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  1. Seen these on UB forum earlier, looking good as usual, what's the latest on the scarfs?
  2. Hopefully a goal or 2 in slovenia, can't see them scoring more than one anyway
  3. J...R

    Matt Mckay

    Welcome to the rangers Matt Mckay
  4. Would of liked to see juhasz here, but anderlecht are taking the piss. I feel sorry for juhasz aswell cause he wants to come and anderlecht have just fucked everyone about and its probably cost him a move here.
  5. J...R

    Matt Mckay

    Well we'll know by friday.. I hope.
  6. their not so smug now, being told he's homesick when actually he realised that their club is shit and stadium and surrounding area is a shitehole
  7. Didn't go to NF cause he would be " homesick " then just about 10 pages of people saying " get a bid in " or " he'll be homesick there's no point " apart from that, nothing
  8. They even use their hands when eating soup
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