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  1. SFA or SPFL

    Maybe because the polis put out a statement saying essentially that this game would be policed like no other in the history of our game and "Don't bring any pyrotechnics, because you will 100% be arrested" Or words to that affect.
  2. Do We Need Some Ex Players/More Bears?

    It comes down to more than just ability.
  3. News on Alves

    Correct. At his age it will be a minimum of a month.
  4. This Was As Good As It Gets For Them.

    We don't look like a team. Every player on that pitch today looked like they were playing for themselves. We need a Scottish manager
  5. Policing at game tomorrow

    The songbook for the last two games has been excellent. Was hoping to hear it at a full house Ibrox. Was always doubtful folk would sing "those songs" at Ibrox anyway, but I was hoping to hear them. Guess this will nip that in the bud then.
  6. Mcann bashing mhanks

    Like his brother you mean?
  7. Our DOF Mark Allen

    I think he's been brought in to see how much money we can afford to split between youth and first team to get the best out of both teams. Could be a couple of years to see if he can be successful at that though which is a worry. With his background, I don't think his job is to be a proper DOF as we would expect from a DOF, hence the manager being brought in before him. That's the only reason I can come up for this decision anyway??
  8. Playing / Working for Rangers Against Being a Fan

    I remember having proper real dreams of playing for Rangers. But it was always one of those sort of dreams where the ball would get rolled to you for a tap in and I'd miss the ball completely. I used to have Colin McAdam and Dougie Bell in my school and always hassled them about what it was like playing for Rangers, Colin never really wanted to talk about it too much plus his knees were fucked so couldn't play anymore, but I played with/against Dougie Bell every lunch time and he had amazing ability. Although Colin used to still play long shots in PE, if you stood a foot off the line, he could still manage to chip you. Unreal the way he could make a ball move in the air. You would think it was going flying over the bar, then in just dropped like a brick right at the last second always catching everyone off guard. Amazing ability to still have considering he basically just stood still. RIP big man.
  9. Windass

    Asswind needs replaced. Maybe by Beerman or one of the other left footed players at the club. Even Barrie McKay was a better player for that position. We have a chance to attack the taiga right back position soon and I don't feel Asswind is the player to do it.
  10. Cardoso

    Remember how much Wilson excelled with Weir beside him. I reckon Bruno could bring the best out in Wilson, just like Weir did. Cardoso is no better than Wilson and with a better more experienced defender beside him I think he could improve our back line.
  11. Cardoso

    He's had enough time now. Time to give Bruno a new partner. We have better at the club already. I just hope Pedro isn't stubborn as fuck coz its his player.
  12. Caption...

    Aye. Smelling maws is bloody abhorrent.
  13. Caption...

    Fuck off man. This happens too often on this site.
  14. Caption...

    Smell yer maw.