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  1. McInnes- is it now or never?

    Have a word wi yerself op.
  2. El Buffalo

    Get ready to complain then, after one of our better performances away from home, he's not likely to change it
  3. The Goals

    Dorrans had to be booked tonight because ...eh...two players needed to be booked?!! Wit the fuck was that?
  4. Aye, by so far taking a large percentage of chances he's had, he has the look of a player who will go on to mess up most chances he gets
  5. El Buffalo

    Aye most likely. Im still unsure on Cardoso and think Alves with Wilson and McCrorie either side of him could actually be pretty solid, but Cardoso was alot better tonight. They all were. Even at that, it'd be harsh on either Candieas or Tav by dropping one of them, which we'd obviously have to do to go 3 at the back.
  6. El Buffalo

    I doubt there would be many complaints if we go with the same team after playing pretty well tonight, but that would be a shout at Hampden. We'd need to go 3-4-1-2 tho imo.
  7. Butchers assessment of that incident was fuckin ridiculous.
  8. I think Tav is much improved this season and as someone pointed out previously, he benefits from someone who works his arse off infront of him. Theyve formed a decent partnership, and i think Wallace/John could be similar. We're actually not far off having a decent team.
  9. We'll probably be docked points for playing two Pena's. Ones utter shite. The other will probably win the Ballon d'Or.
  10. I'm not Wallace's biggest fan, but I think him and John could be a decent partnership down the left, similar to Tav and Candieas on the right.
  11. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    Jesus fuck, thats a new level of honkin'!
  12. Rangers related picture thread

  13. Rangers related picture thread