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  1. Rangers Fans Fighting Fund

    Utter shit. In that case, the likes of Moses McNeil and co shouldn't be part of our history. The club can never be liquidated. Its more than just a financial entity. It's a way of life. That's my view anyway.
  2. Harry Cochrane

    Playing first team senior games would obviously be the best way for him to develop. You see young guys with talent getting lured away by bigger teams all the time to never be seen again. Billy Gilmore will be the most recent example we have seen. He will NEVER play in Chelsea's first team. They will always buy as close to the finished article as possible for their starting XI.
  3. Rumours of Brunt and McArthur

    Who is Jones? Is it that Motherwell defender that was wanting a square go with Morelos a few weeks ago?
  4. Rumours of Brunt and McArthur

    Totally agree. They seem perfect for each other and Moult shouldn't cost us too much in terms of wages.
  5. Rumours of Brunt and McArthur

    You would think that having a DOF, we would be looking for a coach rather than a manager. Although, from what I read about our DOF, he doesn't seem to be a proper DOF, more of a Martin Bain type of appointment.
  6. Poppy Scotland

    Typical. Cheers anyway.
  7. Poppy Scotland

    I'm getting a 404 not found with that link. Anyone else got a link to the Rangers ones? Cheers.
  8. Jordan Rossiter

    You definitely can't read. You would be on ignore right now if I knew how to do it. Adios bograt.
  9. Jordan Rossiter

    Another internet troll. No got any real life pals. Easy to see why...
  10. Jordan Rossiter

    Where did I try to justify one of our players being on drugs? You sure you can read? I know you're from "Old dirty" but that's not an excuse.
  11. Jordan Rossiter

    Can someone tell me how to put this troll on the ignore list on the mobile site please? Can't find it. Even clicked on his profile and found out he's from Greenock (fucking spew) makes sense now.
  12. Jordan Rossiter

    You'll join the ignore list. Bye bye.
  13. Jordan Rossiter

    11 times now ya fucking troll. Go get a life mate.
  14. Jordan Rossiter

    ^definition of irony right there. Answering a post about Morelos in a thread about Rossiter not looking like the type of person to do drugs 10 times now is bordering on psychotic. Do you have a life? You seem to quote me every time within 5mins.