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  1. Need a solid right back. Who can defend first and foremost.
  2. Exactly. If we had lost a goal without someone in there everyone would be moaning we need one.
  3. Did he? Never realised
  4. Seen one on YouTube think it was a Blackpool produced one and I am sure Stephen Carr was in it as well as a few non-Rangers players. That one must have been for all the players he played with.
  5. Never. Better than Durrant and Cooper? And that is before you mention Gazza and laudrup to name but a few
  6. It is when quite clearly he ain't a "tarrier bastard." Enlighten me with that description.
  7. Obviously not you but plenty of people do. All about opinions.
  8. https://spfl.co.uk/news/ladbrokes-premiership-team-of-the-season-goalkee Lurch 2% ahead of Shagger at the moment.
  9. See that scumbag Declan Gallagher waded in by calling him a rat. Coming from the cunt who was behind bars for an attack with a baseball bat.
  10. Had a sheepshagger who as the norm hates us more than the Tim's saying he is happy for the inquiry as they aren't paying for it. They cunts are so deluded about the influence the rattlers have
  11. And cheated out the league by the tim cabal in 07/08 with a fixture backlog. Not to mention lessening our chances of winning the UEFA Cup. Corrupt to the core
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