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  1. Correct. He should play the same system he plays with Defoe when Morelos is playing. He can't be expected to do it all on his own. It's a team game. There's a reason why clichés are clichés and that's because they're usually correct. Going in the opposite direction, the biggest mistake of the season was letting Katic spending so much of it on the bench. I know he was having personal problems, but playing in front of 50000 fans is a good way of getting his mind off the stuff that was bothering him.
  2. Just be careful and don't try to cross the street between bands. I made that mistake as a child and even wearing a Rangers top I was jumped on by 4 polis who were obviously on the look out for anyone trying to "get involved".
  3. That with a touch of what the Netherlands do is the way forward. It needs to start at a young age, with football clubs all having full time academies with schools. Plastic pitches banned from the top division is a must too. Obviously I'm talking about improving the quality of the the product as a whole, so a massive problem to overcome would be that parents probably wouldn't trust celtic to have their children for most of the year. Football is part of Scottish culture, more so than the likes of bagpipes and crap like that so until the authorities take appropriate action against celtic for their crimes then we will be stuck where we are right now.
  4. Always said that he is due a statue or a stand named after him. Doesn't get the credit he deserves. Happy birthday Big man.
  5. Like who? Serious question, only read the first and last page.
  6. If that's true, then everyone want to pile along to Paisley for the second leg. Help keep that club out our division. Last thing we need in the spl next season is another club who hates us.
  7. One of bemusement of conclusive proof that teleportation has been proven during a football match?
  8. That those bids came in, or is that just when the interview was done?
  9. Where do you club bring their youth players from when they make it to the first team? Where did your first choice left back play before making the first team? Same question regarding Callum McGregor, Mikey Johnson, The spls player with the smallest neck of the year award winner and whoever else? Why did the Kelly's Re-Hire Jim torbett after jock strap kicked him out of the club if the boys club has nothing to do with celtic? Why do celtic boys club players get to play at celtic Park on occasions when it has nothing to do with your club? Where do you get your ball boys from?
  10. More context please? As in, did he say that those bids have happened in the season just finished. Of not, did he say it was while he was at Rangers or before we signed him? Thanks.
  11. I'm not saying that it's a defence. Just a possible explanation of why they done what they done. When it went to the appeal, that's when it went to people who actually work for the SFA and they overturned the panels wrong decision.
  12. They did. See what I just wrote above. This post.
  13. To be fair, they upheld the correct interpretation of the rule. Its the fact that it was brought up in the first place and the rule not being applied properly in the first instance that was the problem. Did they not say a few years back that the 3 person panel was picked at random from a selection of people who were ex-refs, players etc...? I know that down south they used to have the same rule as we do but they changed it (after a brutal challenge by some player who I can't remember, but he broke the guys leg or something like that) so that if there was a challenge by a player that the ref noticed but it was clear that the yellow should've been a red (or worse) that they could upgrade the yellow to a red or a few games ban. Maybe the panel didn't even read our version of the rule and just thought our rules were the same as the English version?? That seems to me to be the only explanation of how the panel upgraded the original refs decision, which we know they can't do with our rules.
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