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  1. What to put on New Flag

    Glasgow is the land of no surrender
  2. Pub in Aberdeen for OF

    Bears, Looking for a billy majority pub up in aberdeen for the game on Sunday, any suggestions? Cheers
  3. Zelalem After January?

    No, him and haliday in the same team just don't work.
  4. *** The Official Rangers V St. Johnstone Thread ***

    Union bears are doing my head in, wonder if they will ever sing a song people know
  5. Pre Match Songs

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-stkqKm4v50 Insert 'Billy boys' when relevant
  6. The Billy Boys

    Why dont we just have a vote on it? Spread the vote over 2 weeks, lets everyone get involved and then like any other organisation out there, take a democratic vote on the issue. The outcome of the vote, is then taken to all 16 or 90 supports clubs / associations / factions / cliques and they can had out leaflets on the decsion (i.e the new lyrics). They could then contact the club to make the decision offical. AND THEN....FINALLY we can belt the song out again! i await the snipers
  7. The Billy Boys

    Hello Hello we are the Billy Boys Hullo Hullo youll know us by our noise We follow Glasgow Rangers, our hearts are strong and true. We are the people who support the boys in blue.
  8. Safe Standing - Where Would You Have It?

    From experience i dont think it has worked in Italy or Brasil, the other ends of the stadium become barren. Anyway I would hate to see ibrox standing section modeled on the 'Ultra' scenes across europe.
  9. Safe Standing - Where Would You Have It?

    From my experience it does sir
  10. Safe Standing - Where Would You Have It?

    Still not been convinced by the copland front vote. Although a group of standing fans behind the goals may 'look nice' on the tv, anyone who has been to a european game will know that although that area will be bouncing it takes the atmosphere out of the rest of the stadium.
  11. Watching yesterdays game and in general watching and being at any game where there is an oportunity or area to stand the atmosphere always appears to be 10 times better than sitting beside the sitdown loyal in some sections of Ibrox. Anyway if we were to see a safe standing section implemented at Ibrox, which stand would you like to see it being place in? Personnal, i would love to see it in the Enclosures: 1) This would ensure that the atmosphere within the standium comes from both ends rather than being trapped in a corner (i.e. BF1) 2) Looking back, the enclosures where the last areas inside ibrox to become seated so it would be great to see them terraced again Whats your thoughts?
  12. As per title? Recommended pubs?
  13. Burnley At Ibrox 21St July

    Only caught the first 30 minutes and I thought we looked tremendous, building from the back and keeping possession. Sadly I think some of the faithful might find it hard to adjust considering we have seen 'boot it to daly" for 3 years. All in all I saw positives, one player however will have to step it up to keep in that side is Barry McKay, thought he looked quite immature when he didn't have the ball and was still head down when he had it. Andy Halliday however - what a fucking steal!
  14. Burnley At Ibrox 21St July

    Link for the game anyone, im stuck in aberdoom
  15. Old Top Day - Vs St Mirren

    great shout