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  1. Peña

    Thanks. I have no idea how you know what my hair is like though. I've only met 3 people off this site. And you weren't one of them. Unless you have had a name change?
  2. Peña

    Jesus Christ. I'll admit I thought Peña was Colombian when I first posted in this thread. But just like everyone else, I have google and checked straight away where he was from (Mexico). If people seriously think I never checked that, you are thicker than I thought. I was clearly winding up a clown who has nothing better to do than sit on this site all day. I genuinely can't believe so many folk fell for that. I thought my net was only big enough to catch one, or maybe two fish. But it was small fish and I caught more than expected. Unreal man pmsl.
  3. The line up

    Said that yesterday or the day before. If we lost these old firm games that were coming up, we will need to rebuild a new squad. Murty has to go now and whoever is taking his place next season brought in asap so he can see exactly where we need players which is almost the whole squad. Only Murphy, Candieas, Tav and Morelos should be kept on for next season. Also Elton could stay on. The whole spine of the team needs replaced.
  4. The line up

    We need big solid players who can play a bit. Someone mentioned that we should do what Martin O'Neil done to Advocaat and they're right. We need big cunts that can bully them. Everyone of their players were taller that ours, and we let a defender go who is 1.93m tall with potential go to a team that is looking like they will be playing in the German second division next season. That is fucking criminal. I don't think we will even get any compensation for him ad he's moving outside the UK will we?
  5. The line up

    All we had to do was press them high up the park and they would've been making all sorts of mistakes. Their defence (except the keeper) is as bad as ours and we just sit off them. Bloody joke.
  6. The line up

    Can't believe we bloody let Bates contract run down. Only decent defender we have. And I suppose Alves when he can be bothered.
  7. Murty : just go FFS

    Before today, I would've disagreed. But aye, fuck off Murty. That line up was a joke. Colintraive - a nice wee village by the way.
  8. The line up

    Now he's left us completely fucked. Looking at a hiding now. What happened to the triple punishment getting took away?
  9. The line up

    Why the fuck was it not Alves in the defence and McCrorie in Hallidays place? McCrorie isn't good enough (yet) to play there, as shown by the first goal and a couple other mistakes. Baffling.
  10. Peña

    Was no need for that.
  11. Peña

    I'm just having a bit of fun with a troll who also seems to be a fish. I'll leave him alone now.
  12. Bates is off

    That's why I said he should've been offered a contract last summer. The model we are going to be using means we can't let youngsters contracts run down until we're 100% certain they won't make it.
  13. Peña

    Went quiet now haven't you...
  14. Peña

    How did he play for the Colombian national team then?
  15. Peña

    Fuck, he's even played for the Colombian national team. And he's Mexican? Wow.