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  1. DutchBlueGuard

    *** The Official Rangers V St. Johnstone Thread ***

    Union bears are doing my head in, wonder if they will ever sing a song people know
  2. DutchBlueGuard

    Burnley At Ibrox 21St July

    Only caught the first 30 minutes and I thought we looked tremendous, building from the back and keeping possession. Sadly I think some of the faithful might find it hard to adjust considering we have seen 'boot it to daly" for 3 years. All in all I saw positives, one player however will have to step it up to keep in that side is Barry McKay, thought he looked quite immature when he didn't have the ball and was still head down when he had it. Andy Halliday however - what a fucking steal!
  3. DutchBlueGuard

    Burnley At Ibrox 21St July

    Link for the game anyone, im stuck in aberdoom
  4. DutchBlueGuard

    Newcastle Lads To Play Every Game

    kenny's now a full time puppet
  5. DutchBlueGuard

    Glasgow Boyne Celebrations and Central Scotland

    anyone know the route and start time of the glasgow parade?
  6. DutchBlueGuard

    ***Official European Football Thread***

    Havn't been on here in ages...ciao ragazzi, yeah inter signed Ricky Alvarez from Velez Sarsfield 12 mill euro...........anyone know anything of him?
  7. DutchBlueGuard

    ***Official European Football Thread***

    also genoa sack Davide Ballardini after like 6 months in charge and having spend a heep of cash, he totally tore appart the old genoa team built by Gasperini. soo now the bolonga coach Malesani takes up the post! dont no what the future will be for genoa manager and player turnover in the last year has been nothing but bad news for them!
  8. DutchBlueGuard

    ***Official European Football Thread***

    FUCK FUCK FUCK! diego 'the hero' Simeone has left catania worst news ever
  9. DutchBlueGuard

    ***Official European Football Thread***

    they do enjoy a bit of match fixing they seem to do it for a buzz, i wouldnt be surprised if they had offered ball boys cash as well..crazy tallys!
  10. DutchBlueGuard

    ***Official European Football Thread***

    pirlo just signed 3 - year deal for juve today......possibly what juve need after a horrific season!
  11. DutchBlueGuard

    ***Official European Football Thread***

    just checked up looks like its true! crazy decision, but something must have happened...or its just italians being italians
  12. DutchBlueGuard

    ***Official European Football Thread***

    really or you taking the piss????????
  13. DutchBlueGuard

    ***Official European Football Thread***

    just a few photos from the game last night as djw1992 requested! that lavezzi lad was only on for 30 minutes but stood out a mile, top class player! juve should have been arse raped but i dont think napoli were that bothered with champo leg already sorted also was very impressed with C. Zuniga their no.18 looked pretty decent
  14. DutchBlueGuard

    ***Official European Football Thread***

    Going to juv vs napoli 2morrow night, possibily the last time that group of players play together.....i really hope they all stay at napoli but, would nice to see the players telling the big clubs to fuck off for once