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  1. Brothers (Colin, Rangers, Tam, them) McAdam.
  2. I always thought he was ok, just wasn't in the same class as Reyna, or Ricksen or even Porinni or Vidmar. Would be good enough to at least be a bench player these days. No doubt he was better than Flanagan.
  3. Mo Ross looked like an improvement on Tav 🤣
  4. They're not. The Dude is just trying to get me to say they do so he could reply with what I have written above this post.
  5. Unless they sell fire retardant suits and respirators abd all the other shit the F1 driver have then I would say no.
  6. Of course they don't. That would mean that they would need to go down. Point I was making was before 2012, I would say Hearts would always want us to win the league over them, nowadays, I'm not so sure. All things being equal, I would say they would want them to win the league over us these days.
  7. Its just a guess. Just putting it out there. With the little amount "we" know about this virus, a 13yr old dying despite not having any medical conditions means that what we have been told so far is either wrong or the boy had undiagnosed underlying health conditions or it has mutated. Can only be one of those 3.
  8. After that highlighted line, my dirty mind couldn't help but read too much into underdogs coming from behind etc... STOP PUTTING THOUGHS IN MY MIND, HOW DO YOU GET TO PUT THOUGHTS IN MY MIND. ITS NOT YOU WHO GETS TO DO THAT!! 100PTS for the first to get what film/tv show that came from.
  9. Even behind closed doors, I can't see it happening. Even formula one is cancelled and those guys wear all sorts of protective clothing plus if you have ever been to the racing, it's more of a TV sport. Boring as shit standing and seeing a load of cars pass and not really knowing much about which car is in first and then waiting a minute and a bit to watch the exact same thing happen again. Unless you can see a TV screen from wherever you are of course?
  10. Did you watch that 1986 Skol cup final I posted? Andy Gray was sitting in the studio and they were talking about how it was ridiculous that they couldn't afford to play a reply even though there were 75,000 fans there and it was also getting money from being on TV. I wonder if that was when Andy Gray had his ideas about how to get more money into the game by getting more shown on TV. According to him, it was him who had the idea to put a clock on the TV do fans could always see what time it was and a load of other things that he hot SKY to do who we all know were the ones to first start throwing ridiculous amounts of money at Football until BT came in an offered 5times the amount that SKY offered which put the TV money through the roof and that happened between Abramovich and the Arabs coming in and throwing all sorts of ridiculous amounts at clubs. If so, then its Andy Gray who is to blame 🤣🤣
  11. Will play games in Antarctica to ram them in.
  12. After that 13yr old dying last night with apparently no underlying health conditions (which unless this virus has mutated, I'm calling bullshit.) Then some teams might genuinely have players who have died. Quite a big thing in the medical community in the last year or two is the amount of people on inhalers who don't actually have asthma so theres been pressure on doctors to be 100% certain before they start dishing out inhalers. So I'm going to guess that theres a few people walking around with asthma who haven't actually had a proper asthma attack yet not being diagnosed with asthma despite having it. So I'm going to guess that this wee guy has had undiagnosed asthma or something else the wee guy has had. If not, then I'm guessing that Covid 19 might have already mutated... Just my $3 worth.
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