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  1. The extra money would go to the share holders, after BDO take their cut.
  2. BOOM๐Ÿงจ @TheLawMan There's also the argument that RFC - The actual club should be protected by National institutions Law? Can't remember the actual name of it, but there's a law that protects historical site's etc... the main stand is listed etc... So if any money is due to creditors, the oldco should have been given the chance to pay its bills. The money owed dropped from ยฃ80m to ยฃ18m in 4 or 5 years. All debts could have been paid off if HMRC didn't stick their nose in. The EBT's were legal at the time. Just like the mhanks having "Film companies". Illegal now, but legal at the time. What happened to Rangers was criminal. That's a fact, even if it wasn't proven. Probably one of the biggest crimes ever committed in Scotland. The polis were just not as clever as the criminals.
  3. Every question he has been asked he just guesses what is happening. Cause he doesn't have the papers, he doesn't have a clue what is happening ffs...
  4. Bingo!! It was only crooks that seen an opportunity to make a few Bob. Any legit guy capable of taking on a potential debt like that would have to be a Sheikh who was wanting to play a real game of Football Manager in Scotland. Was never going to happen. Not in Scotland. PSG is a fluke.
  5. 2hrs away, but @ricksen_da_best seems to have a story from The Sun already???
  6. The Jury at best wouldn't have been able to understand the complexity of the scam that was pulled off. Or they were mostly Tim's, but I can't bring myself to believe that is what happened...
  7. Ended up with expert criminals taking control and ripping off 40,000 fans and investors for millions and getting away with it. Took from right under our noses.
  8. It seems like a made up story that is unbelievable except it actually happening. 3 in a row, 7 trophies, euro cup finalists to almost begging to get into the bottom league then building back up with some of the same players that took us to those heights joining us to try and stop a tainted 9 in a row!! That could be a Film.
  9. I don't believe you ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. It would have been paid for. That was Whytes business model. Get Champions league, pay they first part of our debt then strip the club from the inside. It's better that we went the way we did. If Whyte remained in control for a couple of seasons, he would have sold off everything. Like Green selling our stadium name being a small example. We were targeted by confidence criminals. Green was VERY good at it. He even scammed that Ahmed and fooled 99.9% of Fans. We all bought shares that collapsed a month later. Where did all those millions go?
  11. @Robmc1 ? Is this Rob McClean?
  12. He's a QC though and if what happened wasn't criminal, then I don't know what is. It's at best a serious abuse of power and data protection breach. That's criminal law. Police would need to be brought in first though. It can't be hard to prove that criminal activity took place at HMRC.
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