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  1. I'll say again... Did anyone get past him? I'll agree, he's not good enough. But no one got past him today.
  2. He's 20, couple games in playing at hampden against a team that is miles ahead of us. No saying he's a world beater. Just saying he done well today. No one got past him.
  3. He won everything today. BUt aye, I agree, he's been pish so far. What did he do wrong today?
  4. Thought Bates was class though. Well done big man. Tav done alright too, bar the Pen.
  5. Worst performance in an old firm in my full life.
  6. He played well last week
  7. Load of shite. Most people would think the had lost it. How do you know it was stolen?
  8. Who picked Fod? Did he even make a save today?
  9. Didn't hear, switched it off as soon as whistle went. The way the commentary was going, I would reckon they would've gave it to Holt though.
  10. Holt has mad up for a lot of positional errors from Beerman.
  11. Would only let me pick 10, so missed out Mckay and the subs.
  12. well played by their keeper there. Really hard to pick a man of the match today,
  13. I've been trying to decide over they two. If we keep another clean sheet, then Wilson gets it imo.
  14. Toral man of the match?
  15. Dodoo needs to play more central or on the other flank.