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  1. Needs a runner up beside him.
  2. Love the spirit of this topic, FUCK THE POPE etc... Celtic seem to have acted though. Closed the smelly brigade's section brigade and the tranny lover has made a statement saying they'll close the section for good. My honest thoughts, I don't give fuck. It doesn't bother me what they put up, I rarely see it. But we should also be allowed to sing the songs that have been banned, the chants that can put us in jail etc... PISSES ME OFF!! So good to see them getting some sort of punishment. But again, it just gonae make the games more timid.
  3. The most recent one. Was it our first game at Ibrox in Div3? I seem to remember it being dark, but that game seemed like it was too early in the year to have been dark. Unless it was a late kick off. Which I also can remember that. That was my kids first match, he's only 9 now and he's just told me the floodlights were on. He can't remember the name of the team, but remembers they played in Black and brown. I think it was E Fife we played that night. So well done to the wee man for remembering the colours. Going on 5yr ago now. Which game was it? The fox. No Fanny Jeffers comments please. (Can't believe he actually scored against us).
  4. Greatest day of world football.
  5. And what is the script with the "Rangers crest" that UEFA are using?
  6. Club 1872 Statement on UEFA Citation 30 June, 2017 Club 1872 commends the vast majority of the Rangers support for their conduct over the course of the game last night – which marked our long awaited, winning return to European competition. The atmosphere was very positive and a colourful display by the Union Bears at the start of the game added to the overall spectacle. The Rangers support can be a great asset to the Europa League this season and we hope to see many more nights like this in the coming months. Unfortunately we have today been informed that the actions of a small number of supporters in the Broomloan Stand, who threw balled-up pieces of paper onto the pitch, has led to Rangers being cited by UEFA. Whilst this appeared to be meant in good humour and was carried out by a number of younger supporters, it has nonetheless led directly to a situation where Rangers now have to put forward a submission to UEFA. At this stage we are unsure of the nature of any possible sanction, if any. We appreciate that most supporters will see this as a very minor matter, and we would share that view. However, it is another reminder that we have to hold ourselves to as high a standard as possible. We want to see colourful displays at the stadium in the future and would ask supporters not to risk jeopardising these. We will be liaising with Rangers on this issue and will seek to gain a better understanding of how a citation of this type comes about following what, on the face of things, seems to be such an innocuous incident. We hope that this will allow us to better inform our supporters in the future about how they can avoid action, and walk the fine line that exists between enjoying the game and potentially falling foul of UEFA regulations.
  7. Thought it was a poor performance. That team just sat back and once Kranjar went off we didn't create anything. Team doesn't look any better than last seasons. Was Wilson injured? Coz he wasn't even on the bench and he seems better than the two we had on last night.
  8. So that looks as far as we will go then. Kinda hoping for that so we can concentrate solely on the league.
  9. As soon as they went on sale I went on the website. I have the exact same login as I have on here. I got a ticket, so I'm not bothered. But shit if anyone misses out coz of the website.
  10. I missed getting a ticket coz of that fucking shambles of a website. Wouldn't let me log in with all my correct details. Managed to get one off a pal though so not too bothered. Bit shit if anyone misses out coz of that website though.
  11. Wrong. And you still haven't apologized for getting it so fucked up.
  12. Canadian bacon. Used to post on here till it ended up full of wee fannies.
  13. Obviously folk don't remember the conversations we all had when it was looking like we might not have a league to play in. Folk were talking about precedence of teams not playing in their own countries. Cardiff and Swansea were brought up as examples and so was a team from Luxembourg. So I was trying to figure out if it was a team from Luxembourg we had drawn but played in Germany. It would make a huge difference to quality so was a legitimate question to ask.
  14. Am I right in saying that the biggest teams in Luxembourg play in the German leagues, like Cardiff and Swansea play in England? If that's the case, does the team we have got play in the German leagues or the Luxembourg league?
  15. I cut down trees ya plant.