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  1. Lisburn Rangers

    Who needs enemies?

    Houston is full of his own self importance. the comments where not great let's be honest. but who gives this man the moral high ground to be a " grass " He's not to be trusted he's a very dangerous vindictive wee character and the sooner others realise this the better. Do not be fooled by all who support him on his posts as anyone with any type of criticism at all for this man our his group where blocked after there first post. Maybe he will run to BBC Scotland to give them another interview
  2. Lisburn Rangers

    Ally Has To Resign

    Ally please do us and yourself a favour leave the job now
  3. Lisburn Rangers

    king statement

    Mate you won't get an answer to many people with there head in the sand . king is who I trust not these gangsters that are in now
  4. Lisburn Rangers

    king statement

    In king I trust let's get behind him
  5. then walk away green ..... 140 years of traditions wont go down the pan because you threaten to walk out
  6. Lisburn Rangers

    The 3 signings to be Announced ! Sourced for yees !

    and 10 times better replacement he is turning out to be
  7. Lisburn Rangers

    Why are we still singing about the UVF

    36th Ulster Division my fellow ulster men charged threw bullets and threw bombs . with there brothers and friends dying beside them . they kept charging with our red hand flying high for the freedom of every citizen in the UK. they done the single most bravest act ever seen in ww1 or 2. im proud that they where my country men. and i still get goose bumps thinking about the sacrifice those men made. every single house in ulster was affected by how many men where lost...... but at the same time we hold our head high and say the ulster men never surrenderd. and btw englishmen welshmen and scots had to go to war...... ulstermen didnt have to those men volunteered to fight in that war for the crown and for ulster. keep singing the songs about the old UVF bears. and always be proud singing about those men. HOW DARE ANYONE TELL ME TO BE ASHAMED FOR SINGING ABOUT THE BRAVE ULSTERMEN. no surrender old ulsters battle cry . :ulster: :ulster: :ulster: :ulster: :ulster:
  8. Lisburn Rangers

    ***The Official Falkirk v Rangers Thread***

    unlucky ELVIS ya cunt 1.0 ft
  9. Lisburn Rangers

    ***The Official Falkirk v Rangers Thread***

    big kyle will score 2.0 heard it here 1st
  10. Lisburn Rangers

    ***The Official Falkirk v Rangers Thread***

    the guy mite be drunk but he keeps referring to us as rangers....... unlike other hate filled bastards
  11. Lisburn Rangers

    ***The Official Falkirk v Rangers Thread***

    falkirt singing ian black ure a wanker....... but the cry was no surrender ian black
  12. Lisburn Rangers

    ***The Official Falkirk v Rangers Thread***

    go to limmy on twitter guys he has posted link up
  13. Lisburn Rangers

    ***The Official Falkirk v Rangers Thread***