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  1. Broon said himself that anything goes on the park, but off it nothing should happen. So by Lego logic...
  2. Yep. Is this guy relevant in anyway bar his daft comment?
  3. Some set of tops there. The team that wore it too wasn't too shabby either🙂
  4. Setanta means the beginning of the end in Gaelic
  5. Seriously though, its getting prompted by every FA but unless they start giving women growth hormones the keepers will be useless forever. (Was it Perugia that tried to sign a woman for their mens team?🤣) So maybe we should help. It's a disgrace that Hibs are the best team followed by Glasgow city then THEM then us. We probably should get behind them and see how good they can get. Some of the US teams could give bottom of the spl teams a game (probably get humped, but could probably keep the ball better) Man City has probably the best UK team (anyone seen their academy? Makes ours look a joke) So hopefully these 3 players move the team up a level...
  6. I get that, it just was a little confusing to begin with. I thought it was legends when I first seen it was dates rather than unders teams...
  7. The club are obviously trying to promote the woman's team, infact, the "game" seems to be trying to promote woman's football and it is (slightly) better than it used to be. Should we have a new forum for this team? Could also put the reserves in there and the under's teams...
  8. See this new 2005's & 2007's, I take it that was the year they were born? Why no U14's, U12's anymore??
  9. Signed for Bolton apparently...
  10. Just a little frigid then you think?
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