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  1. The Imgur link is in the post - https://imgur.com/a/f8quZ
  2. It was spotted by another bear that the 16-18 shirt in my collection was actually a counterfeit. So thanks to the fellow bear that offered to send me a replacement which turned out to be signed. I’m missing a few across the years, including all of this years so far. But I hope to get a hold of them before the season is out. Album of shirt collection
  3. The last of my current uploads is the "first game back" in 2012. An early goal from Andy Little made it look like we were going to stroll the game and the divisions, certainly that's what I thought. After the goal we went in we played average, IMO, and Ian Black had a really poor first half. The bears were excellent, despite a second half soaking. A bit of a blast from the past and, to borrow a well-worn phrase, shows how far we have come. Rangers: Alexander, Goian, Bocanegra, Broadfoot, Wallace, McKay (Naismith 96), Black, Hutton, Macleod, Little (Crawford 111), McCulloch. Subs Not Used: Gallacher, Cole. Goals: Little 4, McCulloch 102. Att: 4,12
  4. Not a problem mate. It’s nice to look back on these times - very nostalgic.
  5. No problem mate. I did try uploading it to YouTube yesterday but I was immediately blocked due to a copyright claim on the entire match by UEFA.
  6. YouTube were blocking this upload due to a copyright claim by UEFA 😩 so this one is up on Veoh. I admit to never hearing of them before but after trying Dailymotion and Vimeo I was rapidly running out of options. Rangers 3-2 Porto in the Champions League Group stages in Sept 2005. A dramatic game and solid start to the group (just like last night). A great finish by Peter Lovenkrands. One thing that strikes me from watching this back was that the team was quite weak. Ian Murray, Olivier Bernard, Hamed Namouchi and Francis Jeffers! Jeffers really was a carthorse and the £8m Arsenal paid for that guy must’ve been the worst £8m they ever spent. This was a game I was at and really enjoyed the drama of it, but it’s hard to ignore how poor our defense was that night. Rangers: Waterreus, Ricksen, Rodriguez, Kyrgiakos, Bernard, Namouchi (Novo 72), Ferguson, Murray, Lovenkrands (Buffel 56), Prso, Jeffers (Thompson 84). Subs Not Used: Klos, Andrews, Alex Rae, Pierre-Fanfan. Booked: Prso. Goals: Lovenkrands 35, Prso 59, Kyrgiakos 85. FC Porto: Vitor Baia, Pepe, Ricardo Costa, Pedro Emanuel (Sonkaya 41), Cesar Peixoto, Gonzalez, Diego (Quaresma 64), Ibson, Alan (Hugo Almeida 64), Sokota, Jorginho. Subs Not Used: Paulo Ribeiro, Lopez, Paulo Assuncao, Cech. Booked: Gonzalez, Hugo Almeida. Goals: Pepe 47, 71. Att: 48,599 Ref: Jan Wegereef (Holland). https://www.veoh.com/watch/v141959007DHyza5jD
  7. I uploaded this one last night as, surprisingly, I couldn't find it up on YouTube. What a season, arguably up there with 2007/2008 in terms of being so memorable. A domestic clean sweep of honours and a respectable run to the last 16 of the UEFA Cup only to be defeated by eventual winners Parma. Watching this reminded me how convenient it was to be able to buy players at any point of the year and not having to stress about transfer windows. Stefan Klos came in on Christmas Eve and Claudio Reyna appeared with a 4-6 weeks left of the season. Some good memories in here - none more so than 2nd May 1999
  8. My latest VHS conversion to YouTube is this 0-0 game in the SPL from the 1998/99 treble winning season. I remember being down in Blackpool for a family holiday when this game was on so I didn't see it live. I recall going in to a pub with my Dad to ask someone what the score was/is. Both teams were guilty of missing excellent chances. Gabriel Amato and one from Rod Wallace stick out from what was a great game and spectacle for the Scottish game considering the score. If it wasn't for Lionel Charbonnier making a helluva save at the death from Tosh McKinlay we'd have lost the first Old Firm game of the season. The quality isn't fantastic, but it is the full game and is watchable at least. Charbonnier Porrini Amoruso Moore Hendry B Ferguson Kanchelskis Van Bronckhorst Albertz Amato Wallace Subs: I Ferguson, Graham, Vidmar, Miller, Brown. celtic: Gould, Boyd, Mahe, Rieper, Stubbs, Larsson, Burley, O'Donnell, Donnelly, Jackson, Hannah. Subs: Annoni, McKinlay, Kerr, McBride, Burchill.
  9. Sure was. I also found it interesting to see how many of Smith’s team started the game; Niemi, Moore, Amoruso, Bazza, Ian Ferguson, Jukebox all Watty’s guys.
  10. I have acquired this game in its entirety on DVD and have now uploaded it it YouTube. I couldn’t find the full game on YT, only a 9 minute highlight reel. I remember watching this game and thinking Wee Rod The Prod, as he was later to be known, was a great find and still a heck of a player. Ian Ferguson had a stinker and I wonder if he was more or less finished by this point. Jukebox went off early with an injury and was replaced with Amato. Niemi Porrini Amoruso Moore Numan Kanchelskis I. Ferguson B. Ferguson Van Bronckhorst Wallace Durie
  11. I've created a Rangers telegram channel for those that use that messaging tool. It's free to join (obviously) and there will be updates and news posted there. https://t.me/GlasgowRangersUpdates I’ll hopefully see some of you guys there.
  12. There was a comment on here a few months back about a guy that had old Rangers games available for purchase on DVD (he had a LOT of games, not just Rangers). I can't seem to find it now and wonder if any knows of the guy, if he is still operating or if there is anyone else that would do this? I'm looking for games that aren't already up on YouTube or the likes.
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