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  1. Rangers Football Club can confirm attacker Jake Hastie will join Motherwell on-loan for the 2020/21 season, with a recall option in January 2021. Hastie joined from The Steelmen in 2019 before heading out on-loan to Rotherham United last season. The 21-year-old, Scottish U21 international will continue his development and gain further experience of the Scottish Premiership. Sporting Director, Ross Wilson commented: “Jake needs to keep playing first team football and continue his development. We wanted that learning to come in the Scottish Premiership this season. “Our discussions with Motherwell have been positive and we share the same goal to make this loan experience a strong one .” Personally thought we should've left him there last season. Was playing well there, easy to keep an eye on, makes a team against them stronger while making them weaker against us. Anyway, job done.
  2. Well, that settles it. Twitter account deleted.
  3. Just sent a message to you on there, just ignore it👍
  4. The taigs try to say that Bill Struth murdered him so he could become manager. Obviously that is bullshit, I couldn't believe it when I first read that when researching the accident. I know the waters around Gourock really well and it does seem a strange place to die, it's not exactly the high seas but the fishermen who died there a couple of years back and the overturned boat that still sticks out the water to this day prove that it's a very dangerous piece of water despite not looking like if is. All water is dangerous, no matter your experience. All it takes is a lack of judgement or complacency and you can have an accident which can easily kill you. Always be careful when on the water, never underestimate its power.
  5. Is there anywhere you have never sat, want to sit or would never sit? Personally, the only place I've never sat is Copland rear. Sat right below the Copland nutter in the Copland front a few times, usually end up watching him rather than the game 🤣🤣 My favourite place to sit is Govan rear, right in the centre or Govan front in the centre back row so you can stand for the full game. Main stand centre has some comfortable seats, which is nice but the atmosphere is pish and the view from the club deck is probably the best in the stadium but again has a shit atmosphere and no leg room. What about you guys (and girls)?
  6. What the fuck happened with Jim Whyte? I always thought that he was one of us????
  7. Two greatest legends of our club. Don't know how Tom Vallance doesn't at least have a stand named after him. We should name the Copland after him for our 150yr celebration.
  8. Not everyone, but I get your point.
  9. Barcelona are trying to sell all but 6 players and Real Madrid are trying to replace players with celtic players and their league is starting back up soon. Just saying.
  10. Michelle Stuart bumping his ginger gums asking how we can afford Hagi. He does kinda have a point though. Unless that guy who was supposed to be investing still did??
  11. Another who left because of all the bullshit on here... Makes me sad the way this site has went.
  12. Does he still stand at on the street in front of the statue before games? Not seen him in a couple of years.
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