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  1. Silver Fox

    Willie Henderson LEGEND

    Ah--Wullie---for it is he I have as my avatar---he was my favourite player when I started getting interested in football when I was ten or so around 1968 or so. don't think he played much after 1970 or so. but he was a great dribbler
  2. Silver Fox

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Amazing could have been 5 - 0 Broon handed his arse on a plate several times
  3. Silver Fox

    Ryan Jack Signs New Deal

    Great job tying him down long term, hes a cool head in def mid. Referees don't like him much right enough
  4. No comment from the SFA----months after ' benefactor' Willie Haughey, a tarrier of great wealth donated millions towards the upkeep/running of Hampden--draw whatever conclusions you like they are all up to their corrupt necks in it.
  5. Silver Fox

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Good weekend all round so far, only fly in the ointment is the sheep beating hibs, well I suppose that's a good result as well--celtic, hibs and hearts all drop points---hope we can get back to a more decent position with a win today
  6. Silver Fox

    Scotland v Portugal

    I give as much of a toss about the SFA national tarrier influenced 11 as I do about the SFA tarrier influenced hall of fame---delighted they got gubbed yet again--delighted they are a laughing stock--message to the provincial kilties----------'' YER NATIONAL TEAMS DEID ''
  7. Silver Fox

    Rangers - Rapid Wien highlights

    Fantastic--hats off to the fans--in the commentary '' Tavernier has scored EVERY penalty he has ever taken for Rangers '' Really wow, never realised that.
  8. Silver Fox

    Chances this ever made it to a taig game?

    Ol Rod was once a great rock singer, not really sure when he started to look ridiculous-- think it was maybe seeing him ponce around in a leopard skin leotard singing '' Do ya think Im sexy '' ffs---no time at all for his recent crap
  9. Silver Fox

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    literally 10 seconds from end of extra time ha lets capitalize on this
  10. Silver Fox

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Listening to this on radio Scotland--don't know who these guys are but Ive had more fun at a funeral
  11. Silver Fox

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Read elsewhere that a 1-0 win for the bears coupled with Tavernier as our scorer ( Our penalty taker) gets you 225/1 not bad odds, all it needs is a penalty and another backs to the wall performance
  12. Hes on clyde just now blaming the ref Livingston took a quick one for not giving his team enough time to organise themselves at a free kick---apparently Livingston took the kick and scored, leaving the dentally challengedone spitting and raving on the sidelines.
  13. Just watched the second half of the Sheep game, they got pumped 2-0 at home---much worse team this year
  14. HaHaHa--Hibs just got pumped by Livingston--plenty of Watter bottles getting booted by the Mad Yin
  15. Silver Fox

    SFL vote Rangers into Division Three

    If they turn the disco lights on on Sunday -----'' ah ah ah ah we're staying alive, staying alive''