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  1. Jack was better than McLean I thought . Neat and tidy on the ball and broke up play a lot . Hopefully it's a done deal . Had a few digs at Lego eater as well which is good to see .
  2. I agree mate , can you think of one who ain't been mentioned / linked , or we settling for for Rae , Ferguson , Murty ........... last straw surely John Brown 😩
  3. Fair point mate , some of the names we have been linked with ain't filled with me with confidence . From names I have heard Barry , Rae , Bomber , McCann. McCann Defo stands out from the rest of them tbf . Forgot about Murty , defo should get a run in the team . time will tell watp
  4. If we come calling I'm sure he will .🇬🇧
  5. Took my two nieces yesterday , at one point they couldn't thank me for it as it was pissing from the heavens . Couple of cups of Fanta , couple of pies . Happy as a pig in shit . WATP🇬🇧
  6. Hello lads , I was doing a homer today and was listening to radio Snyde. Apologies in advance . As always topic of conversation was, The Glasgow Rangers and who will be part of Pedros team . John Brown was mentioned as part of Pedros team ... not for me . Alex Rae was also mentioned , once again not for me . I see Murty was taking part in training roles today . Good to see as I think he deserves it . If not Murty part as Pedros team I would like to see Neil McCann involved . Apperenatly Pedro wants a Rangers man, is there anyone out there who you would like to see apart from the names that have been touted ?? Have a good one bears No Surrender Apologies in advance for making new topic . Rubbered and can't be arsed scrolling . My mates all think Neil McCann also , could he be another Gary Neville , talks good game , when push comes to shove has he got it ?
  7. Soz just noticed
  8. Long may continue 2 games 1 goal 1 assist , 1 motm .
  9. With virgin mate I went to the channel , says I have to subscribe , tried clicking on it to purchase . Says can't add subscription to channel , need to speak to one of the team . Better be able to get it , hope this helps . Gonna phone them the now .
  10. Never knew that mate .... fuck giving them yer cash . Forget that suggestion Dont do social media, never seen that before
  11. The louden have it mate , got email earlier open from 11 🍺🍺
  12. I'm saying that can he be trusted to sign players , after some of the buys we have seen this season . In Warbutons defence we have been unlucky with Niko , Rossiter , Crooks . Injury wise . Barton never worked out . He has signed MoH who ain't good enough , dodoo jury out , senderos, Garber for 1.8million still don't look good enough .
  13. If there is investment which I doubt . Can we trust Warbuton to spend it wisely ?
  14. Hearing man for man we ain't good enough . We're Leicester good enough man for man quality wise .... we're they fuck . They were together as team. Not all the ability but as a team they were a unit , they belived in each other . For us , team full of heartless bastards . McKay , Wes and Hill pass marks today . PS. When will we realise trying to play from the back ain't working. No surrender bears , let's hope 2017 is better to us . WATP
  15. Stood strong , defended well . Showed his experience . One lapse of concentration from kiernan cost us , wrong side of dembele .