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  1. This is a post that needs transmitted to our board. No season ticket should be purchased until our board make sure no title will be awarded without a proper fight throughout the courts as you suggest.
  2. Start your own Rangers thread to discuss Rangers. This thread is about Aberdeen. Or is that too hard to understand. Bloody Hell.
  3. You totally ignore the point of the thread Aberdeen on the brink to push your know all opinion down our throats. Always hijacking threads for your own attention seeking. Please just give it a rest and let us keep threads on track. If you want to discuss Rangers finances start your own thread.
  4. The thing is we can’t even discuss other teams,an have a wee gloat,but you have to come in an blow it out of the water with your know all pish.
  5. Hey fat boy half a heed, we’ll give your scum team the same consideration they gave to us. FUCK ALL !!!!!!!!’
  6. Think that would rule the scum out they’ve never won Champions league. 👍🏻It should really be teams that were part of the inaugural Champions league. 😀
  7. And they could lose every game. Moot point.
  8. Who was the team on the board that’s said that’s the way they expected it to go. celtic ?
  9. Trying to get my head round this. Our SFA / Spfl award that mob the title and relegate Hearts. Hearts challenge the ruling and they are told no that’s what is happening. They then take it to an independent court and win. What would happen then do the SFA /spfl ignore the judgement and batter on regardless or make up a new rule as they are quite prone to doing to enforce their judgment. Seems to me there would be two clubs happy with positional awardment the micks and D,Utd. (As I noted The lurgan bigot was quick to include the Arabs in his presser the other day ) Therefore it is time all other clubs stood together to make sure the cabal that currently run our game are brought down and a totally new one bodied Scottish Football Association is formed with an elected board voted by all clubs with one vote for selected candidates put forward.
  10. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.................. I hope they have to stay down scum club scum fans scum stadium. Scum Jum pubic heed. Karma sure is a bitch
  11. I can only dream of being as brave as the abused who have found the courage to have stepped into the light from there personal darkness. Sturgeon, yousaf, and all you disgusting bastard abusers and enablers should be locked up and the key thrown away.
  12. Quick question can anyone tell me what has happened to 1:- king stepping down. 2:- The so called major investment. If we could give this shithouse board the same amount of shit that we are giving Gerrard we might finally get somewhere.
  13. I agree with the above but I would keep Morelos. 👍🏻
  14. RAFREG


    CAPTAIN!!! Ha we don’t have one. End off.
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