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  1. There was a degree of Sarcasm in there, I thought using Sadiq would be a bit too obvious.
  2. This. Be as well making Halliday captain, at least it would mean something to him. Not once seen Tav give anyone a cunting.
  3. lee-irvine

    How to break down teams sitting deep?

    We allow teams to comfortably defend against us, we should be pressuring them a lot more than we do force them in to mistakes. Echoed as above but it is mental to think we have a guy who made a career out of pinging it in top bin from 20+ yards out, yet no one in the team will take a chance.
  4. lee-irvine


    I think the initial buzz of Gerrard being manager has started to wear off, and really we have been over performing in games. The last 3 games have been worrying performance wise. I don't think blame can go to one specific player, but the likes of Candeias who was voted POTY for us last year, far too often produces nothing of note, Jack/Halliday/McCrorie are decent enough players but offer very little in an attacking sense. In a league where most teams will sit back on us it is going to be very hard to break down teams when we ourselves don't attack enough. Middleton looks like he could be a real attacking threat but he's not going to get in behind a team holding on to a 1 goal lead. Once we start getting attacking options or at least a plan b we will maybe move forward. It was realistically always going to take a year to challenge again after undergoing a rebuild year on year.
  5. lee-irvine


    Forest Green ripped up their deal with Hummel this year due to not managing production and delivery dates. The link below provides an all too similar story. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2018/08/forest-green-rovers-cancel-hummel-deal.html
  6. lee-irvine

    Scottish Sun Disgrace

    Be a good laugh trying to see this guy take a seat in the Club Deck.
  7. lee-irvine

    Those Around You At Ibrox

    The old dude next to me sits spitting all game and if the seat in front is empty its like a dartboard for him. Club deck leg room is tight so its a good result if you don't get any splash back on your trainers.
  8. lee-irvine

    Europa League expectations

    The Russians are about the same level as Maribor as shown in last years CL. Villarreal might rotate a bit so I think could end up being second with a bit of fortune.
  9. lee-irvine

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Still unbeaten.
  10. lee-irvine

    Tav cost that goal

    it doesn't matter how deep he is if the dude is offside, which he is and was concluded at half time.
  11. lee-irvine

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    The more experienced players need to start telling Morelos to zip it or take him away in these situations. He's a liability.
  12. lee-irvine

    New song....

    Least we know what @beararse looks like now
  13. lee-irvine

    Rangers, Scotland Squad

    Seems every Scottish celtic player is involved which will benefit us too. Big Eck must be at it with Jack Hendry, awful player.
  14. lee-irvine

    Rangers, Scotland Squad

    Good news, means Jack will get the chance to rest and be fresh for us.
  15. Think we missed Kent in the game, the jurys still out on him, but he does pick up the ball deep and drive forward with it moving the team 10 yards forward. We lacked control of the tempo yesterday and allowed Motherwell to deploy the long ball tactics.