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  1. Totally agree. Would be mega shocked of Weiss was playing for us next year.
  2. I know. It hardly gets read though. Its mostly shit. There's at least some possible truth in this.
  3. Can folk just forget the valuation the OP put on our players and answer the rest of it? I would like some insight on that too. This thread so far has only concentrated on a misguided valuation of our players when was supposed to be about possible signings.
  4. Its not mate. "48hrs" is one of the longest running jokes on this site. Anytime anyone asks how long something is going to take, the answer is always "48hrs". Think it goes back to Jelivic signing. Maybe even longer.
  5. You obviously have a bad memory.
  6. Just glad to be back in Europe. Couldn't care how long, what round etc... Just good to be back. Sometime ago, a lot of us thought we would never see this again in our lives.
  7. I'll say again... Did anyone get past him? I'll agree, he's not good enough. But no one got past him today.
  8. He's 20, couple games in playing at hampden against a team that is miles ahead of us. No saying he's a world beater. Just saying he done well today. No one got past him.
  9. He won everything today. BUt aye, I agree, he's been pish so far. What did he do wrong today?
  10. Thought Bates was class though. Well done big man. Tav done alright too, bar the Pen.
  11. Worst performance in an old firm in my full life.
  12. He played well last week
  13. Load of shite. Most people would think the had lost it. How do you know it was stolen?
  14. Who picked Fod? Did he even make a save today?
  15. Didn't hear, switched it off as soon as whistle went. The way the commentary was going, I would reckon they would've gave it to Holt though.