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  1. Kamberi and Morelos should be playing up front together. No ifs or buts the two of them working together would be great.
  2. He needs to stop changing a winning team.
  3. Hopefully a fair system can be sorted out to allow fans to receive an allocation of away tickets which includes all grounds not just the so called lesser teams. I personally am happy to go to any ground to watch my team, if operated correctly the cccs scheme is a very workable system I mean how difficult can it be to operate a fair ballot system so everyone gets a fair crack of the whip . For Christ sake there are computer programmes that can do it all for you an take the human element out of the equation or would that mean the favourites would have to become part of the system .
  4. £30 a pop robbing Perth pricks. But the chance of getting to an away game outweighs the price. 😄😄😄
  5. Kinda feel that way too. Got the battle fever on. forever the optimist.
  6. Just parked in paisley road west sun is shining but windy.
  7. I know the team aren’t playing to the standard pre break but we are doing enough to win games, the ridiculous calls or non calls by refs are killing us practically and motivationally. The players must wonder what they have to do to get a fair crack. What I’m saying is it must play like hell on your mindset wondering what the hell is gonna be called against you next. There is a hardy game being called against us week after week and it would get even the strongest character down We defo need to propagate a siege mentality at Ibrox
  8. That would be funny if it wasn’t true.
  9. I’m with u 100% mate. we are shouting at an immovable object and it just makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.
  10. I’ve said before until the Manager / Board get off there arses and call this out and continue to do so till it’s sorted. We as fans can moan till we’re blue in the face nothing will change. Yip the press will go at us. As will the tinks but we must be strong and resolute in our attack and go all the way to uefa if we have to, cause this shite has to stop!!!
  11. It will be the I didn’t see it Madden. The cheat.
  12. The ref was garbage tonight and plenty of other games. I would like to know why our club are not able to develop a total siege mentality around all of this Souness, Smith et al would most definitely have had that dressing room bouncing to get out and ram it down there throats. So Gerrard Mckay Beale need to get inside these players heads and develop a siege mentality starting tonight.
  13. I hate mutton but he called it correct the ref got the two major decisions wrong, hand ball for their first and Morelos goal should have stood that would have been 2 zip game over. But in saying that Kent and Hagi were anonymous practically all second half and SG either couldn’t see it or didn’t want to see it. His total unwillingness to change players is defo getting to be a major problem. Also week in week out Goldson is an accident waiting to happen SG is very quick to throw Katic out the team but will never consider pulling his favourites , and that could ultimately be his downfall. He’s too loyal to some players.
  14. We’ve not put an ounce of pressure on power or Dicker.
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