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  1. H&H Podcast 15.1.2018 (McInnes rumours)

    Guy sounds like Tam Cowan. Unlucky Mr Edgar, good podcast though. First time listening to it.
  2. Sun scum

    Even if you or anyone did, the American constitution allows for freedom of speech. It could be argued that the Sun is trying to sensor her right to free speech and the author could potentially be extradited to the US for breaching the American constitution, assuming she has American nationality. If I was her, I would report it to the FBI as I'm pretty sure that's a federal matter over there.
  3. Sun scum

    There's no add on's that I'm aware of either. It was the likes of simply the best that have add on's, whereas the billy boys only has a single version that I'm aware of (Our version anyway).
  4. Sun scum

    That also looks like a police station photo. Is there not some sort of data protection on those photos unless its for intelligence gathering purposes?
  5. Sun scum

    In a country where that isn't even illegal. Should boycott all Scottish newspapers and ban all links to all newspaper articles on this site. Time to finish off this outdated news medium.
  6. I know the English teams and the nappy rippers automatically add in all season tickets whether they turn up or not, then add in individual ticket sales whether they turn up or not to help with the financial fair play rules. It should be taken from the health and safety fire head count and would be better if it was over a 5yr period. The Fenians wouldn't even make the top 50 if that was the case over the past 5yr.
  7. Less games played in the German league. Only 18 teams in it. They have a huge winter break.
  8. Add in the fans who went to Ibrox and those who just went to the pub or stayed at home. We must have at least a couple of million "fans" in Scotland alone. That government petition a couple of years back was well fiddled with. 30,000 within a couple of days, then nothing. Still pisses me off.
  9. German is 36. If that is 15/16, then we only played 36 games that season. 18 home 18 away.
  10. Says league attendance's, so no euro football. If it was REAL attendance's, rather than what's printed in the paper, obviously we would be above the Tims. Newcastle would be above Liverpool and Man City too, so fuck knows where they're getting those figures from, certainly not from health and safety figures, which would be the most accurate.
  11. Sheff wed fan coming to Rangers v Hibernian

    View of the pitch is excellent, you won't appreciate the size of the stadium though as their is a full tier above you that you can't see. The atmosphere isn't that great either. Doubt there will be much, if any singing in that section mate. If its atmosphere youre after, try and swap your ticket for BF1 or BF2. Ticket is quite a bit cheaper too.
  12. Safe standing

    You have nothing to fear then
  13. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    Think it could be to help stop folk jumping the fences at night to scatter ashes on the pitch? That's what I got from it anyway.
  14. Safe standing

    Not remember the bird from Inverness a couple years back in the away section?
  15. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Haven't read the whole thread, so may already have been answered. Does anyone know if we still have an unbeaten record in the US?