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  1. lee-irvine

    Gerrard's captain for the season.

    Personally think it will be Mcgregor but not a fan of 'keepers being captain, McCrorie is captain in waiting so I would not be opposed to him getting it despite his age.
  2. lee-irvine

    Boss arrives at Auchenhowie

    Fantastic news - saw him in the Soccer Aid game on Sunday playing in at RB and thought that he tracked back far better than Tav ever does.
  3. lee-irvine

    Season Tickets

    Surely the Zebra mob would pay the club first and then take the money from supporters in instalments? Making money off the interest. Club would get the money up front either way, is the way I would interpret it anyway.
  4. lee-irvine

    Season Tickets

    Been queuing since 8:55, bar is only 2/3 way up and still says over an hour left. How are so many people managing to get tickets?
  5. lee-irvine

    Oli McBurnie (Swansea)

    If he comes up here and scores like he has at Barnsley then the sell on value for us will be closer to £10m for a promotion pushing Championship team.
  6. lee-irvine


    What can a guy do when the wide men are currently offering next to nothing, whilst the fullbacks behind them can't defend and a midfield that get bullied off the ball and create nothing. I don't think we can really blame either Cummings or Morelos, both have no support especially when you don't know what Murphy and Candeias will turn up.
  7. lee-irvine

    SPFL trying to cash in on Gerrard

    It's all about the Fortnite these days man!
  8. lee-irvine

    SPFL trying to cash in on Gerrard

    Being that Sky has lost the La Liga rights they should have a bunch of cash that could easily be invested in to the Scottish game making it more marketable. They'll probably use it to buy e-sports or some shite like that.
  9. lee-irvine

    Progress since Progres

    We've also lost more games than last year - I'd say we've gone backwards if anything. The business we did in the summer should not have seen us lose more games in a league where both Aberdeen & celtic haven't played particularly well this season.
  10. lee-irvine

    The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    At times we play good football under Pedro, too often though we lose concentration and like last night it cost us. Tbh I was certain we'd get that winner late last night with the way we were able to move the ball and win it back. Just too little to late. I agree though next week determines if hes got what it takes to succeed, nonethless a draw cannot and should not be see as some sort of positive result.
  11. 5.10 at Ayr - Super Ally 7/1!
  12. Got to be money on a Chelsea win at 4/1! Barca are more likely to be paying attention to their weekend tie with Real to try cut back the points, Chelsea to win and Lampard any time.
  13. West End Rocker - likes soft ground the current weather would suggest that's likely lay it on now was 16/1 on Saturday and is now as low as 10/1!
  14. lee-irvine

    Goodwillie To Sign For Blackburn Tomorrow

    anyone know where you can watch Goodwillies speech at the POTY awards?
  15. lee-irvine

    Goodwillie To Sign For Blackburn Tomorrow

    they way some people behave on this I wont be surprised if there is a thread on Buffon rumoured with us!!