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  1. There's a dozen youtube videos of Ibrahimovic missing absolute howlers. Messi, Neymar...they all have them too. Good post though.
  2. This one cant go through quick enough for me. Glad to see the back of the hamster-faced wee cunt
  3. Get Weiss on the first EBT over here
  4. Looks like a decent target man, strong in the air, good at holding up the ball. If we play to his strengths he'll do well
  5. No, strangely enough all the players he doesnt rate dont rate him either. Weird that.
  6. Aye id agree with that. Id have liked to him start today but hopefully starts one of the next two. How goods the meth but?
  7. Looked decent today, excellent deliveries and worked hard all game.
  8. Alves has been playing almost constantly through the summer, and its not difficult to explain Dorrans settling quicker than a guy that cant speak english and whos never played football outside of Mexico. Perdo said that when he signed some players had been off and would take longer to get up to speed. Penas not played a game since the start of May. Look at the difference in Candieas in the last two games, night and day, he had a great game today. We're showing signs of improvement, theres no doubt about it, and we should really show a bit of patience and reserve judgment a little.
  9. Huge improvement, which was badly needed. We look much more like a team now, and the changes to our style are now far more evident. Alves looked excellent and marshalled the defense well, Cordoso and Tavernier benefited in particular. Dorrans and Jack looked like a balanced pairing, and Niko looked good. Was impressed with the quality of delivery from Candieas, and Herrara looks like he'll cause defenses problems if he gets the right supply. Wallace looked stronger defensively, but was poor going forward.
  10. Oh my god what a strike
  11. Here we go; Pedro oot
  12. After that we shouldnt read too much into the final result. We were pretty good there and the improvement is cleary evident.
  13. We look like a decent side now, we're far better on the ball