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  1. Cheap? Not compared to the transfers and wages other teams in our league are paying bar one. A free transfer doesn't automatically mean a player is rubbish. Given what we've spent this season I didn't expect us to realistically be challenging Celtic but we should have a lot more points on the board than we do. The budgets of teams like Hamilton, Ross County, Kilmarnock etc don't even come close to ours.
  2. Fucking embarrassing all round today. From the daft pissed up fans singing during the minutes silence to the teams performance. We deserve better!
  3. "We scored from a corner" Yep, like we did against St. Johnstone two games ago..
  4. We have Kilmarnock at home Saturday and Ross county away the week after. These are games we should be winning and due to the amount of points we've dropped already we need to be winning. After that its an international break, if we fall any further behind Aberdeen/Hearts I hope the board have a meeting with Warburton and ask him if he really thinks he can take us any further or if the job is too big for him.
  5. So annoying, you can almost predict how our games will go now. We've not had one game where we've looked dominate and clinical from start to finish and we've played every team in the league bar Hearts. Kilmarnock at home on Saturday will be the same. It will be another 1-1, possibly a 2-1 win if we're lucky. Winning the league is not happening this season but we can't afford to finish any lower than 3rd and right now I wouldn't be surprised to see us 4th or 5th. Why has winning became so hard for us since March/April last season!?
  6. O'halloran doing well so far. We've needed a player making the runs and playing the passes he has done so far. We NEED to get a win tonight!
  7. Wins against St. Johnstone and Kilmarnock and I'll forget about that tbh. We're still building and the game against them at Ibrox is a while away.
  8. Didn't see that, arrived in the pub a bit late so missed all the team news. Apologies
  9. I think Forrester is our man, get him in the middle and windass off
  10. I swear if I played for us I'd fucking snap Brown in two. Cunt gets away with murder
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