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  1. If only it was the tarriers. Would be a dream come true
  2. Surely a season has to be completed. It must always be mathematically possible to catch a team at the top in terms of there is always a possibility, however tiny, of the leaders being deducted points for some reason. That is why I cannot see them able to award the scum the title until the last match has been played.
  3. 1690KWilliam


    It's highly unlikely and even if we start burying teams again and the scum struggle they will still get a dodgy decision like pen vs County or the racist ned getting away with a stamp then winning a dodgy pen vs accies.
  4. Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera aka El Chapo was one. 😂
  5. 5 mins added on it has been suggested. None in 1st half. Bizarre.
  6. Only thing that should involve 2 and Tav is giving him the two fingers v-salute
  7. Fuck me. If glass hips Tierney was 25M surely Barisic should be more.
  8. Cannot agree with that. IIRC BT had Wilder winning the 2nd round. None of the other rounds were "close."
  9. Say it to myself the whole time 🤣
  10. Christie at the diving again. Brown obstructing Main as the sheep were breaking. That cunt wouldn't have been held in such esteem by the rhats if he was reffed properly
  11. Yes I actually watched sportscene to see it. They didn't talk about it in the analysis after. Nor did they talk or show the dicker in the analysis.
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