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  1. Looks like we're going to according to the club today. Will be interesting to see how much on the offensive we go with this one
  2. Surprised that with how iconic the blue version of this is that I van never remember seeing this top.
  3. Link works at least, but was hoping that you wouldn't need to leave this site to see it...
  4. I certainly don't, not saying 8 isn't real, just simply that I don't remember it. Sorry if I've made an arse of this, first time trying to upload a screenshot. https://ibb.co/hBw1v4v If I have done, anyone fancy telling me how to do it please?
  5. I'm thinking more about a second choice striker. Defoe doesn't contribute too much when he's not in a position to shoot. We shouldn't be in a situation where a 37 year old has to play 3 full games in a row.
  6. He's good enough. If he gets a good loan move unlike the one to hivs, which the majority of people on here would be a mistake, then he 100% has the ability to make it at our club.
  7. Are you for real? He's been looking raw as fuck, as expected.
  8. He's been ok. But another ref would've sent him off with 2 yellow cards. He was lucky he never got carded for that first tackle. Anyway, more importantly, we need another striker in rapid!!
  9. Arfield is playing as the attacking midfielder. Bar his goal, he's been pish. Much like a lot of the other players. Only the two CB's, Halliday, Davis and Jack getting pass marks for me.
  10. You do realise that we have just lost 5 first team players and are playing games over there don't you?
  11. That's what I meant. Gef them the experience of training with the first team and dont let scouts see them at the same time.
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