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  1. Haha aye Aswell as Man U , Coventry , Bradford , and wolves mate ?? 11/4 today tho brilliant price . Always back us no matter who we play . Watp
  2. Haha I've done a team to win from every league optimistic .... Buying money bears ????
  3. Loved today. On way home I'm meeting my cousin in Catterick who's in the armed forces . Ps good price today ?????
  4. With virgin mate I went to the channel , says I have to subscribe , tried clicking on it to purchase . Says can't add subscription to channel , need to speak to one of the team . Better be able to get it , hope this helps . Gonna phone them the now .
  5. I'm saying that can he be trusted to sign players , after some of the buys we have seen this season . In Warbutons defence we have been unlucky with Niko , Rossiter , Crooks . Injury wise . Barton never worked out . He has signed MoH who ain't good enough , dodoo jury out , senderos, Garber for 1.8million still don't look good enough .
  6. If there is investment which I doubt . Can we trust Warbuton to spend it wisely ?
  7. Hearing man for man we ain't good enough . We're Leicester good enough man for man quality wise .... we're they fuck . They were together as team. Not all the ability but as a team they were a unit , they belived in each other . For us , team full of heartless bastards . McKay , Wes and Hill pass marks today . PS. When will we realise trying to play from the back ain't working. No surrender bears , let's hope 2017 is better to us . WATP
  8. Showed they cunts to much respect , we coped defensively. Small lapse of concentration .
  9. Very pleased with gilks . Defensively we coped with all they cunts threw at us , until 88th minute . Positives gilks , hosdon , tav . Haliday, Holt . Lacking in final 3rd .
  10. Maybe am being a bit harsh was a good strike . Gilks wasn't expecting it a don't think
  11. Gilks should be saving that imo , poor defending tho aswell
  12. Defo mate , still think we need another centre half . Don't know if the American boy is the answer , time will tell I'm sure . In Warbuton we trust .
  13. Solid enough mate , pretty untroubled . Think will be a good signing . He will bring us bags of experience what we lacked last year .
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