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  1. I get your point 👍🏻 But just because you don’t run or travel on a bus should not stop anyone getting a fair crack of the whip
  2. Not moaning just saying it as it is. I would love the opportunity to travel to every game as I did right through the leagues when the so called Uber fans were no where to be seen. But you keep calling it as u see it. The ticket office has its pals.
  3. Shite. Same faces at these games all the time.
  4. Only had livi cup game so far. Never ever hold out any hope of getting Sheep,Hearts, or Hibs . But I will guarantee if I travel to these games the usual faces will have tickets. Our ticket office needs to be sorted out they have too many people giving tickets out to their pals.
  5. I never knew Sergio Porrini is assistant head coach for the Albanian National team.
  6. It’s already been found ya paedo bastards.
  7. I believe we should always start with our strongest available 11 and change when or if we have the game under our control.
  8. That Forrest runs like he’s got a dildo up his ass 🤣🤣🤣
  9. The big move is on to claim the points. A club without shame.
  10. Walker is a fucking rat bastard. I would never tire from punching his arrogant smug puss.
  11. From the kick off it was evident the set up was totally wrong. He should have changed it. Hopefully lesson learned.
  12. We should keep it in the garden shed to be brought out for times of amusement.
  13. Cause he’s a nappy rippin wean touching dirty paedo bastard. Tick Tock ya tinky Cnut.
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