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    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Great point. That alone should gel other teams into pushing for this to be sorted out.

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Yeh we may have had an hour to score again but at 2 . 1 the match changes completely. Dundee then have to decide to either come out or be beaten 2 . 1. Maybe more. So again the officials have influenced a game wrongly.

    post match interview

    Get Tav out of that team his passing and crossing a ball is useless and he is never a Captain. We need a leader on the park.

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Linesman is an arsehole cheating fuck I’m right in line with it almost two yards on side cheating SFA bassas.

    Morelos discipline

    I’ve read through all these posts and you know something we are a bunch of fickle bastards. Morelos is a daft wee laddie who needs to sort his head out at times. Some of his bookings are a joke and a few deserved and you can usually tell which Refs are gunning for him,his first booking tonight happened right in front of us and was a joke his second was for being that daft wee laddie. But I’ll tell yous one thing he’s our daft wee laddie and there is more passion and good in there than I’ve seen from some of the pretenders than were running about that midfield tonight Ejaria and coullabally would do well to show even half of the passion Morelos shows and he might get a bit better service and help to curb the monkey that seems to be on his back through frustration. But cause they don’t show the passion or indiscipline if u like of Morelos they are given an easy ride. He will become the player we want him to be, I for one will back our manager to sort him out into the player I believe is in there, yip there will be times when he loses it but they will be well outweighed by the good times he will give us,I hate his indiscipline moments as much as the rest of us. On Sunday at Tynecastle the Ref I thought had the right touch with Morelos during an incident main stand side Madden was walking across with purpose it looked like a booking was coming Halliday got to Madden had a word Madden then made a talking gesture went to Morelos put his hand in his shoulder spoke with a smile on his face totally calmed him down and walked away. A ref who used his head instead of his cards. But crack on Alfredo you’ll do for me.

    Morelos discipline

    Shinnie was a fucking disgrace. But Alfredo should have known better.


    Feck sake man cut them a break it was just raw emotion

    Dundee United

    Another sell out at the theatre of screams. Nooooooooooot. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Die u B.......ds.

    Hibs Ballot

    Agreed. I Travel , to practically all away games whether I have a ticket or not and the annoying thing is it’s nearly always the same faces that have tickets or are selling tickets. Strange that 🤔.
  10. I wonder if Mark Daly will be noting all this re the Government and separate entity fc, as he will be talking to Michele Gray and the other Torbett abused people. Or will the proposed appeal stop it in its tracks.
  11. RAFREG

    Scum Thinking of Patching Ibrox Tickets

    Our board don’t even need to counter his statement. Just publicly laugh at it and belittle him / them.
  12. Would / should FIFA / UEFA. Not be making representation to the SFA / SPFL about the going’s on at that shithole. Or will they leave it till the legal process is completed.
  13. It’s not now a sporting journalistic issue,it’s a legal issue which will be dealt with by the legal profession mate. The clowns that are mentioned above stuck the knife into us all day long. And it is to there eternal shame that they do not pursue that club with the same vigour they pursued us. The likes of Spiers and English are no more than patsies for that club and should be treated with the contempt they deserve.