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  1. Redwhiteandblue

    Rangers Football Club Share From 1908 - Rangers History

    WNice mate, seen a few. Never in real life, except in Ibrox (actually inside the building) Unfortunately, their genuine cash value is nill, due to reasons we all know. Regardless of that, since this not a English club worth billions, that makes them sellable for what they should be, history. So should hopefully find a good home. I've personally had better success selling Rangers memorabilia on e-bay. All the best.
  2. Redwhiteandblue

    Joe Worrall.

    Would be the wise move if he did think that.
  3. Redwhiteandblue

    Strange shirt last night

    Wonder who it was that spotted it. Its easy to miss to be fair...
  4. Redwhiteandblue

    Graham Dorrans

    I like McCrorie, Coulibaly and Dorrans with Kent left and Candeias right.
  5. Redwhiteandblue

    Playing out from the back

    Or at least just the right winger needs to be able to knock it on with McGregor.
  6. Redwhiteandblue

    Playing out from the back

    That's coz we never had players capable of moving it to the attackers. If we play with 1 upfront then we need as much possession as possible.
  7. Redwhiteandblue

    Strange shirt last night

    At least its not a thread going on about how bad we were. Can write a thousand of those. But not many about how well we've done.
  8. Redwhiteandblue


    Maybe. Reminds me of Rooney when I see players with that build nowadays. He doesn't have the problem of peaking too early though. Always put Davie Weir's longevity down to the fact the he never turned pro till 26. Could be well wrong though. I'm no sports scientist.
  9. Redwhiteandblue

    Joe Worrall.

    True, but he didn't need a rest. Maybe Gerrard thought we were on to a hiding and that's why he chose to rest him to save him from the inevitable hounding that would come from the fans/press??
  10. Redwhiteandblue


    Well spotted. You know what I meant.
  11. Redwhiteandblue


    Ridiculous having 32 teams after the groups. As if it's all just qualification until the champions league teams drop in.
  12. Redwhiteandblue


    True. Never thought of that.
  13. Redwhiteandblue


    Surprised its not champions league vs 2nd and 1st vs 1st.
  14. Redwhiteandblue


    Tell me you're just having a laugh, or would we not meet them till the final, should all that happen?
  15. Redwhiteandblue


    Maybe, but say they do? I want them in Europe as long as us. Fuck them having free weeks when we don't. Will do better for out coefficients too. We really should have 2 team's in the champions league. Those cunts and our other country's teams destroyed the coefficient that almost us alone had built.