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  1. For the Sake of Our Club

    Whether you find what was being sang at the game on Saturday right or wrong, at the end of the day the club released a statement stating their dissapointment at the song choices. The love of this club is the reason you're at this game. You're not their to sing, drink or have a pie, you're their to see Rangers. The atmosphere is something that adds to the experience of watching the club and of course everyone loves a sing song. So, if the whole purpose of being there is to watch the club you love, and that love expresses their dissapointment at certain fans behaviour then why can't these fans just accept that? Why can't they just move on from these songs? Nothing and nobody is bigger than Rangers. I personally think we are lucky to have, in my opinion, one of the best footballing songbooks in world football. Ranging from Blue Sea of Ibrox to Follow, Follow. From Wolverhampton Town to the blue flag etc.. I do think we are still picked on, and think a precedent has been set by ESPN, but we have to concentrate on ourselves, and if the club, Super Ally and Charles Green believe we are in the wrong then that's enough for me. I thought the fans were outstanding in voice as we always are, but we can still be that by dropping certain songs that Rangers want us to drop.
  2. Amazing photo of todays display!

    Ridiculous just how good that photo is! My favourite game of the year at Ibrox when the troops come, and today was, as usual, superb.
  3. Clyde v Rangers tickets

    Just checked my email and i got a ticket!
  4. Ibrox Stadium.

    Goosebumps reading that! Never get tired of reading those quotes either. Thing about Gary Neville is we properly had an impact on him. It's a shame the GMP never allowed us to play them in his testimonial either.
  5. Billy Davis please

    If you could read properly and not take that quote out of context from the rest of my post then that would help. I said that when performances at home and away are so drastically different then it is clearly down to the players, not the manager. Stop looking for every excuse under the sun to have him sacked. His target is to get us promoted and that's what he will do.
  6. Billy Davis please

    And if we had Lionel Messi we would perform better, but we don't. So any chance you could point the finger at the players who can do at Ibrox week in, week out but away from home are useless? Having an outrageously poor record away from home is NOT down to the manager. If we were struggling at home in the league, and had maybe been put out of the Cups by Motherwell and Forres then i could understand people's frustration. Our results have been so far away from each other at home than they have been away that it couldn't be clearer that it's down to the players attitudes. Let's not forget aswell that all we want this season is promotion aswell which we will be well on course for. Our home form alone will see us win this league, and the away form WILL pick up when a few these players are dropped for some of the younger reserve players maybe. I'm not for a minute saying that i will accept watching that shite on the road because i won't but i won't point the finger at our manager. It's the players on that pitch, nobody else.
  7. Billy Davis please

    Can't we just have one big thread for the Ally haters? Leave the mindless drones to it without it being littered everywhere for the near future? Billy Davies will have the same group of players! Like any other manager coming in will have. I don't get what other managers can do that Ally can't because what is happening away certainly isn't a tactical issue in my opinion. You can't win so comfortably at home, outplay an SPL side, then suddenly when it comes to away games it's suddenly McCoist's fault? Give it a rest. If the wins are happening at home but not away then that's down to the players. It's them that can't get motivated properly. Nobody else. Give our manager a chance for fuck sake! Painful reading/hearing the Ally bashing sometimes.
  8. Ranger Then - Rangers Now, Rangers Forever

    Shame aswell, i can think of someone who could have fixed it for him..
  9. More detailed minutes from last night

    Enjoyed reading every minute of that. The guy has really been nothing but honest towards us since he came in. Future looks very bright in my opinion... What a guy
  10. Annan Ticket Info

    Gutted at no e-mail today There goes my hopes of going to every away league game this season! Hopefully catch Annan the second time round then, think it will be a cracking trip too!
  11. Pictures of Templeton and Shiels

    Maybe i should jump in with the crowd here and tell you they are terrible but i find myself liking the Temps one.. The Sheils one is terrible though.
  12. Matt McKay on SSN

    Brilliant! Remember hearing that for the first time on the supporters bus to an away game im sure and singing it for about 40 minutes non stop! Think we had seen him play once Good Times!
  13. Rangers Season Ticket Question..

    Just in from work! Will check the email!
  14. Rangers Season Ticket Question..

    Phoned up today and it turns out i am on the CCC So sat up in the club deck for the Falkirk game when i could have had my own ticket! TO were, to be expected, very helpful so it's all good. But glad i know what's going on now, and will obviously be entered into the Annan ballot which is great news. Anyone know when we will find out about those ticks?
  15. Rangers Season Ticket Question..

    That's what i was hoping. My other worry was, even though im sure i ticked it, i wouldn't get priority for the Semi and Finals of any cup we might get to as i hadn't ticked the first box.. Especially with the huge demand for tickets this season.