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  1. Sir Alex

  2. Gerrard Has to Earn our Trust

    European trophy winners
  3. Staying Away Until Next Month

    He will be on the phone with agents now and setting up everything he requires for June 1
  4. Terry Butcher

    Man is a total cockwomble. He has no significance anymore and tries to be funny or controversial to give himself some air time.
  5. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    Dingwall is an imposter and a sponger and plenty of other things that probably can't be said in politeness
  6. Scotsman article

    Roar play in orange and maroon FFS!. And he left before Tuesday nights game
  7. Alex MacDonald

    I am originally from Kirkintilloch and a member of the supporters club ( and my auld man is a friend of his) so I seen him around quite a lot.
  8. Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald = Legend
  9. The Goals

    Three quality finishes
  10. Third Kit..

    Very nice
  11. U20's v Brentford

    To be honest games like this one and last week will do more good than playing against the normal shite you get in Scotland.
  12. Alex McDonald in Kirkintilloch
  13. Are celtic really that good?

    The big difference between the two teams on Saturday was the final pass and the thought process of the players. The pass for their snd goal was quality, a through ball in between the two central defenders. We had chances to do the same but we're too slow to react or ether under or over hit the pass. Undoubtedly they do have some players who are a bit better than ours but that can be rectified. I would have loved to see us put them under more pressure at the back because I actually don't rate the back three at all but the thing we can do next time is take Brown out of the game.
  14. Levein has a swipe at Rangers

    Not enough oxygen on the planet for that Chunt still to be breathing
  15. I support all Scottish international teams except the football one. Rugby, table tennis, Lacrosse ect