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  1. Cardoso

    You’s are honestly out yer tits. He clearly says it, the background noise continues perfectly and everything. Fuckin editing team workin on it during the night aye 😂
  2. Cardoso

    Trying to make out its been edited is a joke
  3. Cardoso

    Its a daft video and hes fallen for a daft prank, but this “its edited” is nonsense ffs. Honestly, that more embarrassing than the video. Id even accept he thought it meant “cmon the peados” as a challenge to them. But get a grip with the editing shite 😂
  4. Cardoso

    Yes he does ffs 😂
  5. We’ll give Murty a few more weeks just incase we pick up a few more results because the best option for the long term future of Rangers Football Club.
  6. Cardoso

    Ive re-watched it about 10 times trying to figure out how someone can think its been edited, honestly. That excuse as embarrassing as the clip itself
  7. Tommy Wright

    Jesus fuck
  8. Tommy Wright

    His record at St Johnstone is also better than Mcinnes’ there. Hes bettered Mcinnes best finish (6th) in every season hes been in charge and winning the Scottish Cup. Funnily enough, Steve Lomas has a better record than them both!
  9. Cardoso

    Its awrite mate he never said it. Its been edited so it has
  10. Cardoso

  11. Cardoso

  12. Graeme Murty

    He’ll learn from today though
  13. Finlay's Christmas Wish

    One of the best things ive watched for a long time. And i didnt cry. Not once. Honest.
  14. Graeme Murty

    Managers will always lose games. The point I made was that with decent manager with some sort of direction could potentially have us alot closer to where we need to be. They all won the games that mattered, and they all done it over the course of seasons. They were all appointed because they were the best possible managers for the future of the club. If Murty is indeed viewed as the best option for the future of the club, then thats fine, the board will make that statement when he’s appointed. What they wont say is we are struggling to make ends meet, we have almost no available money, and that it is purely down to finances. We’ll see how the season ticket numbers look for next season of Murty is still in charge.