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  1. If its a 7 person board, they only need to talk one person round to their way of thinking. I understand that might not be easy, but it would certainly be easier from doing it whilst on the board before they get replaced by more sos puppets.
  2. Not saying it was an easy decision, just maybe one taken too quickly. If they can withdraw their resignations, can the not put forward a vote of no confidence?
  3. Only if its a forward pass.
  4. A lot of people don't know you can only be offside from a forward pass. Same as a keeper can pick up the ball if the pass back to the keeper is a pass forward, eg: pass from the goal line to the penalty spot.
  5. Why couldn't they? Surely it would be easier to change the problems if you were on the board than just resigning and letting the wallopers run it alone?
  6. I did read it. I kinda mentioned it above in my last post before this one.
  7. Is there any chance of D'Art & co being able to withdraw their resignations? He's someone who we all trust in here and I think he has made a mistake. I'll admit to not knowing much about what has been going on with it all as I have barely been on RM. So I'm guessing this was just the final straw on a large camels back? It does seem a shame to lose someone who we all know. And if D'Art wanted to, or even if he could it would be great if he could withdraw his resignation. Boardrooms are difficult, and going back after the reasons given for the resignation would be a very tense situation, but I would seriously consider investing if D'Art was back and try and get Houston out of there with a vote of no confidence.
  8. I have only read up to here, and also think it was probably that numpty that had applied for that job, but I think the three who have resigned have jumped the gun here. There's no way that Houston is fit to fill Jim Hannah's boots. I really can't see the club hiring him, the guy is clearly an idiot that has let a little bit of fame go to his head. I don't have the time to read the full thread, so can anyone answer if it was indeed him that applied for that job and whether he got it or not? Cheers.
  9. From the moment Murty done that backflip heidstand you could tell the guy cared. Would've been easy to see that rub off on to the players. He might never make it as a manager, but he's the exact type I'd love to have around the dressing room. Pedro's new assistant? Probably not, but could do a lot worse.
  10. Would you not enter a round later as you're in Europe for finishing second? Or is that the league cup?
  11. Seems you have no problem in remembering them. Is this possibly the least thought outhreadad ever? Or has RM just got this bad? I don't come on here much these days
  12. Think the prise money between second and third s quite substantial. Not 100% on it though. Can anyone help.
  13. What we play against reminds me of the team/ game that we played Man U at old trafford. We were the only team that full year that left that stadium with a clean sheat. Every single team in the EPL and Europe conceded at least one goal when they played there. Its very similar to the way teams set up against us, except the away team at least tries to score meaning we will occasionally get the breaks we need to score. That team we had went on to win a treble. We were too good to play the way we did that night, we proved it at Ibrox where we dominated the game, yet still lost it. That's how when our team set out with the sole mindset of not to concede, we done it. This is why we find it so difficult at Ibrox. We simply don't have the players to break down a team that sit in and until we get those players or we come up with a plan b then this is what we need to get used to. We seriously need to get a huge scouting system because fishing around in the over priced divisions of English football with the budget we have is never going to produce a title winning tram with our style of play. £50m for John Stones ffs!! We would need to win the SPL 17yrs in a row to buy him. So until we start bringing in players from elsewhere then we won't win the SPL. Two of the 3 players that make up the spine of our team have a combined age of 74!! Even if we had the money, would anyone want it all Spunked away on mediocre players from down south? I like the way Warburton wants us to play, but until he realises that we need better players than what we can afford from down south, then I fear we might never win the league. I would give him until next Christmas and if we aren't at least within touching distance of THEM then he will need to go.
  14. Less than 1% of tickets left! Thats the same for nearly every club every game. Was there not a team in Scotland in the low divisions that dropped their tickets prices hugely and almost sold out that game about 7yr ago?
  15. Yeah, they blow us out the water with sponsorship, I don't know about the wage cap though. First I've heard about that.