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  1. Redwhiteandblue

    Lennon Joins SFA

    VAR would destroy Scottish football and cause fighting in the stands. There's no one in Scotland who's 100% unbiased. Only way is to bring in foreigners.
  2. Redwhiteandblue

    Who’s the player?

    Aye, forgot about that lump of shite.
  3. Redwhiteandblue

    REACTION | Steven Gerrard | Rangers 3-2 HJK Helsinki

    Lol. Can't see him playing to be honest. Just hope this doesn't mean we're not getting Kent next year. Would be good if we had Kent in the middle and Jones on the left. Or what would be good is a much better wing back than Tav, Jones on the right, Candeias on the left, the wing back to provide the width and Candeias, Kent and Jones pushing forward to help Morelos and two solid CM's and two solid Centre backs. If we get Kent we only need to get two players and we're sorted.
  4. Redwhiteandblue

    REACTION | Steven Gerrard | Rangers 3-2 HJK Helsinki

    They will need to be or we will lose. We need to be at our best to beat them. Steve Clarke was who I wanted as manager at the end of last season. Wonder if Jones will play...
  5. Redwhiteandblue

    Who’s the player?

    Agree with this. Or maybe Forrester.
  6. Redwhiteandblue

    REACTION | Steven Gerrard | Rangers 3-2 HJK Helsinki

    Hope you're right. Didn't see the game today, but watched the Hearts v Livingston game today and both teams looked miles off the pace. Just hope you're right and our players aren't in the same mode as both those teams were. They looked miles off the pace, worse than preseason pace.
  7. Redwhiteandblue

    Helsinki Freiendly

    When KO? If its not night time, I'm going to this.
  8. Redwhiteandblue

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    He tell you if there's any taigs on the team? If we have a strong team out and have put a couple past them, can guarantee one will try a do Morelos.
  9. Redwhiteandblue

    Could Docherty be converted to RB?

    Who's that? Please don't tell me that is Scott Allan
  10. Redwhiteandblue

    Could Docherty be converted to RB?

    You're the one following me about 💋
  11. Redwhiteandblue

    Reflection on the Warburton era

    Should sit in a tier up. Some of the seats are padded with plenty of legroom. Only seats that are better are in the home dugout.
  12. Redwhiteandblue


    He's getting plenty or rather WAS getting plenty of goals for Livi with his current build. So should be able to find the space to get the goals. Can work on his body strength while he's here. We have a fantastic gym at our training ground.
  13. Redwhiteandblue

    Could Docherty be converted to RB?

    It sure is. Hopefully I haven't jinxed him. Would hate to see his Liverpudlian understudy getting a long run in the team.
  14. Redwhiteandblue


    I never read the thread to be fair. I just replied to a quote.
  15. Redwhiteandblue


    Makes you think of how these players would do today. How much would Roberto Carlos or Lizarazu be worth today?