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  1. Crolla doesn't deserve a shot. Burns to win by UD.
  2. Thought the confidence was lacking in Ricky tonight a bit of ring rust maybe. I'm in no doubt though he would have finished Gonzalez once he knew his legs had went as for broner I really think he would struggle with a confident burns with his height and reach hopefully malinaggi jabs his head off though
  3. Got 2.50 each way on kuchar dark horse i think
  4. Burns vs Vazquez at wer let on the same card as groves and cleverly. Could be a big mistake by burns vazquez only been beaten by alvarez x2 and Timothy bradley.
  5. Burns dodging broner then fighting him in may.
  6. Down the road and I'm there I'll chance my arm and try and get 1 there
  7. Aye away goals are scored away from home And they coun for double if it's a draw
  8. Burns easily on points if it happens dont know why every rates Mitchell so high but burns so low.
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