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  1. lee-irvine

    Reports of a fire at the Hummel Training Centre

    Maybe we're signing Will Grigg?
  2. lee-irvine


    The thought of being a couple of injuries away from a back four containing McAuley, Skrtel and Flanagan is not a good one. Hopefully looking elsewhere for a better option.
  3. lee-irvine

    Nikica Jelavic - Video

    Was the difference in winning the league the year he joined, something hopefully Defoe can emulate.
  4. lee-irvine

    Ryan Kent (permanent)

    Still feel like there is more to come from Kent, would be a huge sign of intent getting him on a permanent. I suppose it makes all the loan signings worthwhile if you can get a player like him out of it.
  5. lee-irvine

    Morelos and Edouard head to head stats

    Morelos £1m. Edouard £9m.
  6. lee-irvine


    Would imagine they'll go in for him being that they're short in that position, we either need to pull a big signing out the bag or stop them from getting Shankland because you just know how the press will spin this.
  7. lee-irvine

    Peña unable to play?

    Would imagine he would be eligible, that boy A. Trialist is scoring for a different team every week in the lower leagues.
  8. lee-irvine

    Stevie Press Conference

    Before the weekend they only had 1 win in 8 games, hopefully it's that Hibs we get.
  9. lee-irvine


    I know Robbie Crawford's uncle and he had said basically along these lines to me at the start of the season, he had mentioned that Hearts were interested in replacing Lafferty with him but Ayr want him to go down to England rather than Hearts or Dundee.
  10. lee-irvine

    Honest interview from the manager

    This suggests that we have loaned out Pena and Herrera and are still paying all of or at least part of their wages and we have been hoping that they attract any interest. Must be shite playing in a team knowing an alky waster is getting paid more than you, I also hope his return doesn't have a negative influence on Morelos as well. There are a lot of underlying issues at the club that have stemmed from the appointment of Pedro.
  11. lee-irvine

    As a support (re: middleton)

    Been poor of late, but it's not as if he is keeping anyone better than him out of the squad. As a support we get excited about a player and turn on a player equally as quick, Coulibaly a prime example.
  12. lee-irvine


    Hopefully this lights a fire up Worrall's arse.
  13. lee-irvine

    Finishing with a wimper

    It's because we've not been wearing the blue shorts and socks.
  14. There was a degree of Sarcasm in there, I thought using Sadiq would be a bit too obvious.
  15. This. Be as well making Halliday captain, at least it would mean something to him. Not once seen Tav give anyone a cunting.