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  1. 80/81 mate
  2. Could tell from your earlier post on positioning you were a Sunday League player mate.
  3. Mind the time he refused to go on the bench at Tynecastle and McCoist had to suspend him? Sweepity sweep.
  4. I heard he was offered 3 but he wants 4. Any advance on 4?
  5. Aye, at the "Stuff your face like a Hamster" championship. He's fucking gash.
  6. I took it as 2 lists, one of players who are leaving, another of who we're signing.
  7. Money talks, id let him go for the right price
  8. Our defending has been truely awful just about all season, but often it was from being exposed or out of position. How often did Tav get caught out with cross balls at the start of the season? But our system left our defence horribly exposed, and we had no defensive side to our midfield at all.
  9. Maybe hes just there to laugh at dundee utd
  10. Another one who's return you've previously endorsed. On fence loyal.
  11. If you want him injured, wish for him to sign for us. He'll be on the treatment table in no time.
  12. Homecoming Hero. Page 2 of the thread LPB is waxing lyrical about him, he'd at it, he's choking for him to sign
  13. You've pretty much covered all injuries now mate
  14. Ofcourse mate 👍 Its an unforgettable comment but im willing to forget about it 😂