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  1. Agreed. Especially as Jelavic had a habit of only showing his true ability when he could be arsed.
  2. Bingo. He needs to learn to get back when we lose the ball. Anyway @JeffreyI need to go sort out folks wages for tomorrow. So I'll catch you later...
  3. I've been watching football long enough to see when a player has started to go down in quality. Albertz was a perfect example.
  4. That's why he's knackered. That's a lot of games for a player at the peak of their fitness. Candeias is on the way down. He maybe has another season max in him. And remember he has mostly not had another player who could fill in. We have had a lot of injuries to important players.
  5. Correct. Tav spends far too much time in our attacking half. Too many times do players have a free run down our right flank. Goldson probably wouldn't have gotten that yellow if Tav was in the position he should've been. And that wasn't the first time.
  6. Who the fuck is "Sid" then? That's who you said was running for bronze with Halliday.
  7. That's exactly what it means. Tav could be considered as being partly culpable of the situation too though. No one can deny Candeias doesn't put a shift in. He does. That's why he's "running on fumes"
  8. If you think that the manager saying that Candeias is running on fumes and needs a break means he's fit enough, then you're deluded. He subbed him because his fitness wasn't up to scratch.
  9. Cba trying to find it. But I guarantee that others seen it too. Said he was running on fumes.
  10. The manager seems to think it is. His words, not mine.
  11. I wasn't the one who brought him up ffs. 👎
  12. Agreed, but they will be going for 9 next year. They're owned by a billionaire and have picked up almost every winners fees the last 6/7 years. They have A LOT more money than we have. We need to pull off a Leicester next year.
  13. Only game I've seen him play with the fitness needed for the system we're supposed to be playing was against the taigs at Ibrox. They were as bad as we were in that game as we were at their dump. Not having enough fans has seemed to affect both our teams away to each other. We will struggle at the piggery after the break unless we get an early goal and hold it long enough to turn their fans against them. Lemmon will have them fired up to fuck against us. He done it with Hivs, he hates us. He knows what is needed in a game like that more than Gerrard does. Only Mcgregor. Halliday and the "Machine" or "monster" or whatever it was he called him know what's needed in that game. Their fans will give them the same backing our fans gave us at Ibrox. If we don't turn up for this game it could be a long day. Getting the first goal is soooo important.
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