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  1. Hopefully a big crowd! Sitting in BF for the first time in about 10 years! Looking forward to it, hopefully see Mervan get 90 minutes!
  2. Subs: Alexander, Wyde, Fleck, McKay, McMillan, Kerkar, McCabe
  3. wise move from ally i think! if we were going to throw 2 million on this lad then surely we can find an alternative who is just as good as him!
  4. Burley is a fucking terrible human being! it wasn't a penalty, gee it up ya tit.
  5. come on lads enough of this negativity and get behind the bears tonight! understand its still a wee bit defensive considering we are at home, but will that matter in 4 hours time when we are in the quarter finals!? WATP.
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