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  1. Obviously the enclosure?
  2. Thats actually pretty decent, i know its a fair bit more than the normal tickets but id pay the £125 to speak to him tbh. Im actually slightly concerned about it. Im pretty sure this is first ever public appearance in scotland and knowin this country and the mhedia they'll be all over it. I also hope hes as well as he appears. Is there any VIP's left? Btw, theres only one paul gascoigne
  3. Superb player, reads the game well, makes clever runs, powerful, great touch. All the potential there to be a really good player for us.
  4. Thats a side btw, i like the look of that
  5. Easy the best ive seen for us. Ive seen all sorts of comparisons over the years, no one comes close to him in my eyes.
  6. And no, thats not from a source
  7. Lookin forward to this one, i actually think if the parks damp the pitch will suit us, and i think we'll pump them. Like to see Waghorn kept through the middle to start, n then maybe moved out wide with miller through the middle for the last half hour. Id actually start templeton, it'd be a test of his mentality if nothing else. Id like to say play shiels, but sadly i cant merit droppin law holt or halliday. If holt could play out wide that would be an option but with the new boy comin in i cant see that. All in all, i dont care, whatever MW goes with ? Waghorn, 4-1. We'll leak goals this year. We'll score alot more.
  8. Thank fuck for MW. If our teams as consistently good as him, we're laughing. Hes far too clever for the journalist up here
  9. I could always ask my source..... In all seriousness, i'll apologise in here for gettin Judas' one wrong, i'll take the shit that comes my way. I acted on the info i was given, which turned out to be incorrect. Ive pm'd regarding my donation to Erskine regardin it. I honestly dont want to talk about it, and it has nothin to do with how good a player is or isnt, its the fact he was a diehard rangers fan and turned his back on our club. I'll take pm's regardin it but im askin bears not to clog any threads about the wee cunt. The only reason i am is the donation i owe, and bein that far off.
  10. Ok, i'll take your point, if you feel Kris Boyds passing ability is decent then fair enough, I completely disagree. And if you read back, it was in defence of having someone like Waghorn as your centre forward in the system we use, in comparison to Boyd. Different players, yes. Different position, no. If Man U go with Rooney up front then i bet you £100 he'll be compared to Aguero and Costa come the end of the season. Totally different players. Same position though eh.
  11. You tell me what hes good at then? Cant pass, cant run, cant read the game, shite first touch, zero skill, poor attitute, cant link up play, cant defend.... He scored some important goals for Rangers, but the simple fact is almost all managers who worked with him dropped him in big games. Even Killie last time round were benchin him goin to the midden, n pittodrie. He'll always have his "ah but he scored 200 odd goals", and its a remarkable achievement, made even more remarkable by the fact that he is, and always was, shite Edit; just to add, the SPL's top goalscorers for the last 3 seasons; adam rooney, kris commons, michael higdon. It's alright though, coz Boyds the leading scorer of all time. Derek Riordan is 3rd
  12. So because he scored that amount of goals, hes automatically a good player? The vast majority of our fan base were glad to get shot of the SPL all time top scorer he was that good. I think Adam Rooney hit 20 odd last season, hes some player aswell. And the season Boyd rifled in 22 goals for Killie, the same season John Sutton scored 20 odd for Motherwell, and Billy Mckay hit 18 for ICT! Waghorn is good, imo. He wont score 220 goals for us, but he looks a better player than Boyd to me. Player, not poacher.
  13. Thats exaclty what it is, you got me