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  1. Hope it's on the Sunday seeing as I'm a selfish bastard and working the Saturday.
  2. Fantastic response from the club.
  3. Can we ban Wallace from shooting with his right foot?
  4. Stuck a fiver on County to win 4-1 just before they scored their third at 22/1. King Billy scores for Rangers in the last minute to extend our lead, and Celtic throwing away a treble and winning me some cash in the process would make a very nice weekend!
  5. Scottish refereeing at it's finest. Don't even think we've got any right of appeal if it's a second yellow?
  6. This game should be a cricket score. Livingston are gash, and from what I've heard are very close to hitting administration again. Probably expect a few changes from the Raith game and use some rotation. Maybe Livingston will be the team we hit for 10
  7. Boyd can't run and Nicky Clark can't hit a cow's arse with a banjo.
  8. Miller's been rotten and the centre of midfield have been anonymous. Need to get in the faces of Livingston and start bossing the midfield.
  9. Another season in the championship is looking more and more likely
  10. Think I'm just going to have to chance it outside the ground. Praying I get a ticket!
  11. Hoping to get a ticket outside the ground tomorrow seeing as my search for one has been unsuccessful. Anyone know a friend of a friend who has any spares?
  12. I understand that regarding the bigger crest but I thought the club had made our crest slightly more modern. The crest puma have used reminds me of the one we used on the Diadora kits. I thought this was the updated crest:
  13. How come puma are using our older style badge instead of the newer one we had last season?
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