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  1. Only 9 points as they won't be in the top six
  2. You can tell that he is the boss, and doesn't take any shite
  3. Not every player can play for Rangers! Now that is a comment we have been waiting to hear
  4. Kirkintilloch man myself although been living in Australia for years. Seen a few good games at Adamslie
  5. Probably was but brother Bobby said no so I will go with his call
  6. Keep the away goal rule, but in extra time in the snd leg should be even
  7. Her name is Kirsten and she Kicked the teams very first goal in the competition.
  8. Don't know if it has made the news over there but The AFL now have a professional women's league and it starts this weekend. And my daughter is playing for the Western Bulldogs ( red white and blue) so if you can give it a watch
  9. From Kilsyth is he. Just a stones throw from Croy. Surely some of the Kirkintilloch boys would know who he is?
  10. Megnuts everywhere
  11. He topped himself yet???
  12. Once it was 10 v10 Motherwell were never in the game and it was only a matter of time until we scored. It could have and probably should have been 3 or 4 in the end.
  13. Nop, they keep banging on over here about the standard. League 1 standard for a few teams and Middle Scottish championship for the rest
  14. First shirt sponsor was on the next strip ( very similar to this seasons)
  15. Total non story started by lazy journalists