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  1. Redwhiteandblue

    Next 9 league games before the break

    I don't get it??? Pretty sure we have never played a team called Livingstone.
  2. Redwhiteandblue

    Next 9 league games before the break

    Same, it didn't look too bad to me until I looked at the date's.
  3. Redwhiteandblue

    Next 9 league games before the break

    There is 5 games in 13 days in there. How can this happen when we started the league so early?
  4. Redwhiteandblue

    Next 9 league games before the break

    So if that never happened then our next nine games would pretty much always be the same after we had not long finished a round of fixtures then?
  5. Redwhiteandblue

    Hairs up on the back of your neck

    This is the only social media that I use. Don't have a clue about how to see how many followers someone has on twitter. I only went with the numbers I could see.
  6. Redwhiteandblue

    New stand underway at the Hummel Training Centre

    If it's going to be inside the actual centre, then they don't usually let the public into it. To get out to the pitches you need to walk right through the building, including past the gym and the bit where press conferences are held, so if they start using this for the reserves then I'm not sure they will let a load of folk walk through there in case anyone decides to go for a wander. There definitely should be something done like another entrance so that the stand isn't closed off to the public and 95% empty when there's reserve or other games on.
  7. Redwhiteandblue

    Next 9 league games before the break

    Why do we have hibs twice in the next 9 games? Did we have a game against them cancelled this season that I cant remember about?
  8. Redwhiteandblue

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    Think I'll try get to this. Not been to Kilmarnock since we won the league there. Anyone any idea who's playing?
  9. Redwhiteandblue

    Gers Launch Ibrox Pride

    They're doing it everywhere. Fucking community my arse. Should be the LGBT cult.
  10. Redwhiteandblue

    sportscene disgrace

    Rangers official YouTube channel has produced a excellent highlight reel of the game. Should go have a look.
  11. Redwhiteandblue

    Big Jock Knew

    I don't see how handing him an award is harbouring him? The truth that is known is bad enough. There's no reason to give them ammo that we made up stuff about him.
  12. Redwhiteandblue

    Big Jock Knew

    The Australian prime minister recently apologised for what the Catholic Church done and spoke about how they just moved priests to other places when they got caught raping children. Was only about 2 weeks ago.
  13. Redwhiteandblue

    Big Jock Knew

    I totally agree and basically said it in the post you quoted. I said his crime was not reporting him. I've never seen anything that says he actually harboured anyone. His crime of not reporting him is a well known fact. I don't see the need to say he harboured anyone, that's why I was asking for evidence. The truth is bad enough, but adding in things without evidence of it can make folk say that its lies.
  14. Redwhiteandblue

    Big Jock Knew

    Truthfully, I don't really know. I remember reading it somewhere a few years ago though.
  15. Redwhiteandblue

    Make Us Dream

    So this will be in the cinemas?