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  1. I support all Scottish international teams except the football one. Rugby, table tennis, Lacrosse ect
  2. Going in to the game hoping for a win but the step up in intensity is a worry. If we keep it tight at the back I think we can match them in the middle and there back three have not come up against movement like our forwards are capable of. Every thing would have to fall in to place for us to win the game....but we are Rangers and we do the impossible.
  3. Are you Harry Bingham?

  4. It's all about us on Sunday, if we play the way we know to the other mob won't get a sniff.
  5. Rangers first snd and third ( then Australia and Melbourne Victory)
  6. Three points and a solid performance will do me........oh and at least a 5-0 win!
  7. Sorry! thank you for the input, i did not know what came over me i will go for a wee kip now.
  8. Talk about football.....................anyone.............................anyone.10 points clear a timplosion of monumental size football....anyone?
  9. I would love to see Hearts getting a point (or 3) but the mhanks will prob win with a jammy goal
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