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  1. Had 2 quid on city, united, real, inter, ajax 2 returns 34 not bad
  2. Going to do a EPL team but cant think what formation to play :/
  3. Got 300odd thousand coins, any1 got any ideas what team i could make?
  4. Got 5k for you if you want to stick up a player and tell me the details mate?
  5. Once these players sell ill give you a few thousand whatever i have left, probs 4-6k
  6. On my 1st free pack i got inform modric, sold him earlier for 160k got neymar for 53k
  7. A know mate as soon as a saw he was in ultimate team this year had to buy him :L
  8. http://www.ea.com/soccer/fifa-ultimate-team/show-off#bQWWkscTbbxrL ^ my team so far.
  9. got a treble on tonight, sion - luzern and real betis 4 returns 30.. Just need betis theyre 4-1 up though.
  10. The amount i spent on packs on fifa 11 and got nothing, a reckon a deserved a wee bit of luck mate
  11. My team so far. http://www.ea.com/soccer/fifa-ultimate-team/show-off#hSzQcu5xbbqTm
  12. No-one likes us we dont care FTP
  13. It frustrates me how our passing is so bad, everytime we get the ball we just give it away
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