response from the club.
  3. Can we ban Wallace from shooting with his right foot?
  4. Stuck a fiver on County to win 4-1 just before they scored their third at 22/1. King Billy scores for Rangers in the last minute to extend our lead, and Celtic throwing away a treble and winning me some cash in the process would make a very nice weekend!
  5. Scottish refereeing at it's finest. Don't even think we've got any right of appeal if it's a second yellow?
  6. This game should be a cricket score. Livingston are gash, and from what I've heard are very close to hitting administration again. Probably expect a few changes from the Raith game and use some rotation. Maybe Livingston will be the team we hit for 10
  7. Boyd can't run and Nicky Clark can't hit a cow's arse with a banjo.
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