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  1. Calling his decision do ditch the tims-Brexit---gawd help us
  2. Silver Fox


    Great composure, never seems to get fazed, he looks like he is made for The Blue Jersey
  3. He never scored today but recent form suggests he has somehow become the assist king of Ibrox, tireless worker and seems happy at Rangers, I'm not sure of his contract details but I hope someone has him signed up for a longer spell.
  4. Aye watched both streams then switched to his brother when the first yins battery ran out--well done and thanks to the both of them
  5. Ah--Wullie---for it is he I have as my avatar---he was my favourite player when I started getting interested in football when I was ten or so around 1968 or so. don't think he played much after 1970 or so. but he was a great dribbler
  6. Amazing could have been 5 - 0 Broon handed his arse on a plate several times
  7. Great job tying him down long term, hes a cool head in def mid. Referees don't like him much right enough
  8. No comment from the SFA----months after ' benefactor' Willie Haughey, a tarrier of great wealth donated millions towards the upkeep/running of Hampden--draw whatever conclusions you like they are all up to their corrupt necks in it.
  9. Good weekend all round so far, only fly in the ointment is the sheep beating hibs, well I suppose that's a good result as well--celtic, hibs and hearts all drop points---hope we can get back to a more decent position with a win today
  10. I give as much of a toss about the SFA national tarrier influenced 11 as I do about the SFA tarrier influenced hall of fame---delighted they got gubbed yet again--delighted they are a laughing stock--message to the provincial kilties----------'' YER NATIONAL TEAMS DEID ''
  11. Fantastic--hats off to the fans--in the commentary '' Tavernier has scored EVERY penalty he has ever taken for Rangers '' Really wow, never realised that.
  12. Ol Rod was once a great rock singer, not really sure when he started to look ridiculous-- think it was maybe seeing him ponce around in a leopard skin leotard singing '' Do ya think Im sexy '' ffs---no time at all for his recent crap
  13. literally 10 seconds from end of extra time ha lets capitalize on this
  14. Listening to this on radio Scotland--don't know who these guys are but Ive had more fun at a funeral
  15. Read elsewhere that a 1-0 win for the bears coupled with Tavernier as our scorer ( Our penalty taker) gets you 225/1 not bad odds, all it needs is a penalty and another backs to the wall performance
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