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  1. Absolutely mental he wants to highlight some words that were aimed towards him, getting missiles lobbed at you is a far bigger concern and it's pretty pathetic he wasn't willing to stand up for one of his players then.
  2. lee-irvine


    I think the initial buzz of Gerrard being manager has started to wear off, and really we have been over performing in games. The last 3 games have been worrying performance wise. I don't think blame can go to one specific player, but the likes of Candeias who was voted POTY for us last year, far too often produces nothing of note, Jack/Halliday/McCrorie are decent enough players but offer very little in an attacking sense. In a league where most teams will sit back on us it is going to be very hard to break down teams when we ourselves don't attack enough. Middleton looks like he could be a real attacking threat but he's not going to get in behind a team holding on to a 1 goal lead. Once we start getting attacking options or at least a plan b we will maybe move forward. It was realistically always going to take a year to challenge again after undergoing a rebuild year on year.
  3. The more experienced players need to start telling Morelos to zip it or take him away in these situations. He's a liability.
  4. Think we missed Kent in the game, the jurys still out on him, but he does pick up the ball deep and drive forward with it moving the team 10 yards forward. We lacked control of the tempo yesterday and allowed Motherwell to deploy the long ball tactics.
  5. We’re still unbeaten in 10 games, need to just get over this one quickly and perform well on Thursday and Sunday. One of the biggest weeks ahead in recent years.
  6. Expect Ufa to play the exact same way on Thursday, hopefully we have learnt from today and don’t let teams constantly play the long ball all game.
  7. Aye I saw a guy with the orange one on tonight, and not one of those honking fakes either.
  8. I like that you only gave him the training top.
  9. In case McGregor gets injured its better to have someone step in that's had game time more recently.
  10. Still not been in a losing position this season. Still unbeaten this season. No surrender.
  11. Not the worst first half, second half goal would surely kill the tie off. Most worrying part is the cards picked up.
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